scemd synology. [Topic R+] Les serveurs NAS Synology - /!\ Lire page 1 SVP /!\ Deadlock. Then run Synology Installation Agent to discover your new "Diskstation", access the webinterface. Impossible to renew certificate for synology NAS. Factory reset routine from synology …. synology configuratie verloren steeds opnieuw. SYNOLOGY A notice to all nerds. Hi all, I have 4 months old Synology DS720+ which work well so far. Install DSM-wdmc-mirror-gen2-8451. List of dsm service and packages. service: Synology Drive workerd : pkg-SynologyPhotos-apid. ik heb reeds al 2 nieuwe hard disk in gedaan en steeds na 3 tal dagen krijg ik. Antivirus essential bedreiging /root/. In non-synology-related posts around the web it looks like the issue could be tied to the very high CPU consumed for sirq. 這些系統原始的參數都是經過精心調校的, 並不建議 user 自行修改, 除非你了解其可能產生之風險. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt install u-boot-tools minicom -y. kingman turquoise & jewelry; johns hopkins bayview endocrinology; working preacher …. AVERTISSEMENT MODERATION: MALGRE LES FONCTIONNALITES PROPOSEES PAR LES PRODUITS SYNOLOGY, [] - …. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. conf删掉不写scemd日志不过我没验证过是否会出现其他问题。 启用休眠日志发现群晖syslog 每21秒就检查led设备情况而主板是没有led控制 . Please note the following information: The maximum single volume size is not directly related to the total capacity available in a storage pool. Enter the syslog server's hostname or IP address in Server. AdminTool Firmware – Synology Wiki. Customer Service Best Sellers Prime. 토렌토와 과도한 디스크 복사로 인해 해놀로지 m2 디스크가 다운 되었다. Synology 群晖 ssh 命令清单大全(附命令解释说明). A list below details the data collection of Services provided. J'ai modifié à la fois le fichier /usr/syno/etc. Les Synology ont shell restreint en général (busybox), donc certaines commandes n'ont pas toutes les options voulues ;-( Par contre, de mémoire (je n'ai plus touché un Synology depuis belle lurette), l'envoi de mail se configure quelque part, donc en général, il suffit de désactiver cette option… mais peut-être que ma mémoire me fait. Aber irgendwie fehlen mir immer die Treiber für den Stick. First I tried the inactivity option, but as the next they the NAS doesn't poweroff I deactivated the option. With the file done, save it back to Synology – first upload it to some writable directory like ~ : cat scemd. Some Synology NAS models support a maximum. drive will start slowing down to prevent itself from failing. RE: Upgrade failed for Synology - port 9981 already in use - Added by Marcel L 10 months ago. There are some occasions where controlling your Synology's services pppoerelay rsyncd s2s_daemon samba scemd sftp snmp ssdp ssh-shell . Tech, model number FD129225LL-N (12V, 0. 答:根据 Synology官方的说明,需要按照影片和剧集所规定的命名规则,刮削才可以正确辨识。电影命名格式为:电影名称 (发行年份). log zie ik op dat tijdstip het volgende: Feb 20 11:22:21 DiskStation scemd: Feb 20 11:22:22 DiskStation scemd: fs_info_get. 0-2219 will not hybernate or spin down. It is relatively easy to work with all hardware on Synology NAS device. syno_mem_check synopftest syno_pkgicon_sprite. Diskové úložiště od Synology běží 24/7 a může se stát, že časem odejde ventilátor. Along with it, we will also take a …. cat /var/log/messages | grep ttyUSB sudo minicom --device /dev/ttyUSB0. Hi everyone! For the last few hours, my Syno DS218+ (DSM 6. " Plex is the only addon installed on the ReadyNAS, and is the latest release (v0. Speed up Synology volume reshaping. I do run SSD from Samsung QLC ( coolest max 45C) and EVO 3 types, Sandisk ultra (bit warmer (48)) and Kingston A400 (over 65C). I know that Synology says it is very quiet but that is very far form the thruth, unfortunately. XPEnology ist KEIN Synology NAS OS, sondern ein Bootloader für ein Synology NAS OS. I found that DS918+ 's CPU is j3455 (which is close to J4205). c:112 Failed to statfs /volume1 Feb 20 11:22:23 DiskStation scemd: data_volume_check. service: Synology Drive syncd : pkg-synologydrive-vmtouchd. x versions even if the option is enabled. c:96 reset button pressed, ret = 0 SynoForum. But needs to know exact disk details. Just concerned because it didn't do this the first few months I. Puede haber momentos en que sea interesante controlar y gestionar los servicios de vuestro Synology desde la linea de comandos. You can have several of them in your process list: kworker/0:1 is the one on your first CPU core, kworker/1:1 the one on your second etc. April 7, 2021 How to reach Teltonikas RUTX11 Webinterface thru the OpenVPN Tunnel. Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) allows users to monitor the status of their Synology servers through Network Management Systems (NMS) via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Synology® DiskStation DS214play è un NAS a due vani progettato per fungere da Media Center principale. The two relevant library scan settings in Plex are* "Update my library when changes to my folders are. This should match the protocol used by the syslog …. 黑群晖 Synology Telegram电报群: https://t. Currently, SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 protocols are supported. xml - Zugriff via SSH) läuft er etwas unrund - das hört man allerdings nur, wenn man das Ohr in den Luftstrom hält. Editamos el fichero /usr/syno/etc. Aikaisemmin kerroin RS819 ostosta, joka oli selvästi huti monella …. Ist es sinnvoll den Virenscanner auf meiner Synology DiskStation zu installieren? Wenn ich Mac oder Linux nutze macht es Sinn den Virenscanner zu installiere. Its very likely they are using the same fans, check Techpowerup Aug 5th, 2013 Synology DS713+, it has the same fan. Ich hab schon mal versucht alle Dienste zu Deaktivieren, dass bring nix. Bonjour, Depuis quelques mois j’ai remarqué que les ventilateurs de mon NAS synology DS413 sont beaucoup plus bruyants qu’avant (suite à une MAJ du DSM ?). Synology DSM is de beheersoftware die op diverse nas …. 1-2636 FINAL i have the problem, that when the advanced power manager triggers a shutdown on a scheduled time, the DS hangs up. Synology Serial Number Generator NumberSynology Serial Number Generator FreePermalinkJoin GitHub todaySynology Serial Numbers. c:166 creating thread to set system as default. Convert Synology trail version to full software. All that to say, Would it make sense to think that there is a defect with the reset button on our. Hybernation and disk spin down wil not work. Se oli vaatimustasooni nähden alimitoitettu ja lisäksi saamassani laitteessa oli suorituskykyä heikentävä virhe. DSM de Synology trae por defecto tres perfiles para poder controlar las revoluciones de los ventiladores, puede que se te antoje que el nivel …. The answer is right in that post (thanks to @jeyare): change the temperature setting file from 61 --> 70 degrees C and you will be fine. I've installed APM from the "Community package hub". 0 scemd 6803 5600 root S 14352 2. csdn已为您找到关于群晖用户主目录被禁用相关内容,包含群晖用户主目录被禁用相关文档代码介绍、相关教程视频课程,以及相关群晖用户主目录被禁用 …. Der Bootloader ist das Wichtigste für eine …. Copying files to my local hard drive is very slow in the range of only ~170 KB/s. I figured as long as it can blast a bandwidth adequate for 1080p over my network, I'd save myself some money (300$ vs 600$), heat and power consumption that come with the more powerful + version. xml [Readonly] 1/31 ***** scemd…. Hay que utilizar permisos elevados para poder realizar estas acciones. Synology, however, has a default shutdown temperature of 61 °C, probably due to HDDs and some lazy programming. Voilà quelques captures illustrant la prise Bien démarrer avec votre Synology ; Installation, Démarrage et Configuration ; Scemd …. 群晖本质上还是一个Linux系统,也可以通过ssh来连接,并且可方便使用ssh命令行来管理 。群晖打开ssh命令行的设置很简单,进入控制面板,找到终端机和SNMP, 勾选 …. Теперь Synology рекомендует файловую систему btrfs. Wenn man dann noch einen der Low-Noise Adapter verwendet, kann es sein, dass der Lüfter zu langsam wird, oder stehen bleibt, und die NAS dann einen Lüfterausfall meldet. Hallo, ich hab schon viel dazu gelesen, aber noch nicht die richte Lösung gefunden. Find out why your Synology Nas CPU is running at 99% - 100%. The firmware can be downloaded from Synology download site. All the devices so far have 2GB memory (upgradeable to 6 in the higher end models), 4xgigabit ethernet that supports LACP. Select UDP or TCP from Transfer protocol. Hello, I have a small problem with SABNZBD on a Synology DS210J : it will always wake up the hard drive. From a local computer, log in with ssh [email protected] Enable Synology integrated fan speed control for XPenology by hooking scemd - GitHub - NyaMisty/scemd_fanspeed_hook: Enable Synology integrated fan speed control for XPenology by hooking scemd. hooks scemd's ioctl function, check if it's fanspeed controlling code, then redirecting it to our own fan speed control logic. Synology DiskStation DS420j Network Attached Storage Drive (Black) with Seagate 6 TB NAS : Amazon. Synology DSM is amazing, and a breeze to setup and access data from a myriad of devices. 05 (5%) or above before doing calculations. Hello Select your address All Hello, Sign in. In the Synology operation command should add a prefix to syno operation, execute the command synoservice or synoservice --help: SynoService Tool Help (Version 23739) Usage: synoservice. scemd = I would call it: Synology Command Execution Management Daemon. Die Firma Synology überarbeitet mit dem Modelljahr 2020 ihre befindet sich im Stammverzeichnis unter : /usr/syno/etc. Neufs (16) à partir de 346,42 € + 8,85 € Livraison. Alsjeblieft inloggen of registreren. 15 version (which is the kernel used in 6. 由于免费网盘的容量越来越挤压,且速度越来越限制,而且还隔段时间又给关停,所以建立自己的个人云盘势在必 …. Il y a quelques cas où la ligne de commande sur Synology peut être pppoerelay rsyncd s2s_daemon samba scemd sftp snmp ssdp ssh-shell . The cache-less SSD do become hot, which is fine for everything including the SSD, but Synology …. xml" auf der Synology gespielt und nun rundum zufrieden. 3-25426,自行替换sn和mac洗白。注意:这个不是网上的二合一版 …. That’s cost savings for you) You have two options: edit /usr/syno/etc/scemd. Synology Moments és Photo Station helyett Synology Photos lesz, Cloud Station …. 2020-05-18T14:29:29+02:00 CORE scemd: event_microp. FPU not initialized USB 0: Host Mode USB 1: Host Mode Modules/Interfaces Detected: RGMII0 Phy PEX0 (Lane 0) PEX1 (Lane 1) SATA0 (Lane 2) SATA1 (Lane 3) Synology …. py synophoto_acl syno_poweroff_task synophoto_acl_pgsql syno_scemd_connector synophoto_autoblock syno_smart_result_collect synophoto_backup syno_smart_test synophoto_config syno_ssd_trim synophoto_config_root syno_system_dump synophoto_dsm_user. xml Reading various forums, I see that this is the file that theoretically controls the fan issue. [ OK ] Stopped daemon for monitor HW/system status. service: Synology Drive clientd : pkg-synologydrive-redis. Il ne reste alors plus qu'a rebooter la machine au bouton. So following comments on these forums I have updated DSM and I am now trying to remove PMS via SSH so I can reinstall from scratch… Following this post from @trumpy81 I have removed (logged in as admin via SSH): /volume1/@appstore/Plex Media Server /var/packages/Plex. Synology NAS - PROHARDVER! Fórum. Tady je popsaný postup jak na výměnu ventilátoru. --help-dev More specialty functions for deveplopment. Synology Disk Station DS918+ - NAS …. Korvaavaksi laitteeksi valitsin RS1219+ mallin, jossa on Synologylle. Go to "Control Panel" > "Update & Restore". This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. -f Remove existing destinations. DSM de Synology trae por defecto tres perfiles para poder controlar las revoluciones de los ventiladores, puede que se te antoje que el nivel Silencioso no lo es tanto si tu servidor NAS esta en tu dormitorio o en tu sala de estar, para ello crearemos un nuevo perfil que para bajar las revoluciones de los ventiladores. Synology knows how to create good and affordable products like the DS214se we will evaluate today. You can tweak them, but IDK if changes will persist after a DSM update. 问题由来: 之前有个闲置的4T西数硬盘,因为听说使用Synology群晖硬盘柜搭建网络文件存储共享存储系统很方便,就买了一个2盘位的DS214se,将闲置硬盘装进 …. SYNOLOGY FAN AND LIGHTING UPGRADE. Ik heb dit probleem ook bij Synology gemeld en zij zullen kijken of de Seagate ST3000DM001 schijven eventueel van de compatibiliteitslijst …. [Synology DS218+]Synology shut down due to disk overheating. Lots of other disk access is caused by looking at the queue and history pages. This is a follow up from the previous article “Setup OpenVPN Connection to Synology using Teltonika RUTX11“. Praticamente tutto insomma il nas non deve andare in standby; questo è buffo perché proprio oggi smanettavo sul qnap di mio padre (dove ha di tutto e di più …. xml and create your own fan profile, . xml to fit your needs (I have it set on 60-75% most . If you are prompted Can not connect to the Docker daemon. Synology has 2 offerings in the 4-bay home-user range this year: the DS411+ (fast) and the DS411j (slow). since i've upgraded my Synology DS-412+ to the new Firmware DSM 4. c:46 Type: INTERNAL Fan Mode: LOW 2018-10-07T19:31:47+02:00 Synology scemd: raid_sys_volume_check. There are some occasions where controlling your Synology’s services via the command line is just necessary. [ OK ] Removed slice Docker's slice. Code: 2019-05-07T22:06:10-05:00 DiskStation scemd…. 黑群晖Synology Active Backup for Business免费激活方法; 刚刚西数WD Elements 12T亚马逊直邮含税1357. Salut, Je m'occupe de quelques NAS, et un DS212 me donne du fil à retordre. Устранение повреждений жесткого диска системы Synology, Русские Блоги, лучший сайт для обмена техническими статьями программиста. 提示1:类别:内部存储 事件:硬盘1的温度不在工作温度范围内(5 --60度),请将synology Nas 置于凉快位置,以确何硬盘温度处于范围内. Use Synology Assistant (available in the Download Center on Download Center | Synology Inc. There is a file in /usr/syno/etc/scemd. DO NOT CREATE VOLUME AFTER INSTALLATION. or sign up with your email address. You can also change the security level of the SSH encryption algorithm. Search: Synology Snmp Fan Speed. Synology is ready to replace my device using an Advanced RMA, which is still under waranty, but I can't help myself but to think that the issue can't be related to my current software or hardware setup, since it worked great between the resets. Now your Synology device will think its a DS109J model. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. 存在scemd问题,但按照网上教程把scemd写入到tmp无效,只是解决了可以唤醒,但仍存在频繁唤醒问题。问题原因在于scemd出错日志 群 …. You will notice that the Synology service scemd is still running. This is because Synology embedded a custom version of the smartctl binary into its own libraries and utilities, ignoring standard config files that could generate compatible queries or suppress them. de:Customer Reviews: Synology DS420j 16TB 4Bay. The build upload by Roman is for armadaxp and my Synology has armada370. May 11 07:57:32 DiskStation scemd…. Synology is ready to replace my device using an Advanced RMA, which is still under waranty, I found the following information in the content of the /var/log/scemd. This is what happen "this package is not admited by this …. pkgctl-synocli-file; pppoerelay; rsyncd; s2s_daemon; samba; scemd; scsi_plugin_server; sftp; snmp; ssdp; ssh-shell; sssd. Synology collects usage information from your Synology Device in order to help us understand how we can better improve our devices and software. I found the following information in the content of the /var/log/scemd. Dans cette publication, je partage mes notes de déploiement d'un NAS Synology DS620Slim dans une infrastructure VMWare en vue d'étendre mes capacités de stockage. However, you can access your device normally. Das Forum ist somit eine der grössten Wissensdatenbanken zu Synology …. bak at master · JimJafar/synology-nas-settings. Specially when the SSD doing a heavy job as the Data Scrubbing is. As you can see, the hardware sensors made available will vary from system to system. Seit dem Jahr 2006 wurden auf der Plattform fast eine Millionen Beiträge zu Synology Produkten und Lösungen verfasst. php dsassistant enca ethtool exiftool exiv2 ffmpeg ffmpeg-thumb findhostd firewalltool get_section_key_value hdparm iscsitrgtool jpegtran ldapmodify ldappasswd. That meant SSH, sudo -i and vi. Voilà quelques captures illustrant la prise de. in de logs is er niet te vinden wat de oorzaak kan zijn. Synology Drive is indexing over and over constantly. What is kworker? kworker means a Linux kernel process doing "work" (processing system calls). Esta artículo es básicamente un copia/pega del magnifico trabajo que hizo. This Services Data Collection Disclosure applies to Synology-provided services offered on Synology websites, Synology-branded applications, services provided from physical Synology products ("Synology Devices"), and digital or physical services directly offered by Synology unless stated otherwise. service: Synology Drive redis : pkg-synologydrive-syncd. To make an abstraction layer for the Synology kernel module synobios SYNOIO_SET_DISK_LED sets LED disks status, actively used by scemd. Mon IP externe est blacklisté par SPAMHAUS. scemd has a hard-coded check in its code which verifies that capacity_warn_percent is 0. I have edited for values , but what surprises me is that there are different options for each hardware (hw_version = Synology-DX5 Synology-DX510, Synology-DX1211, Synology-RX1211RP, etc), but not the option of our installation DS3615. So I uninstall the Synology Drive Package. How to make your Synology Diskstation quieter by using hibernation and Open your fan profiles: vim /usr/syno/etc. Au fil des heures, le process SCEMD sature ses 512Mo de RAM jusqu'à finalement rendre le NAS incapable de répondre. My fix: aktivate: Telnet + SSH in your Diskstation. Vycházel jsem z originálnímu postupu (EN: how-to-make-synology. 猫盘是近期比较热门的矿难产物之一,主要亮点是可以内置硬盘,而不用像玩客云这类只能外挂硬盘盒。而且配置和群晖 DS119J 基本一样,内存还大了一 …. V diskuzním fóru Synology jsem našel, že by to mělo jít editací souboru "scemd. The router's dnsmasq would block the queries occasionally because they came in too fast. 2 Beta, and Preview versions, or any SRM 1. network backup, SFTP) automatically enable SSH and open port 22. go:50] Caching stats in memory for 2m0s I1227 04:16:53. Looking at the ressource monitor in DSM, it shows the smbd process takes >90% of CPU. ntp << < (2/3) > >> Briolet: Je zou nog kunnen kijken of je het pad terug vind in de. DSM 套件中心提供強大的資料備份、檔案協作、多媒體串流等資料管理工具,幫您依需打造專屬私有雲。. 2018-10-07T19:33:17+02:00 Synology scemd: manutild_ip_check. Reload to refresh your session. Process synoscgi cpu usage 100%. ãX¿ ›yËu¦ã­Ç'Í ÊK ñ%>â‚>Y zÛ4¥9yÙiéa3 U1ªEÝFE'EÅ¡·| ªg¨Çý 4ôoŠØJ "Y }[˜ì­ D¢‰HI bÕ|‰òÓ»Vä W¦U ù ã÷9 O š²N àeÐ Tk» g¨(ø šgs"YÉà êão… XØFü_ß l Èÿü ;"܃Ù4!éлŒ0è³iߪ°©4Üô}«fè ß íîI %­ËËUR ‹ * ¥[email protected]žÌõ³!~Ýël0y sG. Такчто прежде чем чтото отсылать на порт - надо убить этот процесс (Это безопсно для системы). In this case i have to pull the. LINK|DIR - Create a link LINK or DIR/TARGET to the specified TARGET (s) -s Make symlinks instead of hardlinks. 博主把黑群晖常见的问题收集如下: 1、问:黑群晖是否需要一个SSD当做系统盘? 答:群晖系统跟Windows不同,Windows有个盘要当成系统盘,而群晖会在每个硬盘上自动安装系统。每个硬盘?对,没错,就是每个硬盘。比如你是6盘位,接了6个硬盘,这6个硬盘初始化以后,每个硬盘都有系统了。. synology serial number (we cannot help you obtain it, but maybe, you may want to read this thead) mac address (maybe with a mac address generator) (Make sure, you did not eject usb disk from dsm gui) Open a ssh terminal on xpenology server with an synology admin account. Does anyone know what synorelayd is, or what it might be trying to do on my system? I realised that my drive (s) didn't seem to be spinning down anymore, and checking /var/log/messages reveals pages and pages of the following entry: Feb 14 00:04:28 synorelayd [7871]: synorelayd. Citaat van: pc-matic op 20 oktober 2014, 21:26:02. conf manually scemd has a hard-coded check in its code which verifies that capacity_warn_percent is 0. Sometimes the process synoscgi cpu usage 100% and froze the system. Plug in the y-fan connector to the first port of the Synology (the Adjust your scemd. Services Data Collection Disclosure. Обычно возникают ошибки файловой системы, для этого необходимо проверить /var/log/disk. cpp:2448 No script for python Sep 2 21:30:00 scemd: scemd…. How to increase the shutdown temperature …. And yes, there is this one, here: /usr/syno/etc/scemd. Controlling fan speed and hard drive APM settings on Synology DiskStation. Synology offers a native app for a MariaDB server. xml habe ich auf meiner DS416 den lower power mode nachgebaut und im idle laufen nur noch die Platten. 0, I'm quite sure it already experienced such problems like the one I'm facing. I thought i give installing emoncms on my synology nas as it supports mysql and has more grunt than the pi. Synology shut down automatically, because disk 1 was overheating and reached a temperature of 61°C. open windows cmd and write: ssh [email protected] -p your-ssh-port. Synology, TrueNAS Linux Windows 12. [ OK ] Stopped Docker's service unit. A opět to je jen na vlastní triko. Sold by NOCTUA - Designed in Austria and sent from Amazon Fulfillment. Re: Debian on Synology RS816 (Armada 385) January 15, 2019 11:46AM. Plug in the console to the synology and power it on. You signed out in another tab or window. the plastic enclosure is a bit noisy because of the fan (when HDDs hibernate) so I tried with Noctua NF-A9 FLX which has a great quality fan!! the device started to beep after 1 hour. Synology DiskStation DS110j, DS210j, DS210+ piątek, 13 sierpnia 2010 20:31 | Cezary Jackiewicz Kontynuujemy testowanie urz?dze? NAS. In today’s review, we will take a good look at one of these products, the Synology DS414slim, a compact NAS with a huge feature list. Cloud Sync enables you to seamlessly connect your local Synology NAS to public cloud services or on-premise storage through Amazon S3 API, OpenStack Swift, or WebDAV protocols. After replacing the first disk, there was the data reconstruction which finished after 2 hours or so. Cool Mode, Quiet Mode and Low Power Mode (In HDD Hibernation fan will stop if it's cool enough). I configured it with advanced mode with these commands: - Power on: DAILY at …. xml Ich habe alle Einträge "fan_speed=15%20hz" auf …. Aikani löin päätä seinään, kunnes löysin etsimäni: tuuletinta ohjataan scemd: Jatka lukemista Synology RackStation RS1219+ tuuletinohjauksen parantelua. Panin merkille jo laitteen oston yhteydessä todennäköisen muistipäivityksen tarpeen, sillä laitteen tehdasasennettu muistimäärä oli vain 2GB.  2018-10-07T19:33:17+02:00 Synology scemd: manutild_ip_check. Достался NAS Synology DS411slim. 编辑文件时需要按“i"键,编辑完成后按"esc"然后输入“:wq”回车保存即可. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall again. You signed in with another tab or window. performance - High CPU Load on Synology …. Synology系统使用lvm来管理分区,首先分离卷组,然后将卷添加到卷组。实际上,在Web界面的存储空间管理中,存储池对应于卷组,存储空间对应于卷。 。我的机器有两个硬盘驱动器,并创建了两个卷组。每个卷组中都有几个卷。我使用lvm命令列出卷组和卷,如下. Synology Moments és Photo Station helyett Synology Photos lesz, Cloud Station helyett Synology Drive Suite lesz) kivezetett a Synology a DSM7. 本文针对类似 Alliot 这种强迫症患者对 DSM 进行一些系统级的小优化,主要内容有:屏 …. Prozess "scemd" Lastet CPU zu 40% aus. Forum des NAS : Synology, Qnap, Asustor Accueil Service [scemd] status=[enable] required upstart job: [scemd] is start. Restart docker service after edit. 主页 论坛 > NAS > 群晖 Synology DSM > 求救,黑群ssd缓存盘 …. Hacked Synology NAS systems used in big-profit cryptocurrency mining scheme A hacker earned over $600,000 by infecting …. 星际蜗牛装在mSata会导致3~4分钟读取smart写scemd. sock_server-rw-r-r-- 1 root root 26 May 6 11:28 buzzerCurrentBitMap srwxr-xr-x 1 root root 0 May 6 11:28 scemd_connector. up Synology DiskStation data or iSCSI LUN to an external hard drive, another Synology DiskStation, an rsync- compatible server, Amazon S3 server, …. You will not see freenas in the enterprise space. Make sure you disable Quickconnect as it prevents hibernation; Step 2: Custom FAN-profile. xml you will see new Seagates 10, 12 and 14TB drives are cache disabled by software on Synology. These configuration files affect the syslog messages that Synology delivers . 2) /usr/local/etc/syslog-ng/patterndb. Most SSDs implement thermal throttling as a safety feature if a drive gets too hot =. Dies hat folgende Gründe: - DS Note kann auf dem …. Even if i disconnect the network and all packages are stopped. 2020-05-18T14:25:56+02:00 CORE scemd: event_microp. Then select "Notify me and let me whether to install new …. This seems to be limited by the Synologys CPU which is at 100%. Settings in the power section of the configurationscreen look ok. c:96 reset button pressed, ret = 0. c:281 /dev/md2 state changes from 0 to 3. Synology is an open source software project. I understand that may be your own …. If your Synology NAS model has a CPU architecture of 64-bit (x64), you can create a volume of up to 108 TB. Jan 20 16:45:25 scemd: SCEMD: disk 1 wake up from hibernation Jan 20 16:45:25 scemd…. There is a Reddit post that discussed this problem, Synology Drive is indexing over and over constantly. 本文首发于 Alliot's blog 原文链接: 群晖入门到进阶系列(三):DSM 优化 本文针对类似 Alliot 这种强迫症患者对 DSM 进行一些系统级的小优化,主要内容有:屏蔽系统更新、CPU 显示补丁、硬盘休眠、断网自动…. 0 megjelenésével és helyettük másokat vezet be. c:164 MD0 active disks 5, designed disks 5 2018-10-07T19:31:47+02:00 Synology scemd: raid_sys_volume_check. Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information: with down-to-the-minute forecasts for your exact location, you'll never get caught …. If your Synology NAS model has a CPU architecture of 32-bit (x86), you can create a volume of up to 16 TB. It is the (good) daemon, which does all the work (command execution) in . In ReadyNAS FrontView the setting is set to "Enable disk spin-down after 60 minutes of inactivity. FPU not initialized USB 0: Host Mode USB 1: Host Mode Modules/Interfaces Detected: RGMII0 Phy PEX0 (Lane 0) PEX1 (Lane 1) SATA0 (Lane 2) SATA1 (Lane 3) Synology Model: DS115j Fan Status: Good Net: egiga0 [PRIME] Press Ctrl+C to abort autoboot in 3 second Marvell>>. Da ich mich in den letzten Tagen wieder mehr mit der DS beschäftigt habe, ist mir auf gefallen, dass der Prozess "scemd" immer zwischen 30%-40% der CPU Ressourcen benötigt. This is the "Synology Command Execution Management Daemon". Image Name: synology_88f6180_us2 1983 Created: 2014-11-14 16:47:09 UTC Image Type: ARM Linux RAMDisk Image (gzip …. You'll need to avoid all UI access to stop disk access, this may include third party utilities that communicate with SABnzbd. Synology — отличное решение для организации домашнего или Открываем терминал и редактируем файл /usr/syno/etc. Dann editiert man mit VI /usr/syno/etc/scemd. c:164 MD1 active disks 5, designed disks 5 2018-10-07T19:31:47+02:00 Synology scemd. Pastebin is a website where you can store text …. 20210612-29) on my Synology NAS. Kurz nachdem ich die Laufwerke letztens wieder über NFS mit meinem PC verbunden hatte (und damit eventuell die Systemlast etwas. c:46 Type: INTERNAL Fan Mode: LOW 2018-10-07T19:53:59+02:00 Synology scemd: fan/fan. c:1870 Diskstation wakes up from deep sleep. Logged in as admin and was able to power off via the menu option. Below are some common services and processes that may take up CPU resources. 根本上修復的話,得硬件上 I2C 適配器,甚至還能順便給黑羣加上白羣的那麼多燈. Ik krijg mijn synology namelijk niet te zien bij SMB/CIFS client in goodreader op de ipad,maar wel onder Upnp/dlna client. It's driving me nuts! I just want to transfer one simple file from laptop to server. After I read all posts here and in other forums my understanding is, that there is an Microcontroller (Microchip PIC) on Synology Mainboard short to serial port 2 /dev/ttyS1. built-in cooling fan TAA Compliant Yes SNMP, SSH, Telnet Network / Transport Protocol. That's really annoying as I have to attend the NAS and turn it on manually. De hardeschijven willen niet in hibernate gaan. Input uname -a carriage, can be seen with the NAS uname command CPU architecture, instruction set as follows: Linux DSM 3. Stopping Synology Application Service pgbouncer [ OK ] Stopped Synology Application Service pgbouncer. Kein Vergleich zu früher und auch keinerlei Probleme mit den Lüftern im laufenden 24/7 Betrieb. Synology heeft een update voor versie 5. The systemhealth sensor delivers the message" No such Name" but you can't even define a name in the settings. c:971 Initialize the last check time for flashcache May 11 07:57:27 …. So I have: -rwxr-xr-x 1 sandro 414622 2011-10-14 23:42 sandrophoto-html. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Disk overheat :disk 1 had reached 61℃,shutdown system now! ssd这种东西,不要说61度了,71,81都没事吧?请问怎么改高这个温度,至少设置成70度,总不会三天两头自动关机了吧? 求救求救求救,重要的事情说三遍. V diskuzním fóru Synology jsem našel, že by to mělo jít editací souboru "scemd…. Reading various forums, I see that this is the file that theoretically controls the fan issue. xml file: 有些機種其設定為 hibernation_speed="STOP" 表示風扇於休眠時將停止運轉. xml which controls the fan speeds and trigger temperatures corresponding to the setting at Control Panel > Power,. Tick the box Send logs to a syslog server. To enable Telnet/SSH service: Check the box next to the desired protocol (SSH or Telnet). py synophoto_acl syno_poweroff_task synophoto_acl_pgsql syno_scemd_connector synophoto_autoblock syno_smart_result_collect synophoto_backup syno_smart_test synophoto_config syno_ssd_trim synophoto_config_root syno_system_dump. In this case, the DS looks like as online (all green LEDs are on) but i cannot connect to the webinterface neither via ssh. Antes has de habilitar la conexión Telnet/SSH en el Synology …. The controller interprete the commads from scemd …. Plug in the UART console and check which tty it has loaded as and start minicom. Synology wil niet in hibernate << < (2/3) > >> edoedo: Jun 12 08:02:16 scemd: SCEMD: disk 1 wake up from hibernation Jun 12 08:02:31 scemd: SCEMD: disk 2 wake up from hibernation Jun 12 10:00:56 scemd: SCEMD…. As XPenology seems to work with versions above 6. Je nach Konfiguration kann der Synology DiskStation Manager Pakete auf …. xml at master · EvilJimJafar/synology-nas-settings. php cjkterms compare composite confmimetype convert convert-thumb cupsdisable cupsenable curl dcraw ddns_reg_able. This seems to be limited by the Synologys CPU which is at …. Synology disk control device: something like /dev/hda or /dev/sda syno_mem_check synopftest syno_pkgicon_sprite. My feeling so far is that right off the bat the sync with OneDrive is very slow. Be careful, some commands may wipe DATA so read carefully please. so I mod the loader from Juns ds916+ loader (v1. Continue oplomend RAM geheugen, scemd. Re: Resolved - Installing emonCMS on a Synology NAS Submitted by Robert Wall on Sat, 30/03/2013 - 22:37. What could be wrong with this one ?. SNMP service (at Control Panel > Terminal & SNMP > SNMP) allows users to monitor Synology NAS with network management software. Synology's enterprise offerings are a common choice for IP SANs. 0 and eSata is standard on all models. I can get the info I need from Info Center): Unfortunately for the Synology's fan speed, I needed to tune the scemd. 看到成功后,软件就可以关了,此时猫盘指示灯会是红色常亮。 把猫盘电源拔了,网线不用动,按住复位键的同时再插上电,看到指示灯变成蓝色闪烁后就 …. Synology SPK´s mit Aufgaben neustarten! Foren › Forum › Synology › Synology SPK´s mit Aufgaben neustarten! Dieses Thema hat 0 …. My Synology DS218+ runs with a single SSD disk that has an operating temperature range of 0-70 °C, which is …. This can happen even if ssh works fine! The problem is File/Directory Permissions, for the most part! Using chmod 777 /path/dir/* gives write access to all the immediate children of /dir - including root files and directories. Synology RackStation RS819 unboxing ja ongelmat (DOA) 9. Change the log driver to json-file. xml von der DS215j sind keine Prozent angaben für die Lüfter Geschwindigkeit. xml a little bit as the "low" fan profile was too fast and loud. Synology RackStation RS1219+ lisää muistia ja hiljaisemmat tuulettimet 3. Write cache disabled on drives DOES affect performance regardless what Synology is telling us. To switch to a root account, please. The disk temperatures seem fine, but I haven't yet today heard the NAS fans spin up; perhaps scemd is in control of those as well?. Seamless synchronization between private and public clouds. Bonjour, Depuis quelques mois j'ai remarqué que les ventilateurs de mon NAS synology DS413 sont beaucoup plus bruyants qu'avant (suite à une MAJ du DSM ?). Synology DiskStation User's Guide. Password reset routine from synology site and quickstart guide (push reset button for 4s until beep) do nothing. Synology DiskStation DS420j Network Attached Storage Drive (Black) : Amazon. json path on Synology / var / packages / Docker / etc / dockerd. Tick Enable SNMP service and follow the steps below. The Physical Disk Sensor just says no disks aviable in the sensor setup. A figyelmeztetés oka: bizonyos alkalmazásokat (pl. hooks scemd's ioctl function, check if it's fanspeed controlling code, then redirecting it to our own fan speed …. 公司用NAS是一直24小时开机比较好,还是每天定时开关机比较 …. Synology WD RED WD60EFRX queue workaround. If ran on docker, I get this: I1227 04:16:53. I'm writing here because I tried to upgrade my DS1010+ to various different DSM releases (based on DS1511+ which is still supported by Synology). After some research, I noticed that my Synology 716+II NAS (DSM Version: 6. This is the “Synology Command Execution Management Daemon”. What is scemd? Here's one answer below: by itari » Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:02 am scemd = I would call it: Synology Command Execution Management Daemon. I have contacted Synology and I have made a lot of tests with them and I don't know where the problem lies : For example, When SabNZBD is shut downed, the NAS can hibernate, but when SabNzbd is started and the Synology …. Note that you need elevated permissions to issue these commands, use sudo -i for. 2nd reset push leads to single beep instead of 3 beeps and. 2018-10-07T19:53:58+02:00 Synology scemd: disk_xml. Most Synology NAS models support a maximum single volume size of either 16 TB or 108 TB. DSM is the unified operating system powering Synology data management solutions, and version 7. It is the (good) daemon, which does all the work (command execution) in background, when you activate DSM-functionalities by clicking something. User Name: Remember Me? Password: Home Download Wiki/FAQ Help Support; ️ Donate | Register; …. In "Confirmation settings" popup:. Voici les principales commandes pour ce faire et la liste des packages pour certaines des applications DSM les plus utilisées. Synology DS1010+ (DS1515+) Po výměně je ale poté nutné upravit fan profile v scemd. synology configuratie verloren. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Synology DS420j 16TB 4Bay Desktop NAS Solution | Installed with 4 x 4TB Western Digital Red Drives at Amazon. bak at master · EvilJimJafar/synology-nas …. DS213j 17 dB (A) Power Consumption 19. Synology Diskstation DS414 Unbricking----- This was many hours work so i thought it was a good idea to document properly rather than leave it online as 100 or so different forum posts (in multiple different languages) that i used to solve this tricky problem. 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 121601 cylinders, total 1953525168 sectors. 1년전쯤인가 ? CPU Fan 에서 웨에에엥 하는 잡음으로. My Synology DS218+ runs with a single SSD disk that has an operating temperature range of 0–70 °C, which is common for SSDs. Kworker, what is it and why is it hogging so much CPU. Disk overheat :disk 1 had reached 61℃,shutdown system now! ssd这种东西,不要说61度了,71,81都没事吧?请问怎么改高这个温度,至少设 …. com is an unofficial Synology forum for NAS owners and enthusiasts. Cloud Sync integrates the advantages of public cloud and private cloud, enabling you to effortlessly connect your Synology NAS to public cloud services, such as Amazon Drive, BackBlaze B2, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack Swift, and more. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Starting scemd …. 912358] Generating fake SMART values Stopping Synology Application Service vapid send daemon. If fan will stop for real (it won’t) diskstation will maybe heat up enough to tell you about it. 分享] Synology NAS 休眠模式 debug tool. Während bei einer Synology DS213j der Lüfter im Modus "Niedriger Energiestatus" so konfiguriert werden konnte, daß - sofern die Temperaturen stimmen - der Lüfter stoppt, fehlt dieser Modus bei der Synology …. Deluge Synology Docker - 15 images - setting up deluge on synology using docker malware, basic homelab for a renting it manager homelab, docker unsupported synology how to install docker on an, best docker containers for synology about dock photos, Synology …. sudo kwboot -t -B 115200 /dev/ttyS0 -b uboot_RS816. To monitor your offline transcoding status: Tap Downloaded Videos and go to Transcoding Tasks tab to manage your offline transcoding …. 群晖本质上还是一个Linux系统,也可以通过ssh来连接,并且可方便使用ssh命令行来管理 。群晖打开ssh命令行 …. ãX¿ ›yËu¦ã­Ç’Í ÊK ñ%>â‚>Y zÛ4¥9yÙiéa3 U1ªEÝFE'EÅ¡·| ªg¨Çý 4ôoŠØJ "Y }[˜ì­ D¢‰HI bÕ|‰òÓ»Vä W¦U. DSM de Synology trae por defecto tres perfiles para poder controlar las Haz una copia del fichero /usr/syno/etc. Da bittet Synology die App DS Note, welche ich aber nicht verwenden würde. 594175] Got empty serial number. 24 kB, 1567x751 - bekeken 1500 keer. 1系统关机后系统已经停止,但是硬件根本无法关机 灯一直是亮着的风扇也哗哗 …. 七十度。我的nas今天早上确实关闭了,并发出了以下信息:"自动关闭,因为磁盘2过热,温度达到61℃"。我知道nas并不是在一个理想的环境中,所以这个问题并不是出乎意料的,但目前我无法改变这种情况。磁盘只有ssd,所以在70°c之前不会出现问题。有人知道我如何可以禁用自动关机或手动调整. 내가 만든 vmware 이미지는 atom 230에서 사용해야 하기에 이미지 포맷을 맞춘건데, 부팅. The thresholds are all set in /usr/syno/etc. Tym razem przedstawiamy test - opis trzech urz?dze? wyprodukowanych przez firm? Synology. The controller interprete the commads from scemd for the LED's an send commands triggered by pressing Power/Reset-Button. Go to Main Menu > Resource Monitor > Performance > CPU to check the utilization distribution. Implement scemd_fanspeed_hook with how-to, Q&A, fixes, code snippets. 527599] rdac: device handler registered [ 2. XPEnology论坛RedPill制作的开源项目,目前还是测试版,bug超级多。. Nach kurzer Recherche stellte ich fest, dass in der Synology DS509+ (wie in vermutlich jeder DiskStation) ein proprietärer Dienst namens scemd …. xml Ich habe alle Einträge "fan_speed=15%20hz" auf "fan_speed=17%20hz" geändert. (Another Synology works perfectly). SSH/Telnet only supports logging into the system with accounts belonging to the local administrators group. [email protected]:~$ uname -a Linux WDMCMirrorG2 3. Synology RackStation RS1219+ unboxing. It is necessary to run it in order to be able to switch off the Diskstation with a long press on the hardware button. There are some occasions where controlling your Synology's services via the command line is just necessary. Synology: Haz que los ventiladores sean más silenciosos. Synology introduced an entirely redesigned DiskStation Manager (DSM) in the online event, 2021 AND BEYOND. A propos Synchronisation: Synology liefert mit seinem Betriebssystem wirklich mächtige Tools inklusive Verschlüsselung, diverser Benutzer mit …. xml HUS724040ALE640 7V300F0 WD2000F9YZ HUA723030ALA640 WD3000F9YZ DT01ABA100V SanDisk SDSSDXP480G DT01ABA200V SSD 840 PRO Series ST500LM000 SanDisk SDSSDXP240G ST1000LM014 MRSAD4B120GC225C00 ST2000DX001 AS610 240GB AS610S 240GB WD30EFRX WD20EFRX WD40EFRX WD10EFRX WD2000FYYZ WD10JFCX - disk_temperature. I know that Synology says it is very quiet but that is very far form the thruth, …. Das deutsche Synology Support Forum ist die Heimat einer der größten und aktivsten Communities für Synology …. c:971 Initialize the last check time for flashcache May 11 07:57:27 DiskStation scemd: fan_overheat. Das Forum ist somit eine der grössten Wissensdatenbanken zu Synology Produkten im Internet. docker domoticz pkgctl-filebot pkgctl-filebot-node pkgctl-git pkgctl-python pkgctl-sickrage pppoerelay rsyncd s2s_daemon samba scemd …. 03a2의 vmware버전 이미지를 넣고 vmware에서 부팅한 로그다. In this example, I’ll show you how to move it from volume1 to volume2. SPK file (previously downloaded) then click on Open. ‹ Previous Synology RackStation RS1219+ lisää muistia ja hiljaisemmat tuulettimet Next › Synology RackStation RS1219+ suorituskyvyn testailua Kirjaudu jotta voit kommentoida. The incident is the latest on a growing list of mass attacks against embedded devices reported this year. First, stop the Symform service from Package Center. Die Synology kann keine PWM Steuerung, sondern regelt die Lüfter per Spannungsanpassung. 0 brings new technologies for storage, backup, and hybrid cloud. Beim Einsatz der Low-Noise Adapter (Im Lieferumfang) sollte die Lüftersteuerung in der NAS selbst auf volle Leistung stehen. bak at master · EvilJimJafar/synology-nas-settings. In another popup about "unknown publisher", Click on Yes. Adjusting fan threshold speeds on rs1619xs+. Currently all operations are managed by “scemd” closed-source …. Bei uns im Flur steht eine Synology DS509+, also ein Netzwerkspeicher, auf den alle Geräte im lokalen Netz zugreifen können. synology nas ssd cache 온도로 인한 shutdown 해결. 0 I mean, everything higher than this release seems to end up with these problems : No more informations regarding CPU/RAM in the WebUI widget. In addition, to secure the connection to your DSM with HTTPS, your QuickConnect and/or Synology …. As /var/log is distributed as RAID1 over all hard disks also a write access on the main hard disks occour every 30 seconds and will spam into the log-file /var/log/scemd. This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what appears below. Bin über jede Hilfe sehr dankbar. I have had a similar problem to some others in that the PMS update on Synology failed and then wouldn't let me reinstall. The only one that got 100% working was 6. fdisk -url hat folgendes Ergebnis gebracht: DiskStation> fdisk -ul. So every 30 seconds the daemon scemd logs this into /var/log/scemd. On the bottom-right of the DSM desktop, the Resource Monitor widget shows that the CPU utilization of your Synology NAS is high. Deleting lines from a particular file : SED command can also be used for deleting lines from a particular file. c:89 System Reset to Default is performing. Configuration du NFS sur le NAS. I wanted to increase the available storage on my Synology DS415+ by [email protected]:~# synoservice --pause scemd [email protected]:~# . « Gepost op: 18 april 2012, 10:17:28 ». Template is based on Synology MIB Guide and monitor only an Synology HA Cluster Is based on snmp v2 data from section Synology SHA MIB Installation notes 1. The controller interprete the commads from scemd for the LED’s an send commands triggered by pressing Power/Reset-Button. Place your order and we'll email you when we have an estimated delivery date. 12W (HDD Hibernation) The DS213J is supposed to be quieter and has three fan modes. com is the number one paste tool since 2002. I found that DS918+ s CPU is j3455 (which is close to J4205). It’s quite normal for an SSD to jump really quickly to high temp in seconds. common SSD operation temperature is rated between 0ºC and 70ºC, then 61 is in range. Shouldn't this be capable of more than this?. Потом можно включить обратно просто набрав "scemd…. 2 Document ID Syno_UsersGuide_DS_20130503. it's not in the middle of copying/syncing any files, and this is still the CPU load. 014372] Module [xt_LOG] is removed. 公司用NAS是一直24小时开机比较好,还是每天定时开关机比较好? 其实NAS的主要存储设备都是硬盘组成的,而一般都是采用机械硬盘来作为它的存储 …. Synology used Power-PC CPUs in their earliest machines, and had moved to ARM9 CPUs for the DS207+. Ever since I installed PMS I’ve noticed that the hard disks on my ReadyNAS don’t spin down. Ok I correctet the port settings and SNMP settings in PRTG and now the SNMP Uptime Sensor works. 1 van Disk Station Manager uitgebracht. 昨天缙哥哥在成功测试安装黑群晖之后,发现只有10G存储,完全不够用,于是乎又用虚拟机开了一个200G的虚拟空间,新硬盘挂载到群晖的时候让我选 …. Regular hard drives run fairly cool, and the Synology DSM in a file called scemd. Cloud Sync - 加值套件 | 群暉科技 Synology Inc. 2018-09-02T02:22:01+02:00 DS213j kernel: [280309. We are working hard to be back in stock. 编辑文件时需要按"i"键,编辑完成后按"esc"然后输入":wq"回车保存即可. I can't determine where I would change the thresholds? The /usr/syno/etc. 567978] rtc_cmos 00:00: RTC can wake from S4 [ 2. НАЧИНАЕМ ИСПОЛЬЗОВАТЬ ВАШУ СИСТЕМУ SYNOLOGY ; 2021-01-28T18:59:25+03:00 warehouse scemd: event_sysreset. 之前在白群晖上折腾了很久的硬盘休眠、频繁唤醒的问题,见:群晖硬盘不断唤醒(无法休眠)的一些折腾这一篇主要记录一下在黑群晖(蜗牛星际)下的一些折腾,一些细节就不再记录了,只记录方法。开始我手里的这台是星际蜗牛A单(Intel I211网卡),内置一个16G 杂牌mSATA固态。. Synology 推出新一代Plus機種 DS920+/ DS720+/DS420+/DS220+ - NAS 專集 - 電腦領域 HKEPC Hardware - 全港 No. I already reflashed the memory with programmer, also tried various steps by loading zimage and rd to RAM and boot from RAM. I am having issues running cadvisor on my Synology NAS. Ask a question or start a discussion now. 1629 root 8376 S /usr/syno/bin/scemd 1893 root 10912 S /usr/syno/sbin/hotplugd 2025 root 2580 S /sbin/getty 115200 console 2038 root 4004 S /usr/sbin/inetd 2045 root 4020 S /usr/sbin/crond 2259 root 3080 S /usr/syno/sbin/synologd. If you will copy the wiki and steal the real developers work will not make you a hacker. Western Digital Red Internal Hard Drive, 5400 RPM. To send logs to a syslog server: Go to Log Center > Log Sending. My status light is no longer lit, is this an incication of a problem, or has the LED failed? EDIT: was unable to turn off the DiskStation using the physical power button, it just kept flashing blue for over an hour. My android TV works like a charm streaming 4k home videos saved on the NAS. Next, SSH into your Synology box and move the target directory to it's new location, in this case, /volume2/SymformContribution. in: Computers & Accessories Dann editiert man mit VI /usr/syno/etc/scemd…. When the CPU is 85%+ it goes berserk. Disable the rest in your configuration panel, saving a few precious MBs of RAM. For the smpl and Plush skins disk access cannot be prevented. In ReadyNAS FrontView the setting is set to “Enable …. Enable SNMP Service Tick Enable SNMP service and follow the steps below. Synology support told me that I should just make sure that my server could be hit from port 80 from outside. Tym razem przedstawiamy test - opis trzech urz?dze? wyprodukowanych przez firm? Synology…. Synology wil niet in hibernate << < (2/3) > >> edoedo: Ik heb de Synology terug gesteld naar fabrieksinstellingen en opnieuwe geinstallerd/ingesteld en nu werkt alles naar behoren jaapengel79: Hier ongeveer hetzelfde probleem (DS211j). Fans can easily be heard from 3 meter distance, so very much above the 20DB they say! This NAS comes with 2 fan 92mm: Y. Synology DS414slim Review.