sasusaku fanfic war. Sakura had suffered all of them; but with the war raging on she found the torture would continue. [SasuSaku] Sasuke wanted to train. Chapter 15: With the summit in just a few hours, will Kakashi and Tsunade finally discover the true culprit before it is too late?. Zu lesen gibt es die Story auch auf . Unfortunately for her, changing the future isn't. The club’s name is inspired by Sakura. and fight on the side of Konoha during the Uchiha Civil War over the issue. This is a long-form fanfic I'm working on to explore the early life and career of Goge Vandire. Penthesilea | (master post) ♡ A Warring States AU with a little a bit of Romeo & Juliet going on. Sasuke protected her from bullies and in turn sakura brought joy to his life. We're four chapters in, so far. Sakura Haruno Sasuke Uchiha Rin. But after the Fourth Great Ninja War, and when he finally returns for what should feel like forever, she can't bring herself to believe that things will be any different. Sakura Haruno has been dating Sasuke Uchiha for more than a couple of months, he wasn't very keen on the idea of dating her. Sakura's going into her sophomore year at university, this means finally moving out of her dorm and into an apartment. Anonymous asked: I recently read a fic (I believe it was on archive) about sasuke being a criminal boss and Sakura a doctor. Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 12,276 - Reviews: 108 - Favs: 674 - Follows: 117 - Published: Jul 29, 2011 - [Sakura H. Knowing about these events helps you get a better understanding of why the world is as it is today. Fanfic: - Sasusaku- One shot - LEMON - Series, Naruto | FanFiction. Sasusaku fanfic (Lemon) Title: A Wet Dream. Help me achieve my dream of turning my Naruto fanfiction into a Webtoon! This is a fanfiction revolving around the Naruto ship, SasuSaku, and the blank period of their lives together after the Fourth Ninja War. Coming into the classroom, Sakura greets Sasuke as she pushes Naruto and asks to sit by him. Sakura never really understood the need to usher stinky, hormonal teens, now dubbed 'young adults', in a cramped building for eight hours of lectures. It's nice to have you home, Sasuke-kun. Sakura has a son, who needs a father. — please recommend me blank period SasuSaku fics,. While attempting to mend their broken friendship, class standings, hidden feelings, and a gossip blog gets in the way. /SasuSaku/ Even in the aftermath, neither of them seemed to realize, too consumed in the haze of pleasure and the intense, intense love they felt for one another. Apostasy - The Lost History of Goge Vandire (A Warhammer 40,000 fan fiction) | Royal Road. (SasuSaku, Rating T) Ode to Eileithyia Haruno Sakura has faced many dangers since taking up the teachings of Tsunade Senju, from battle to betrayal. All we did was touch hands! But somehow that resulted in me, Sakura Haruno, a mortal girl, being the bride to the Water God, Sasuke Uchiha. " this is an anthology, but same as arabesque05, i recommend literally everything this author wrote. Quietus: Dance With Death (Color). Anime/Manga Fanfiction Sakura Haruno Sasuke Uchiha Rin. Nobody argued over Daryl anymore at all. Star Wars SI Fics : FanFiction. I vow not to get shitfaced every night. SasuSaku: The Girl 《Completed》 159K 5. SaSuSaKu lovers - معلومات ok i kinda need help on my part 2 for my sasusaku fanfic sooo if u have any ideas just tell me and ill listen^^ Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma; BORUTO. I thought as I got ready for school. I'd love to read the legendary classic, "popular" you might say, Naruto fics, old or new. This group is for "kind" and "non-toxic" Sasusaku Fanfic readers and Writers only. After a couple of years Sakura is a model for dark fashion while Sasuke is the lead singer for a band called Seven. This will lead Sakura to meet a familiar black Completed sakuraharuno sasusaku anime +6 more # 13 Uchiha's Pride [Complete] by Fariha Tariq 504K 15K 23 Sasuke meets a girl who called him her father. In Heat Chapter 1: Captured, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction great www. Honestly the pairing of SasuSaku makes complete sense. 3 Year Fanfics (some of them might diverge from canon but all focus on the famous 3 years) Light to my Darkness - by SaiyanPrince541. drowning in you [Ch 46 of I'd Any akatsuki Sasuke SasuSaku fanfic. Looking for popular general Naruto fanfic (with or without Sasusaku) Fic Request. sorry it's laattee!!XDok here it FINALLY is. Despite not receiving an answer, Sakura snatches the spot and admirably gazes at the Uchiha while the other girls continuously glare at her. If you are an author that is on this list and wishes to be removed, please message me. SasuSaku~~ A Married Life (Chapter 4) [Two years have passed since Sasuke’s and Sakura’s wedding]. Add interesting content and earn coins. Sakura was now in front of him, allowing him to bac School love affair (SasuSaku). bitchii-usa: jbae654: Because clearly I have too much time on my hands. She’s scared of him leaving her yet again. 5K 17 After years of waiting for him, he was finally back; standing before their eyes. But one day Sakura and her family move away, leaving Sasuke with little to no explanation as to why. Kurama did what he felt he had to do, but the real question is… who was the one that time-travelled? Somewhere in another world (Naruto fanfiction). Sakura and Naruto were left unconscious and Sasuke vanished with no trace for about 8 years. Naruto | Anime/Manga Romance Sasunaru Sasusaku Cheat Sasuke. Yet when Sasuke broke her heart Sakura decided to take her mind off him by turning to drugs and alcohol. Please tag any writers you know on here. * = multichaptered Stories: Heat by. Remarried Empress Characters react to Heinley & Navier past life as Sasuke & Sakura (SasuSaku) AU. Sasuke tries to make her understand. Naruto Sasuke and Sakura got back in hidden leaf with their friends and nakamas. Facts of Life: Girls crushed on boys, girls were rejected by boys, girls developed fantastic vengeance issues and sometimes became sufficiently embittered to join a nunnery. (:enjoy and comment and rate!;). Quando ainda bebê, Naruto teve aprisionada em seu corpo a Kyuubi no Youko por Minato Namikaze (quarto Hokage, e seu pai), com a finalidade de salvar a Vila da Folha. Buildings, schools, hospitals, houses and ot Live for Me (Naruto Fanfic) (SasukeXSakura) 22 parts Complete. Naruto spies Hinata naked and can't get it out of his head and starts to feel like a bad guy This fanfiction is just lemons after lemons. When the war finally ended, and the four of us dragged ourselves, bloody and beaten, from Madara's ashes, the sky began to cry. sakura heals sasuke during the war By: @sun-summoning. Fanfics / Fanfictions de Naruto de todos os gêneros. I Love You(sasusaku) by Honeynora 50. Sasuke had been away for seven months on business. Inner conflict (A SASUSAKU FANFIC//ON HOLD\\) - Chapter 9. A short oneshot about life after the war, and the ways in which several pairings cope. She was such a dangerous little thing, for someone who never meant him any harm. Sakura ended up with Sasuke which upset fans who felt that she belonged with the main character, Naruto. (Reposting here from the r/NarutoFanfiction subreddit LOL). Post-War Blank Period Sasuke decides to travel the nations as soon as his probation ends but Sakura isn’t sure about it. Có một tin có thể vui hoặc bùn nè ! Ball - chan sẽ đăng chap mứi khi truyện đủ 800 lượt đọc và 150 lượt vote nha !!!! Mong mọi người ủng hộ truyện của mình * cúi đầu *. ] 8 Red by psalloacappella An old dress, a new office — Uchiha Sasuke offers regards to both. Certainly worth checking out; I don't even like slash and mostly skipped those parts, but still enjoyed the rest of the story quite a bit. Đọc Lảm nhảm vài dòng tâm sự. With the fight coming down to the wire, Sakura pulls out all the stops. ( Naruto fanfic ) ( SasuSaku )Trốn về quá khứ. Ball đang sống ở Hà Nội thì đột nhiên phải chuyển vào Sài Gòn. WWE 2K19 Android 18 Vs Sakura Haruno on Fantasy Wednesday. This is a SasuSaku 'twisted' love story. IceLady87's jawaban to opinion pertanyaan and poling. Kurama did what he felt he had to do, but the real question is… who was the one that time-travelled? Snowy Cabins - A NaruHina Oneshot. (1970s AU) “He’s a war hero, now. Summary: When Team 7 is on vacation, Sasuke accidentally walks in on her naked…. Of course, Facts never really apply to Life. Sasusaku fanfiction-True love at first sight part 1 posted by xx_azn_girl_xx There he was. Naruto & Fanfiction — A SasuSaku oneshot that takes place . A group based on the Greek Myth inspired Naruto fanfiction story, Quietus, where Sasuke plays the role of Hades, King of the Dead, and Sakura Kore/Persephone, the maiden who captivates his interest. o6: Dead End Street by The Scarlett Ribbon: It’s been seven years since the Akatsuki took over, but in the dark underbelly of Konoha’s criminal underworld a silent war is still raging. Hey, fellow NaruSaku fans!!! So, I've been wanting to read a NaruSaku fic, with, like what the title says, the OG Love triangle. Any Harry Potter sasusaku fanfic?? Hi nonny,. Thưa mọi người , Ball rứt xin lỗi vì lâu bỏ bê chap mới , nhưng Ball hiện nay rất buồn 😭😭. 4K 47 As young children, Sasuke and Sakura were really close. Once, all the girls from rookie 9 and others who had turned. Vídeo do TikTok de 📖 Sakura-Sama🛐🌸 (@satoshi_uchira): "《 Eu imagino que foi assim quando a sarada era pequena kkkk》#Sakusara♡ #Mae_e_filha #Sasusaku ♡ #fanfic". A bright light shined in his eyes making him shield them with his arm. Neither have been very good at meeting expectations. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Rated: T - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2k+ - Published: Dec 1, 2009 - Updated: Oct 25, 2010 - Complete. I'm aiming to post one chapter (~4000) words per week. SasuSaku - Freeform; Haruno Sakura-centric; Strong Female Characters; BAMF Haruno Sakura; Uchiha Sasuke Being an Asshole; Fanfiction; Time Travel; Drama; Action/Adventure; Summary. SasuSaku Fanfiction Rated: M (18+ một số chỗ 20+ vì thế hãy cân nhắc trước khi đọc) Author: Lê Hạnh Nguyên (Nguyên. Answer (1 of 5): NaruHina has more. Present Day: Its been two years since I've seen Sasuke I wonder how he's doing. This is the story of two sisters who live in the forest since Rin and Sakura have been abused in the city as hell. Among Immortals: Destruction of the Demonic by Yoshikuni. She was dressed in the baby blue Chinese dress; Sasuke had gifted her last year on their anniversary. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. We are in the middle of a war! I was wondering if you knew of this one smut fic where Sasuke is like an older . The club's name is inspired by Sakura. After receiving the advice, Kishimoto created Sasuke by taking ideas from an. Mix; SasuSaku Manga Fanfiction. Find out the little events between Sasuke and Sakura and their travels that brought them. 0!⋘ 🡺Cover Design by: 🡸 @-dancingechos 🡺Oneshots written by: 🡸 @xX_Fang_Xx (admin) @bakurokii [Originally QueenOfFistss] (second-in-command) @konohaguild [hiatus. This is set after Sasuke and Naruto's final fight, Sasuke is taken in as a prisoner for defecting from Konoha and for various other crimes. SasuSaku FanFiction Opowieść o Sakurze próbującej sprowadzić swego przyjaciela do wioski. Fanfic: The Mission During the War Ch 1, Naruto. Synopsis: "Losing you was the most unbearable pain I've ever felt. Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. Her brother Deidara was the same age as my brother and was a freshman in high school. sasusaku fics (@sasusakufics1) / Twitter. In fact, Sasuke didn't exist in the world of Naruto until Kishimoto's editor suggested that the wielder and friend of the nine-tailed fox needed a rival to compete with. Sasuke is still suspected and Sakura is his ticket to regaining Konoha's trust. But naruto and also others didn't know about this un. A story about how Sakura tries to make Sasuke come back home. Naruto sat up in the bed and looked around the room. Discover interesting facts about the memorial honoring Vietnam War veterans. Stories that fills in the gap between chapters 699-700, during or after The Last, and before Naruto Gaiden. The recovering Uchiha is uncomfortable with the implications of the healing and what the fluttering in his stomach means. Kapitel 7 Making Out Part 1Dies ist eine SasuSaku Fanfiction. Itachi Uchiha as Thanatos the-wampus-cat 7 0 Thanatos Itachi 2 ariadnia 7 1 Thanatos Itachi ariadnia 1 1 Quietus kaiamour 8 4 SasuSaku Quietus kaiamour 13 3 Quietus SasuSaku kaiamour 5 1 SasuSaku Quietus kaiamour 9 5 Team 7 Fanart: Quietus Fanfiction kaiamour 11 1 Quietus: Chapter 69 Lust-the-Avaricious 14 1 Quietus: Don't Be Afraid Lust-the. In which Sasuke tries to be a casanova, and Sakura is just Sakura. "As I said, 3-4 women is a perfectly workable number without stretching him too thin. NaruHina and SasuSaku or SakuSasu (Naruto and Hinata; Sasuke and Sakura): 2 limes, 4 lemons, and romance aplenty. SasuSaku OneShot Collection by 0. ranking: #2 in Uchiha Family Completed. Set in modern-day Konoha, Sakura is an eighteen year old girl in her final year of college. Or I'm looking for a strong team 7 fanfic like "Blood wings". It's hard find love, but it's even harder to find love again. Ever wonder how Sarada was made? He ruled the school. "This is the room for a king," Naruto thought. Disclaimer: This is a list of manga moments for Sasuke and Sakura, featuring the relevant manga pages in english and eventually their japanese counterparts, plus a manga collage sort of thing, with setup to SS moments put together while omitting indepedent scenes inbetween for better flow. After two years in Europe, former bad boy Uchiha Sasuke returns to Konoha Prep much to Sakura's joy and pain. starting off this list is a work by adxe that I adore and keep going back to because it's a funky sort of post-apocalyptic story. But that all comes to an end when she catches Naruto and Hinata kissing. But nothing has prepared her for this moment. ( @birkastan2018​ & @sasusaku-fanfiction​ have good recs on their pages too!) I'll be posting more ss fic recs on my . With their daughter out of the house, Sakura and Sasuke spend some special alone time as only a married couple can. Fanfic: - Sasusaku- One shot - LEMON - Series, Naruto | FanFiction after the war was over. this is my most most most most most fav couple on the anime show naruto by matashi kishmoto. lilbevmary-blog asked: Another Time Travel fic ala Kuri, but this time they meet the Konoha Gang after the Kages were attacked, Sakura seeing Sarada and maybe future SasuSaku later on , after Sasuke went full Dark at them, would be so cool to read. When the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, initially conceptualized the series, he didn't have Sasuke Uchiha penned into the early draft. It isn't until after the Fourth Shinobi War that Sasuke shows any interest, and even then, it's minimal. Sasuke was kidnapped by Orochimaru when he was eight. literally bumping into each other au. blank period sasusaku fic rec Some mostly canon compliant Blank Period stories for your soul. And when those pesky male hormones haunt him in the middle of the night, Sasuke gets way more than he bargained for… and just a little more than he expects. They meet at her doctors office one night before she closes (he got stabbed and was brought by sui and juugo). Sakura your typical chick was once in love with Sasuke. The word count on FF is something like 200k for the main fic; they're fairly long stories, but not slow-paced by any stretch of the imagination. My personal favorites are Monomoth by Ohtze and Color Theory by BlueGreenApples. After the defeat of the Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, the world was invaded by the Ōtsutsuki clan and everything come to an end. You can never put 'Uchiha Sasuke', 'Haruno Sakura', and 'together' in one sentence. Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki are on a mission when they came across a scroll on their way, Boruto touches the scroll and realized he made a terrible mistake. Not just close, but best friends. Friendship Knows No Bounds (a sasusaku fan fic) 331K 12. ☞ Author : Mều Mặp ( YukariHaruno )☞ Disclaimer : Các nhân vật trong Naruto thuộc về Kishimoto - sama còn fic đọc truyện 05. you are not welcome in this group ️. He's in a bad coma and won't seem to wake up on purpose. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Sakura Haruno Sasuke Uchiha Rin This is the story of two sisters who live in the forest since Rin and Sakura have been abused in the city as hell. SASUSAKU Fanfiction Recommendations:. After hearing the story about Itachi, he had set his mind on destroying Konoha. I have to disagree with Micaela . 14 Days To Love [SasuSaku Fanfiction] 83. After the war, Sakura suggests a new therapy to help Sasuke heal and get better sleep. Tổng hợp truyện Sasusaku fanfic cam on em chap 7. As the heirs of the city’s fallen. 12 years later when they came back from a mission Sarada cooks. Entre Nós - Season 2 Sakura é uma típica nerd de Konoha High School. 9K 660 21 It's been 2 years since Sasuke left and Naruto and Sakura have started dating. 2K 10 After the fourth great ninja war,sasuke didn't return to the village instead he just lives in the forest near konoha. Featured: Sakura - persephone before war. When she gave birth Sarada and first time Sasuke holds her. World War I shook the landscape of the world as we knew it. Entangled in each other, they would fall asleep before any thought of worry could come to mind. However, something odd happened; the past came right before their eyes, and they were living in it. Many liked to describe their first kiss as lightning and fireworks lighting up your brain, but Sakura had to disagree. SASUSAKU Fanfiction Recommendations: i have decided to devise a list of really well written fanfictions that portray SasuSaku wonderfully. In canon, Sasuke and Sakura relationship was not handled very well after the war arc. 2 years passed and Konoha finally got back to it's old self. Genetics, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. To Love and to Love Again by animequeen100. He first had to gather some stuff and information and of course he was trained by Tobi, or actually, Uchiha Madara. percabeth fanfiction high school lemon provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. blackrose22230000 asked: In check up doctor says Sakura is healthy but Sasuke is infertile. sitting on the same park bench au. Có một tin có thể vui hoặc bùn nè ! Ball - chan sẽ đăng chap mứi khi truyện đủ 800 lượt đọc và 150 lượt vote nha !!!!. Sakura is irrelevant to all of that. Em đi nhé! được đăng bởi _Meu_Map_. Wallpaper of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno for fans of SasuSaku 37487749. Here's a compilation of some of my favorite sasusaku fics. if mysteries and post-apoc stories are your thing, you'll love this one. He’s instantly attracted to her. 0' Kahli hime Category: Naruto Genre: Romance Language: Portuguese Status: Completed Published: 2010-07-18 Updated: 2011-09-02 Packaged: 2014-03-1. December 19, 2018 Samoneyla · Naruto |Reader Team Minato |Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Animexreader . She was always best at doing that, wasn't she? Making him feel guilty, making him reconsider—making him falter. Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs de Naruto com Mitsuki e Touka Senju com a tag Sasusaku. i have some rulez ad the rules r. 628 Touch » by GreyCatsidhe After the war, Sakura suggests a new therapy to help Sasuke heal and get better sleep. Synopsis: Sasuke reflects on the ultimate Uchiha curse: that of being really, really, ridiculously good-looking. Work Search: tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. Color Theory by BlueGreenApples. And even though Sasuke knows he has no control over who his soulmate is, he’s still the adult, and he’ll still protect his best friend’s thirteen-year. The Difference Between Moving In and Moving On: After war. And he was home - with his wife and daughter. She's scared of him leaving her yet again. 1K 66 This story is about a girl who thinks she'll never have friends since she is bullied a lot and she is mute. The animals and the trees do not know what the fourth shinobi war is, . 30070 1843 Hana_Vuyoko • Writing. The grogginess melted away when he noticed he wasn't in his apartment. Apartment 7 by Raven and Writing Desks reviews. Does anyone have any fanfics which details their . For a night, Sakura loses herself in his arms, and pretends that the boy she loves is still here with her. Ino Yamanaka Main article: SakuIno. Mirror |[Sasusaku Story] (SasuSaku fanfiction) [On Hiatus]. Rain fell in sheets, and mixed into my tears, and Naruto's tears, and Kakashi's tears and Sasuke's tears. One man’s journey to protect his children from their own physical attractiveness. In the confrontation between Team 7 and Hebi, Sakura's determination to retrieve Sasuke leads to the two being trapped in a cave, both nearly out of chakra, with nothing to pass the time until their rescue/suffocation but conversation. Rin decided to take Sakura with her and far away from the city of abuse and violence. Home › ( Naruto fanfic ) ( SasuSaku )Trốn về quá khứ › Thông báo. SasuSaku Fanfiction Rated: M (18+ một số chỗ 20+ vì thế hãy cân nhắc trước khi đọc) Author: Lê Hạnh Nguyên (Nguyên (SasuSaku genin) Sakura, tôi thích cậu mất rồi. 265905 5915 Kamui_Sensei • Writing. I can go on a tangent about how pieces of media like isekai are ragged on for believing that a bad life equals lots of waifus and some fanfiction makes it worse but this post is long enough already. Favorite SasuSaku Fanfictions Part 2 Disclaimer: I don't own any of these Rated T: One War splits the balance of power among the Shinobi . Naruto Uzumaki é um menino que vive em Konohagakure no Sato ou simplesmente Konoha ou Vila Oculta da Folha, a vila ninja do País do Fogo. And a certain person comes into her life and changes everything! He is a popular boy who every girl loves. 183 SasuSaku Love Arrows » by Marquise de Nile [A collection of SasuSaku stories. REAL publication date: Jan 2015. uchiha family reunited once again. It’s nice to have you home, Sasuke-kun. Fanfiction has traditionally been confined to online sites like Archive of Our Own (AO3) and FanFiction. Here are important facts about World War I to know. Because of the Fourth Great Ninja War, of the deity named Kaguya, the world almost came to an end. 19 years later Sakura and Rin live happily in the forest with all the animals. In check up doctor says Sakura is healthy but Sasuke is infertile. But he was coming back tonight. I just wanted to make a post about what I hope to do here. like a heart that stumbles onto knowledge by arabesque05. Sasusaku Month 2017 Day 17: War Torn ''You and I'll be safe and sound. I took his hand, then, and he let me. Staring admirably at Sasuke, Sakura tells. The aftermath of the war brings many things to Konoha; Sakura copes poorly. Focus: Anime/Manga Naruto, Since: 12-10-17. Read stories about #after, #fanfiction, and #hinata on Wattpad, recommended by exoticminecrafter. Von LauryUchiha, gelesen von ihr selbst. "C'mon Sakura! Hurry up or we'll be late again!" screamed Naruto from the front door. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, percabeth fanfiction high school lemon will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. This is a collection of the SasuSaku Community's greatest Oneshots, only found here! ⋙ Requests are CLOSED! The one-shot book is complete, HOWEVER, we have a new Oneshot book called SasuSaku Oneshots 2. I liked Caryl but i dont know how it ever got that bad. Because her very presence spoke her emotions stronger than the words. Sakura had absolutely no idea how to remedy their battle against Madara. Some Empires fell while other countries rose to power. Sasuke has a daughter who needs a mother. I've found a few on FFN but feel like I'm missing some! Although the romance would not be a major feature for me (looking for amazing writing, character growth. SasuSaku The Last Blank Period. (1970s AU) "He's a war hero, now. Caryl vs Bethyl was easily the most toxic and resulted in literal violence at a convention. It's Battle Royale Naruto Style!pairings are SasuSaku, NejiTen, slight NaruHina, . [Implied SasuSaku, Rating T] Once and Future In the wake of the Fourth Shinobi World War, the survivors pick up the pieces. Sasuke goes out regularly and ignores her. Does anyone know a good sasusaku fanfic about Sasuke's. Sakura is the center of a shipping war between NaruSaku and SasuSaku. Genetics by JinnySkeans : (Rated T) : (Humor/Romance) Sasuke reflects on the ultimate Uchiha curse: that of being really, really, ridiculously good-looking. Rated M: The Uchiha brothers are back home but danger still follows them. kuriquinn wrote a fantastic fic about two people that are supposed to be enemies falling in love in the midst of war. He's instantly attracted to her. SasuSaku with mature themes closer to the end of the fic. Founder: Kurumee - Stories: 46 - Followers: 3 - id: 128803. They were now twenty, of course. Orochimaru was going to kidnap Sakura as a test subject, but Sasuke saved her by volunteering to take her place. Net, but some of the most prolific artists within the space have found a way to help people. They’ll figure this out, they have to; they’re soulmates. [Post War fic, Heavy Drama] Following the events of the Fourth Shinobi War, the formidable Team 7 tries to overcome its aftermath: political intrigues, lies, deception and an ongoing threat that'll break them apart. 12 years later when they came back. They weren't dumb and foolish teenagers. Read 4- The War (Part 2) --- An Unfair Death from the story Light From Dark {A Sakura Haruno/ Sasusaku Fanfic} by _pooflessisbae_ with 541 reads. /SasuSaku/ The wracking sob that followed made his chest tighten, no matter how much he tried to brush off the guilt. SasuSaku, other pairings implied. Having her heart broken for the second time, she leaves the village and swears to get revenge on Konoha and Naruto. 40 An Unspoken I Love You by Awsaya Sakura was ordered to move in with Sasuke after the war, in order to monitor his nightmares, and somewhere along the way, he decided not to let her leave. 🥇1° #Sasusaku - 20/11/2018 🥉3° #Sasusaku - 30/11/2018 🥈2° #Sasusaku - 06/12/2018 Obrigada a todos por me colocar no topo Não esqueçam de seguir também a continuação dessa história no meu perfil. Anyways these are my favorites! Enjoy! o1: Full Throttle by JinnySkeans: Gangland mentality. Post-War Blank Period Sasuke decides to travel the nations as soon as his probation ends but Sakura isn't sure about it. After everything he's done and after everything he threw away, she still loves him in some corner of her heart. SasuSaku fan fiction: I'm sorry for being a fool For one year Uchiha Sasuke had returned to Konoha. Naruto, M, English, Romance & Angst, words: 2k+, favs: 91, follows: 29, Aug 23, 2020, [Sakura H. Sep 25, 2016 - Read Chapter 9 from the story Inner conflict (A SASUSAKU FANFIC//ON HOLD\\) by Swift_Chan (Estellé) with 910 reads. first:be nice to me and members. By the time they h overpoweredprotagonists. and a little more that she added. Sasusaku fics recommendations If u want to recommend a fic dm me. In the middle of the training grounds the school provided for us. Naruto | Anime/Manga Sasunaru Sasusaku Cheat Sasuke. I love the different stories that other writers come up with! Hopefully, after I start sharing my stories here maybe others will be inspired to share their fanfic with the world. SasuSaku Fanfic is my favorite kind of fan fiction. SasuSaku Naruto, T, English, Romance & Humor, words: 2k+, favs: 307, follows: 62, 8/7/2012 , Sasuke U. But a girl got his attention and falls in love. ” this is an anthology, but same as arabesque05, i recommend literally everything this author wrote. Itachi Uchiha as Thanatos the-wampus-cat 7 0 Thanatos Itachi 2 ariadnia 7 1 Thanatos Itachi ariadnia 1 1 Quietus kaiamour 8 4 SasuSaku Quietus kaiamour 13 3 Quietus SasuSaku kaiamour 5 1. Join her in coping with her old body's shortcomings, testing the natural laws of time, falling in love all over again, and rediscovering who she is. here’s that Star Wars-esque au by sun-summoning that I absolutely adored. I like comedy though like that one fic called "Sasukes no good very bad treammates" or whatever I prefer it if it's long. (They are 19-20) However after 1 year Sakura learns that she's pregnant. The voice boomed and Naruto's eyes snapped open. IceLady87's risposte to opinion domande and sondaggi. BLOG master post : types and tropes canonverse [mostly blank period fics or etc] canon divergent or canon au [fics that are canon till some point but later follows a different path or fics that were written wayyy before the path of canon was determined] hokage Sasuke au post ch x character musings etc dark konoha and tyrannical sasuke features here. Iv been in the Harry Potter ship war era and Avatar era and seen many other minor ship wars. Supply Cabinet Surprises (SasuSaku)(nsfw) monster in the mirror (SasuSaku) the in-between (SasuSaku) skin and bones (SasuSaku) whispers of the past (SasuSaku) baby, it's cold outside (SasuSaku) tabula rasa (SasuSaku) draw the line (SasuSaku) laundry day (SasuSaku) love and war (but mostly war) (SasuSaku) bury the sunlight (SasuSaku) echo. Rated M: Sasuke wakes up to a world of pain, yet the road to redemption has never looked more tempting. With threats from both domestic and foreign places combining, can they fight a two front war and win? Sequel to ATWADJ. An Uchiha family based fanfiction focusing on SasuSaku's relationship with their daughter, Uchiha Sarada. Be aware that if I missed any its not because I thought they were bad its because well…there are so many. Cannonverse, after the war, pre-Gaiden. I haven't been craving SasuSaku fanfiction in a long time and I'm looking for quality fanfictions. As soon as Sarada opens her eyes she gave a little smile as if she recognized him. Tugging on her sleeve, Sasuke repositioned the two. *sigh* goddesses, witches, and an extremely handsome god are all too much for a mortal to handle. His deep dark onyx eyes focused on training. The obnoxious ringing that resonated throughout the campus was enough of a wakeup call. strength but they fail to realize that Sakura can heal a VILLAGE in times of war. Once, all the girls from rookie 9 and others who had turned 18 as well, were summoned in Hokage's office. 29 Welcome to Uchiha Family by MystTheTimid Sakura should learn how to deal with Uchiha Mikoto especially while she's pregnant with another. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au. Sarada has gone away on a mission, reluctantly leaving just as her Dad comes home and announces he'll be in town for a little while. In all the shipping polls NaruHina is always above SasuSaku. Sakura finds Sasuke again in Wind Country five years after the war, when he is supposed to be dead and she is supposed to be beyond caring. This story is about how Sakura hears her team mates calling her weak and soon leaves the village with a mysterious woman. They say Sakura’s dead but she’s standing right there in front of me. SasuSaku Club Join SasuSaku Fanfic. SasuSaku (スサク) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. Sakura has been thrown back to the day of her genin team assignments in order to avoid a terrible, war-torn future. And for the love of god no sasusaku I despise that ship because I hate sasuke and everything he stands for. Summary: Right after the war, Hinata starts hearing. Like a fire that just consumed everything. Sasuke x Sakura「AMV」Naruto AMV. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. With Konoha on the verge of destruction, Sakura is sent on a last-resort mission to save her world by travelling to the past. Even just typing up best anime ships in google or top ten anime rankings you will see that NaruHina is always above SasuSaku and also almost always in the top 10. Ino and Sakura were childhood friends. Members of Rookie nine were already 18 years old. Promises, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. He slips away from her slowly and Sakura notices. Synopsis: “Losing you was the most unbearable pain I’ve ever felt. Please note that the fics by adxe may no longer be available.