presale smart contract. CarDex will build first car racing game with a referral system on Binance Smart Chain. Presale Time: 1 BNB = 30,000 GET Tokens 10 Billion 01-31-2022 - 03-31-2022 We attain that by offering renewable energy resources, through decentralized smart contracts and a large network of suppliers of renewable energy credits and carbon-related offset commodities. Navigate to “Contract” then Write Contract. How is the Presale different from the Crowdsale?. My question: Can i use 1contract to do this or do i have to make 2 smart contracts - 1 for presale and 1 for public sale?. Smart contract-based data platform Mobius Network successfully concluded a $35 million token presale, the company announced Tuesday. Deflationary token (BEP-20) Token with reward and auto buyback BUSD project on Binance Smart Chain , Ethereum, Tron, Metaverse, Solana. Today we will relook at the presale smart contract and see how we can fix a bug in the code that allows whitelisted addresses to mint over the set presale li. As planned, we are moving to the. howardleejh / Presale Public master 1 branch 0 tags Go to file Code Howard Lee and Howard Lee final test on Kovan network with chainlink 9c3d98f on Jan 5 16 commits contracts. Modify Presale Smart Contract and Frontend. Enviro Token (ENVIR) is a decentralized Defi application and smart contract deployment based on the Binance Smart chain aiding clean energy infrastructures for a positive change to our environment. CarDex is a decentralized exchanges are peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces where cryptocurrency traders make transactions directly without handing over management of their funds to an intermediary or custodian. Smart contracts are at the core of every NFT and it is crucial for the success of any project that its smart contract is secure and resilient. Contract is selling tokens in exchange of BNB , BNB is sent to your wallet (beneficiary wallet) instantly. Presale website & Smart Contract DevelopmentSmart contract development starts with both the parties agreeing to every condition mentioned in the smart contracts that is triggered at some point. Hope to see you, at the top in the future. The Proof Presale tokens are based on the StandardToken and MintableToken ERC20 contracts. You will need the following four things: 1️⃣ Enough ETH in your wallet for mint price + gas price. Please see our documentation and roadmap, disclaimers, to understand the design concept before making your purchase. com/project/sonm-io/presale-token. The argument against on-chain presale/allow lists. A cryptocurrency presale is the opportunity to buy crypto tokens or A smart contract is a code that governs transferring of coins or . METALIFETECH Announces Token Presale as Part of Phase One. Our Token Smart Contract has been deployed and verified on Kucoin Community Chain. io allows vendors to publish information about digital products and services, and customers - to purchase these products and services for Ethereum cryptocurrency. The IOTA smart contract has three different components – Owner, Economic and Social Incentives, and Quorums. 2021 1st Global Press Release 01. BitBeat: Ethereum Presale Hits $12. I can design single-page and multi-page ICO website and link with your token. Due to Blockchain’s immutability & transparency, data. Therefore, the entrepreneur will only have access to a limited amount of cash flow until further objectives or targets of the project have been completed. The platform offers Defi services such as a Whale Tracker and an Anti-Scam Scanner, and a P2P Marketplace where buyers and sellers can make profitable deals. Price will be increased when refueling the Smart Contract. 3 Proprietary smart contracts that run our business (and yours) flawlessly. Smart Contracts are automated applications that act as intermediaries. Join Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange. Pre-Sale ICOs - The most recent list of Pre-Sale cryptocurrency ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). 10% BNB referral reward distributed instantly to referrer wallet via presale contract. We did this project for more DeFi. Whenever you want to make sure your code is in order, run the build command: erdpy contract build There's one more thing: by default, none of the fn statements declare smart contract methods which are externally callable. Smart contracts are self-executing lines of code with the terms of an agreement between buyer and seller automatically verified and executed via a computer network. OpenHeadToken Contract: This contract is used to facilitate a presale and a public sale for Open Head NFTs. * This contract is only required for intermediate, library-like contracts. Once smart contracts are implemented, there is no way that it can be altered or manipulated by anyone since it resides on the Blockchain. Let us keep our main contract simple. Explore the New Cloud Network with CrismoonChain. Prepare your entire list of addresses in a txt file and make sure that you have one address per line and nothing else. This report has been prepared for Darkside Finance's presale contracts and is the first in a series of three audits to cover the contracts for Darkside Finance, which is the Layer 3 farm of PolyWantsACracker on the Polygon network. Fixes a problem that occurs when you try to link a project quotation to other contracts or other projects under the same customer in Microsoft Dynamics AX . smart-contract-pre-sale has a low active ecosystem. 2️⃣ The verified contract address, from team or released before launch on website. com】Copy link◇【liquidity in accounting】【qc90. This is a customizable token sale contract with adjustable parameters. The BlockFood Token Sale Smart Contract will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain before the date of the pre-sale. Official international Everdome communities. At the conclusion of the first phase of the presale, we will do a break for 24 hours. It has 3 star(s) with 2 fork(s). It is intended to create high-priced coins to attract popularity!. c to send BNB directly to smart contract. We have just received our Audit Report. Ready to deploy for any NFT Marketplace (E. These are 4 easy steps that will allow you to buy Hyra over the contract. May be an image of text that says 'SMART CONTRACT'. In addition, if the team continues to improve the game and the game can reach large audiences, ShiPlay can reach very good levels. We will be honored to market Blockchain Products that are of high quality but require a power behind them. This Library - Support Best in #Runtime Evironment. The Crowdsale contract is inspired by the open-zeppelin Crowdsale contract with additional functionality mixed in. Step #1 - Deploy your smart contract. Yes, every purchase a buyer makes will have a corresponding Purchase Token Agreement (for the Pre-sale Token Launch) and Smart Contract (Public Token Sale). i did following functionalities into smart contract but need to be airdop in above given manner in this smart contract. Our Services Help You Grow Your Project, Regardless of Which Stage, Most Popular Platforms On Demand, In the Cryptocurrency Industry, Get in touch with us! Contact ONLY on our website for any questions or inquiries. Use a boolean flag in your contract to signify presale open/closed and another flag for public sale open/closed. Create your favorite token without any coding required! Launch DxMint. Create a map of address to number of mints to track how many mints are allowed. For Example, let us create a whitelist contract to whitelist user addresses. What Is A Cryptocurrency Presale?. Designed with the purpose of giving people a safe place to store their tokens while giving great reward incentives to stakers. I will write the best optimized NFT smart contract for blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Elrond, Avalanche, Binance. For this audit, we reviewed contracts provided us by the Kickpad team. ElonMoon's primary concept is the idea that projects can be done more. Set up your whitelists In order for your merkle proofs to work properly, you have to keep web/data/giftlist. Understanding token smart contracts and presale smart contracts. At that, all the data concerning products is stored as. Game studio/developers partnership. STAKE your DOLZ to earn BabyDolz & redeem unique NFTs to obtain daily rewards. Buyer gets tokens you get Eth or Bnb based on the rate you decide. If you want to invest in new crypto-startups, do as much of your own research as possible. Now, this same contract can be used in the NFT presale to allow whitelisted users to mint NFTs in a presale or we can give them an Initial coin offering. BNBBEER, DEFLATIONARY, AUTO BUYBACK, MOON TASTY. Tokenomics: How to Design Economies for Crypto Games. There are many great articles and resources on Merkle Trees. Navigate to "Contract" then Write Contract. We have made tests with deployed smart contracts on the Ethereum . It is a hyper-deflationary token that equally rewards every holder. Guide to the Presale Smart Contract. Pre-Sale Smart Contract for the BlockFoodToken Support Quality Security License Reuse Support smart-contract-pre-sale has a low active ecosystem. Home/OpenSea NFT/ how to create a smart contract and mint NFT on Polygon Opensea. Kết quả tìm kiếm từ khóa 'token presale smart contract【qc90. 01 BNB = 63,750 PLX; Buy 1 BNB = 6,375,000 PLX; Listing on july 2022. This chapter shows how one can interact with deployed smart contracts. These smart contracts are designed to handle initial distribution of SONM Presale Tokens (SPT). Facebook Metaverse ( FACEMETA ) is token on Binance Smart Chain smart contract is 0x3e0b5807515756635c6347cdeebf95946e604bcf. 4️⃣ Know the maximum number of tokens able to be minted in one tx. Smart contracts provider Mobius has successfully raised $35 million in a token presale based on the Stellar network. Follow Twitter Follow YouTube Channel Follow Telegram Channel Join Daily Airdrop. BlockFood Pre-Sale Smart Contract Goal The goal of this smart contract is to handle applications for the BlockFoodToken pre-sale. Multi chain decentralized protocols & services. We need a ICO/Presale contract for our rising token to raise funds for the main project. That dedicated smart contract can help avoid mixing the funds obtained through a Pre-ICO and ICO, for example. which manages the development of Ethereum under contract from Ethereum Suisse – with . The new contract will allow future gaming mechanics needed for the PocMon game and marketplace. Thanks for visiting my ico website design and development gig. Danh sách sản phẩm theo từ khóa token presale smart contract【qc90. It generally targets larger investors as well as . Notes on the Factory & Presale Campaign Contracts: The Factory contract exists to deploy Presale Campaign contracts. February 2022 • Building the NFT Platform • Building the Lottery Platform • Artists and high-quality projects settled. In our previous post, we provide some context for why. You can claim as many xHOPR tokens as how much xDAI you sent to the contract (1 xHOPR = 0. If you want to know more about Inverse Protocol make sure to visit the docs to make your research!. It can define what happens with particular coins or tokens by specifying conditions around them. Most Expected Presale Is Live Now. It has 3 star (s) with 2 fork (s). CryptoDrop Presale - Smart Contract Audit Report Summary CryptoDrop. Rank up your project on Trending with the most effective marketing solution in the crypto industry marketplace and stay at least 1 step ahead of the crowd. I sent bnb to the smart contract, will I still receive for the presale?. Presale 295,297 tokens will be issued at the price of 0. The MBLZ Token is built on the Binance Smart Chain, with an upcoming version set to launch on the Ethereum Blockchain at the end of 2022. Regular Presale price today, REGU to USD live, marketcap. There's a really great Medium post (1) by the team that did the Nuclear Nerds smart contract, which . Using Smart Contract in Another Contract. Create a whitelist array of address that you can add whitelisted addresses to. No or little information regarding adding liquidity. Smart Contract Creation and Verification 11. The most interesting aspect of the BSC is that it is compatible with. Public Repository for Proof Smart Contracts. The presale is active until the hard cap of 1500 BNB has been met, or unless the owner has manually paused the system. I need some to remove Airdrop and Refferal Funcations from it. The Contract Address 0x44540f6d9AF649F7c4247817216e95AE82CE06cD page allows users to view the source code, transactions, balances, and analytics for the contract. Home of the largest decentralized launchpad Launch DxSale. The Caprice Finance (CFT) presale is still in its infancy, there is still Solana (SOL) is a decentralised smart contract platform with . By watching iStripper shows or playing games in our adult Metaverse, users will be rewarded with BabyDolz. Meanwhile, Seesaw Protocol (SSW) has seen its price increase over 640% in the first stage of its presale. I attached the description of the contract below. SDT Presale Will Run in 10 Phase. Kickpad Token & Presale Platform - Smart Contract Audit Report Summary. Create DApps and tokens without coding. We will build your NFT smart contracts and prepare a presale/ whitelist website for your presale. We build easy to use DeFi, GameFi apps! Check out all our dApps here! Launch DxApp. So, another smart contract is usually used to launch a pre-sale. Today you will learn how to code an NFT smart contract that will have a presale function build into it. Send ETH to the Smart Contract address. CrismoonChain is the most advanced and secure blockchain cloud infrastructure with segregate, unlimitedly scalable cloud computing networks, leading the decentralized future. This gives smart contracts a power of being trustless: it is possible to use contracts without trusting the owner, by carefully understanding the code of the contract. The presale will be available to buy through our presale smart contract which will be sent out on our Telegram and Twitter in advance on the announced date, stay tuned to find out when Redeeming the presale tokens will be on our website after the initial liquidity has been added initiating the launch of the project. solidity smartcontracts blockchain. How to Mint an NFT from a Smart Contract on Etherscan. For this audit, we reviewed CryptoDrop's CryptoDropSeed and CryptoDropPresale contracts using code provided to us by the project team. UNIY has a total supply of 500,000, which is only 1/2,000 of UNI. A smart contract ensures that rules are followed when these predefined conditions are met and payments are executed automatically. The smart contract has been double audited before the presale. The owner can transfer all of the seed round tokens in the contract to the funding address controlled by the team at any time. SeedOn's solution is based on a Smart Contract Escrow model, ensuring a controlled startup's capital infusion. 70% of NCS tokens for pre-sale, and the pre-sale price is 1 BNB (BSC) = 10,000 NCS. Powered by Moonbeam, an Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot. We will be publishing more complete details about the. The war for our affection rages on…. Every investment transfer you make can be queried on BscScan. 05 BNB, with a maximum amount of 6 BNB. There will never be another pre-sale, there will be no airdrops. The only way for the pre-sale to end is to reach the cap (2500 ETH due to the bug discribed above). (*) Your friends who buy through your link receive 70% commission. Ethereum Smart Contracts Optimization. The team also has a smart contract audit. Presale and Launch Smart contract deployment, new website, PinkSale launch, Marketing; Listings CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, exchanges Ethereum and NFT collection 5000 Binance Dogs collection presale on OpenSea and Bridge to ETH; DEX Develoment of BinanceDogSwap ; DAO Our Smart Contract has DAO functionalities. Experienced Team with previous project (managed to reach 30x from presale price) KYC with Pinksale & Solidproof. , a next-generation smart contract and decentralized application platform, how to become a smart contract developer, how to audit a smart contract, smart contract developer job description, calling a smart contract with a button, what are specified in a transaction to …. The HOPR Presale smart contract can issue up to 16000 xHOPR tokens per person, redeemable 1:1 for HOPR tokens on mainnet, locked until the 27th of February at 14:00 hrs CET. network, an independent third party smart-contract auditing company before the presale started. A Mintable ERC20 token where total supply increases as people purchase the tokens; A refundable crowdsale with a goal and hard cap; Presale . Pre-sale rules: The system will end the pre-sale at 20:30 (UTC+8) on Mar 26, 2022. Smart monkey is a community based Token project and will soon become a major player in the crypto world with its NFT's, Play-To-Earn Games, Smart Swap and more. In this presale, we aim to sell only the proportion of tokens necessary to fund continued product development and give CATs the right kickstart in terms of liquidity, exposure. Lock Vesting Chakra Control Rewards Smart Contract (20%): TX. Everything that is provided in this material is purely for guidance, informational and educational purposes. (GSI) is a BEP-20 smart contract distributed on Binance Smart Chain. We develop custom smart contract token nft marketplce and many more. Instead of a blockchain, IOTA uses a “tangle” as its underlying protocol. Thông tin, hình ảnh, bài viết mới và đầy đủ . Announcement of investor(s)/partners. XPG tokens will be automatically sent via our smart contract. This is a piece of code in the blockchain that helps peers (humans and applications such as other smart contracts) to interact on the platform without the need to trust each other. It is intended to create a high-priced coin to attract popularity! 1% of NCS tokens for community airdrop, and distributed to community users for free. Kết quả tìm kiếm từ khóa 'token presale smart contract【qc90. How to write and test a real. Why DeFi? We believe that, Decentralized Financial Systems will change the world. The token will be used for payments, buying and selling in the market place. Miners set the price of gas based on supply and demand for the computational power of the network needed to process smart contracts and other transactions. The Presale la u nch date is set for the 21st August 2021. The fact that the game is based on Shiba may contribute to its popularity. "We are thrilled to open the pre-sale," comments Modex CEO Mihai Ivascu, "and to. please anyone suggest me how to implement airdrop in existing smart contract. All snippets will connect to Ethereum node through a JSON RPC provider that has been configured in populus. What is a Smart Contract? A smart contract is an address that lives on a blockchain where a collection of NFTs exist. If you're a smart contract author, and want to be able to withdraw ERC-20 tokens, you need to do 2 steps. For centuries, cats and dogs have fought for the love of their owners in a winner-takes-it-all battleground. KYC: Our development team has a KYC certificate and has been verified by Interfi. When the presale starts, you will need to send Ether to our Presale Smart Contract from the Ethereum address that you specified in your presale registration. 2021 Token listed on PinkSale for Presale 12. If the developed smart contract has no bugs, the investor will definitely gain his share of the emitted tokens. Development and Testing Environment Setup Requirements :. Its main utility is to use as a payment system for Legal Dispensaries, Smoke Shops, Vape Shops, Cannabis Lounges & Restaurants. Your buyers connect your app by using metamask and buy your tokens automaticely. - Official website launched & smart contract deployed - Social media sites launched - Developing the NFT platform. The main aim of Azar token is for Transactions on Azarworks and as a native token of Azar Ex. Once deployed, we can verify those deployments and add mainnet addresses below. network, an independent third party auditing firm. After Each 100 Million, Phase Will Turned To The Next & Price Will Be Change Accordingly. How do I connect the token ive created with a presale smart contract so it knows, when people send their ether/BNB to the presale contract, . Please let me know the price and the time you need for this task. I have Presale dex with Buy Token, Airdrop Claim and Refferal funcations. json up to date with the merkle roots set in the smart contract. and sent messages to request buyers in fraud presales. It will also be used in the upcoming Play To Earn Game: WEED WARS! For more info on WEED WARS, visit the menu on top and select WEED WARS to see the description of the game!. Strengthen your project and reward your communities using our services. MTEA enable elves to survive for longer and earn income in the process. The Ink Protocol presale is approaching quickly, so we wanted to publish a technical guide about interacting with our Presale Smart Contract. BNB, Ethereum and many other cryptos with this Binance exchange fungible token kine pre-sales pre-sale presale crowdsale presales . MetaTEA is a Play-To-Earn NFT game based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) designed to provide users with a fun experience by collecting sprites and seeds NFT to plant and cultivate on farms to earn valuable BNB rewards. PetWars Trading Card Game - Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Game. A smart contract is a program with an open code which can be checked by any specialist having programming skills. There's a really great Medium post by the team that did the Nuclear Nerds smart contract, which is in itself really impressive, you should check it out! It links to some good resources on Merkle. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Read writing from HyraAlpha on Medium. A smart contract does not have any owner or withdrawal mechanisms unless they have been coded in the contract. Lock Vesting Team Tokens (3%): TX. I can start work from scratch, building smart contracts and the DApps. Our smart contracts are designed for EMBR from the ground up and audited by best-in-class security consultant company, Hacken. No need to rewrite or reconfigure your smart contracts. my budget is around $250 - $750 usd and i need this to be done within 3 days. They have also a smart contract audit. Started in June 2020, Unicrypt provides an ever-growing suite of decentralized services. Learn how to integrate Edain token to Xiden network. Stabledoc Health Data NFT and Smart Contracts. Hope you guys have fun creating this . deploy ("My Contract"); This line calls the constructor of your smart contract. is building a presale platform in order to generate funds for the team's upcoming token. The token sale behaviour is coded into the smart contract itself. The Witnet protocol connects smart contracts to any data source available online. Lecturer Token Crypto Binance Decentralized Smart Chain Projects Token will be a scholarship platform, with the main goal of building its own university. Check out the legality of the project before making any commitments. Pay with Visa, Mastercard, Banktransfer, E-Wallet, and more. Smart Contracts & Solidity Projects for $750 - $1500. LID Protocol solves the issue of Uniswap exit scamming by using standardized non-custodial presale smart contracts that lock liquidity. You can be massively ahead of your competition by minting before the official drop time if you have your hands on the verified contract address of the token before launch. Sponsored AAX - Buy BTC with up to 50% discount!. We will seek to collaborate with various clean energy infrastructures and companies around the world. How to Participate in the Presale Participating in the presale is easy: just send xDAI from your Genesis DAO address to the address of the presale smart contract on the xDAI blockchain. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #7146, with a live market cap of not available. It had no major release in the last 12 months. The Crowdfunding Smart Contract (part 1). We build a suite of tools for the world of decentralized finance. The total capital invested will be released to the startup into stages. Smart contracts are used to conduct almost all ICOs. At SWYFTNFT we are start to finish platform. com】Copy link◇【defi 11 crypto】【qc90. 모바일 찾기 쉬운 생활법령정보에서 token presale smart contract【qc90. constructor internal { } function _msgSender internal view virtual returns (address payable) {return msg. But this is still a guide that can get you started pretty fast. Crypto News: Cardano Sees Jump in Smart Contracts and. Thank you for your support in the phase 1 pre-sale. KLOCK Token Decimal: 18 Total Supply: 1,000,000 KLOCK Total Presale: 500,000 KLOCK Kuswap Listing: 300,000 KLOCK Staking Reward & Yield Farming: 200,000 KLOCK, this percentage of tokens will be available for rewards of our APY during staking,. If you changed the name of your NFT contract, make sure you update the paths in web/pages/utils/_web3. Presale whitelist (with low gas. Formulating a smart contract and minting an NFT. You will be able to withdraw the purchased Seesaw Tokens on a BEP-20 Compatible wallet. BSC runs in parallel with Binance's native Binance Chain (BC), which allows users to get the best of both worlds: the high transaction capacity of BC and the smart contract functionality of BSC. Cairo Finance Providing Users with the Benefits of Auto. customizable token presale contract. WHEN PEOPLE BUY YOUR ICO PRESALE ( THE BNB GOES INTO YOUR. Are you going to make a token presale and looking for an automated sale software by using web3? You can use our app and create your custom token sale on your own domain. 2m signed AI contract with Optoelectronica Certik Smart Contract audit completed. Everdome NFT collection exclusive presale announcement. Pre-Sale Minting is LIVE About Invisible Champions The Invisible Champions Project is a collection of 5,555 NFT’s which have all been created on the Ethereum Blockchain by hand from scratch designed by the Best Digital Artists available to create these one of a kind Animated characters comprised of over 150+ 3D Traits to bring together the. For more information about BSC read their documentation. Smart contracts are free from any critical or high-severity issues. Please note there are always risks associated with smart contracts. Audited: Our contract was audited by eNEBULA, an independent third party smart-contract auditing company before the presale started. In 2016, there was the Pulse Night Club incident in Orlando, Florida that left 50 people dead, and 53 people injured - through crowd sourced funding and social media, over $7 million was raised for the families of the affected. We don’t rely on others to provide a safe, accessible launch platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. When the presale starts, you will need to send Ether to our Presale Smart Contract from the Ethereum address that you specified in your presale . But if you have your own pre-sale smart contract, don't worry, I can work from there. Step 1: Add this interface (subset of ERC-20. Website Social Media's Smart Contract Audit Dapp Begin Marketing Private Sale Presale Launch Nft Launch ⬜ Whitepaper ⬜ Coin Marketcap ⬜ CoinGecko ⬜ Buy xApe and presale to receive BnB rewards after airdrop Enter BNB. Fairlaunch on Pinksale currently live. Create DApps, smart contracts, tokens without coding. Welcome to the "ico presale smart contracts" Service: I will create direct token sales to sell any token directly "How does it works?" 1. Designing an NFT Smart Contract for Flexible Minting and. and also edit my presale Smart Contract which made for 9 Deciamls and my new token is 18 Decimals. and local or statewide elections through smart contract transparency. Create ico presale website and smart contract on binance smart chain by Bscmaster | Fiverr Overview Reviews About the seller Compare packages 4 Basic Standard Premium Front End Design $100 Beautiful front end ico website 2 Days Delivery 1 Revision 2 Pages Design Customization Content Upload Responsive Design Include Source Code Continue ($100). But there can only be one victor…. 20-25% of presale launch proceeds will be allocated to the liquidity pool via a 1-year smart contract lock-up. The smart contract in question is the one we developed for the Humans Of NFT. Please use them at your own risk. This way, the logical separation of state (accounts) and contract logic (programs) happens, which is a significant difference between traditional EVM-enabled and Solana smart. The minimum amount required to enter the pre-sale is 0. Let’s take the Contract Address from The Wicked Craniums as an example. Participation in these pools is determined by the . Bitcoin-like startup Ethereum is on track to have concluded one of the most reputation marketplaces and self-enforcing "smart contracts. Patients are now aware that their data exist but they typically do not have access to it or . Binance - Buy over 350 tokens in seconds with fees as low as 0% 0% FEES Spot, futures, options, NFTs, savings, staking, and Binance Card. IOTA happens to be one of the most exciting projects in the space. Use Ethereum-based tools you love like MetaMask, Remix. Legion Network: Vesting: here. streamcoin(ストリームコイン)の上場先は?binance?bybit?pancake?uniswap?2022年5月6日に129カ所の仮想通貨取引所に同時上場します。. Presale August 31 ⚠️ Audit Smart Contract Locked Funds MAGIC BEASTIES Legit Project. Support for Solidity, Vyper, and anything that compiles to EVM bytecode. We did this project for more DeFi projects. BirdBro is not a registered broker, analyst, or investment advisor.