ev6 high impedance injectors. 8x Fuel Injectors For Siemens Deka 1000cc High Impedance EV1 OE#FI114992 US. GENUINE SIEMENS / MOTOTRON DEKA IV HIGH IMPEDANCE INJECTORS WITH EV1 CONNECTOR - These injectors flow 60 lbs/hr at 43. High Impedance The complexity of modern engines often exceeds the capability of aftermarket ECU’s, necessitating the use of OE based hardware and strategies. 50 lb High Impedance Injectors. 47 lb/hr, 6-hole, high-impedance fuel injector with USCAR electrical connector. Low Impedance Injectors has normally a coil resistance of 4 ohms or less and is typically found in larger sized or high performance injectors. Four channel injector driver with activation input. In addition, these units are high-impedance. 23LB Fuel Injectors, Accel, EV1 Minitimer - HIGH IMPEDANCE. These are dynamically flow matched to 1% and are high impedance to . At 1650cc @ 4bar This Bosch EV14-based injector is the highest flowing high impedance performance. Specifications: Coil Resistance: 12. EV6 injectors can be used in EV1 applications with our Mustang injector harness adapter kit available separately. Bosch 0 280 158 123 injector 628cc High Impedance EV1 Connector | | PERFORMANCE \ FUEL \ Injectors | Profesional parts for rally, racing, …. AmericanMuscle now offers a set of 8, 80 lb EV6 Style High Flow Fuel Injectors from Ford Racing. 95 Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller Buy It …. So, how much power is this injector good for? That depends on the air/fuel ratio that is used, but a good …. Genuine Bosch High Impedance 1000cc Injectors. Injection Type - "TBI", System Type - "Terminator Custom", Injector Type - "High Impedance". Our injector is a Bosch EV14 / EV6 based High Impedance fuel injector, utilizing the latest in fuel injector technology. So a low-impedance 50 lb/hr injector will almost certainly be "snappier" than a high-impedance 50 lb/hr injector. Priced Individually - Bosch 65lb (650cc) High-Z (impedance) Fuel Injector - Commonly used in 2. Set of 8 new genuine Siemens Deka high impedance short style 80lb 840cc injectors with EV6 / EV14 plug , injectors part number FI114800. by SymTech Laboratories » Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:04 pm. China fuel injector auto friend technology Siemens Deka 80 LB High Impedance 8 Fuel Injectors109991 FI114991 EV6 US High Impedance 8 Fuel Injectors109991 FI114991. 80 lb/hr, single-hole, high-impedance fuel injector with USCAR electrical connector. These injectors represent the most current Siemens DEKA engineering and are used on many high power turbo and supercharged oem applications. Features: Genuine, reliable, new Bosch Injectors Excellent response characteristics Robust Design High Impedance. Dynamic Flow Matched within 1%. 12 months warrantly no miles limited; 6. Engineered to yield faster throttle response, reduced clogging and superior fuel atomization, Precision-Flow Fuel Injectors are manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry. Brand: FAST Part Type: Fuel Injector Description: This includes 1 65 Lb/Hr LS3/LS7 Type Fuel Injectors. Typically, performance aftermarket EFI throttle bodies will be rated at 1000, 1200, 1375 and even 2000 cfm. Bosch Part # 0280158843 EV6/EV14 Plug End. Brand new and never used in the individual sealed packages. With an OEM ECU, you are likely limited to high impedance injectors. Siemens DEKA IV Mototron 60lb/hour High Impedance Injectors w/ EV6 Connector. 650cc High Impedance 11mm EV6 Fuel Injector $ 79. Guaranteed Exact Compatible with PLUG PLAY. Now, Holley EFI products power these cars and are dominating the performance world. 63 lb/hr Siemens High Impedance Fuel Injector US Car/EV6 $ 325. Injector Plug Style USCAR Injector Body Style EV6/Pico Driver Type N/A Wiring Harness Included No O-Rings Included Yes Injector Impedance High Universal Yes Seat to Seat Height 1. This is going on a modified promax, so worst case scenario I'll get some orings and use the stock laser injectors since this is a "budget" build. High Performance & OEM Fuel Injectors, ECUs. These sets of ford motorsports high-flow rate fuel injectors are specifically designed for performance applications. 5PSI (630cc) High Impedance (Saturated) injector. THESE INJECTORS ARE VERY WELL SUITED TO TURBOCHARGED AND SUPERCHARGED APPLICATIONS THAT SEE HIGH …. Shipping: FID injectors drop ship directly from FID via Fedex ground regardless of shipping option selected during checkout. Volvo FWD turbo uses high impedance injectors, get a set from a Turbo 850 and they should be plenty for your 200bhp car. (47) Get Results Brand OEM Replacement Universal Make/Model Engine Type Make/Engine Injector Advertised Flow Rate (lbs. ) High Impedance Injector Drivers will safely power most stock injectors, and Holley EFI Injectors. 5 PSI (3 BAR) and up to 85 lbs/hr at 87 PSI! In addition, these units are high-impedance. I can't seem to find out if my Ranger (94 2. , High Impedance, 12 V, Saturated Circuit, Universal, Set of 8. This item: Siemens Deka 60lb EV6 High Impedance for GM (Single Fuel Injector) $59. Available in 48mm and 60mm lengths. Precision-Flow 242 lb/hr High-Impedance Fuel Injector, 242 lb/hr High-Impedance Injector -Single. Before I start, I would like to give some data about our 1UZFE injector specifications: The Lexus-Toyota V8 engine has Top Feed, 251 cc (max out 50 bhp per injector) with 13. And remember, the injectors are shooting fuel in at high pressure,EFI even the …. Fuel Injector Connection 60LB Siemens Deka EV6 High Impedance Injectors All tests run with n-Heptane (0. Estimated to ship direct from manufacturer Monday. (EV6 to EV1 1 piece adapters included, no wire/harness cutting required) 12 hole injectors …. Fuel Injectors High Impedance, for factory ECU compatible. THESE INJECTORS ARE AVAILABLE FROM 37LB THROUGH 116LB PER THESE INJECTORS …. EV6 Injectors fit 2003-04 Cobra and 2005-10 GT Mustangs. FiveO-Racing / Bosch EV6 Series Fuel Injectors Configuration: Top-Feed, US / Euro Fit, Low-Impedance, Long Length Application: Chevy LS1, LT1, LS6, Dodge, . Brand new USCar / EV6 Fuel Injector Plug. You can use Peak and hold injectors on OBD1&2 systems if you use a resistor box. 5 Dimension UOM: IN Weight: […]. 0 LS Truck Engines and LS2/LS3 with 58x Crank, 4x Cam and 4L60/4L80E transmissions, and EV6 Injectors …. Siemens Deka - Fuel Injector Connection. tuning and high performance store has All Kinds of High quality 52mm motorcycle fuel pump 16121461576 0580 463 999 …. These injectors can be used with normal pump fuel or E85. This Plug and Play Adapter allows you to use Denso Fuel Injectors on a vehicle equipped with EV6 style injector connectors. They feature an Ev6 body and USCAR connection for a direct "plug and play" installation. Bosch 95lb/hour 1000cc with EV6 / USCAR Connector  NOTE: Adapters are required for use in Audi/VW applications. Excellent fuel atomization for modern multi-valve engines. Buick Grand National / Regal, Fuel System Components. K-Series, B Series, D Series, H Series, and Some F-Series …. High Impedance Injector Set of 8. Siemens Deka 60 LB High Impedance Fuel Injectors EV1 Set (6) 107961 FI114961 in Fuel Injectors. 1200cc (130 lbs/hr at OE 58 PSI fuel pressure) FIC Fuel Injector Clinic Injector Set for LS1 engines (High-Z) 1200cc LS1 FIC's Data Matched high performance fuel injectors featuring high impedance …. Engine performance and running quality are enhanced through the optimized spray pattern. These injectors provide excellent linearity with no discernible “bounce” at low pulse widths as commonly found in other injectors. I just bought a 1984 maxima wagon. Bosch fuel injectors have broad market coverage for both OE and after market applications. Bosch 0 280 158 117 (0280158117). Now, because I am using a small engine with injectors . Genuine Bosch High Impedance InjectorsThese injectors flow 34 lbs/hr at 43. Introducing the new 80 lb/hr (835cc) high impedance fuel injector from Siemen Deka! These injectors …. 0L Mustang? Then these Siemens Deka 75 lb/hr injectors are just what you need. He was trying to get it running and the injectors …. These injectors provide excellent linearity with no discernible "bounce" at low pulse widths as commonly found in other injectors. A High Impedance Fuel Injectors flow tested to 1600cc methanol compatible - …. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. A set of Uscar to Jetronic fuel injector adapters are included for a plug and play installation. Features: Genuine, reliable Siemens Injectors Excellent response characteristics. The FID 1000's are EV14 based High Impedance fuel injectors utilizing the latest in fuel injector technology. The accuracy of the driver peak current level (Ip) and the hold current level (Ih) is held to ±0. Be aware that a 255LPH single intank fuel pump can only supply enough fuel for 60lb/hr injectors. 82 lb/hr Siemens Deka High Impedance Fuel Injector IX EV6 48mm. CC / MIN COLOR OHMS lbs / HR kPa APPLICATION 430 black 2. 5 cc/min) and are specifically engineered for high performance. BOSCH 210LB EV6/14 INJECTOR SET FOR 8-CYL APPLICATION - HIGH IMPEDANCE. Siemens Deka 60 lb EV6 High Impedance Injector. Failure to use high-impedance injectors with a factory EFI computer will cause severe damage to it. That or cut the ev1 plugs off and solder ev6's on. 80# EV6 USCAR HIGH IMPEDENCE FUEL INJECTORS (8) GENUINE OUT OF STOCK $379. IMPORTANT NOTE: These injectors have NO SCREEN and MUST have a fine . Excellent response characteristics. 60lb/h Siemens Deka 4 Mototron High Impedance (Long Style) EV1 Connector FREE SHIPPING ON 60lb/630cc injectors! **Drop in for most VW/AUDI application, may require spacers for some engines – contact us if you have a question. Fuel Injector Specifications OEM Replacement No Injector Advertised Flow Rate (lbs. Genuine Bosch EV6 High Impedance Fuel Injectors. 6-hole, high-impedance Ford Performance fuel injector with the latest technology injector design for optimum performance. The third style is the EV14 fuel injector. In a Peak – Hold system, the driver circuit allows a high …. The maximum out put of these injectors …. FAST 30507-8 Precision-Flow Fuel Injectors, High Impedance, 50 lb/hr, EV6/Pico, Universal, Set of 8. Anytime you look at high Z versus low Z injectors, just be sure you have a resistor setup for the low Z, or remove it for the high Z. If there is sufficient demand, we can easily create a Part II and add that material along with descriptions of the differences between high and low impedance injectors and why that's important and how to calculate flow rate with different fuel pressures. These injectors are a must for high …. Holley Terminator X 120 lb/hr EV6 Fuel Injectors 522-128X. 우리는 또한 아주 경쟁가격을 가진 이 유사한 연결관의 제비를 제조해서 좋습니다. This “Peak and Hold” pattern uses a high …. Shop for FAST Ls3 Fuel Injector - 525Cc 50 Lb/Hr, High Impedance, Ev6, free shipping Australia-wide for orders $88+ & fitment guarantee. 735g/mL) ratings converted at a 1. They come in sets that are matched within …. They feature an Ev6 body and Uscar connection for a direct "plug and play" installation. High Impedance or Low Impedance injectors. 4L V8 Bosch 280cc EV6 Fuel Injector. Everything You Need to Know About Injectors. Siemens Deka EV6 High Impedance Fuel Injectors; 80 lb. FAST Fuel Injector 30332-8; Precision Flow 33 lbs/hr USCAR High-Impedance Saturated Circuit for Chevy LS2 View the full image Price: $350. 6 Fuel Injectors & Accessories for 2007. 5 PSI ( 3 BAR )! In addition, these units are high-impedance. The less resistance there is, the more current flows through the injector. Genuine Bosch 2200 cc/min ( 210 lb/hr ) High Impedance Injectors ( Alcohol Compatible ) IMPORTANT NOTE: These injectors have NO SCREEN and MUST have a fine, 40 micron or finer pre-filter near the fuel rail! These Bosch injectors are NOT compatible with gas/petrol with MTBE content, such as VP Q16 and VP Import fuels or other MTBE oxygenated fuels. I had to re-wire the injectors as per the link above, I went from the F10x using 4 wires to control the 6 injectors to 2 wires controlling all 6 injectors. , High Impedance, EV6/USCAR Style, Universal, Set of 6 Part Number: FST-30857-6 Not Yet Reviewed Estimated Ship Date: …. Siemens Deka 60 lb EV6 High Impedance Injector quantity Add to cart Add to wishlist SKU: FIC60DEKAEV6GM Category: Fuel Injector Connection …. 1985 Replacement Cush Drive Rubbers 85cc Honda C 90 E, 440cc fuel injectors 42lb EV6 …. Bosch GT500 52lb/hour with EV6 / USCAR Connector – Drop-in fit for MK4/MK5 R32 (adapter harness required) NOTE: Adapters are required for use in Audi/VW applications. *** It is IMPERATIVE when running high flow fuel injectors you run a 10 Micron inline aftermarket fuel filter system!!!. Carbole 6Pcs 4 Hole Fuel Injector - Upgrade Bosch for 1999-2004 Jeep Cherokee Wrangler 4. Electrical Connector: USCAR (New-style V=EV6 / Oval / LS2) . They feature a low-mass disc design that ensures accurate metering control even. They are the ev1's which means you need to buy the little harness adaptors that plug onto your stock wiring harness then hooks onto these injectors…. These are the same fuel injectors that we offer in our Fuel Rail. Injector Dynamics High Impedance ID 1050x Injectors are accompanied by a 1-year limited warranty which covers all 8 injectors for workmanship defects. 2011-20 GT Injector Dynamics High Impedance ID 1050x Injectors. Flow matched dynamically to ±1% All injectors …. These injectors are top of the line, at a special sale price! We offer them in 14mm or 11mm (7M) size. 5 PSI ( 3 BAR ) and much more at higher PSI!. Genuine, reliable, new Bosch Injectors. Dynamic Cleaning and injector . Entdecken Sie Brand New FIC /Ford Motorsports 30lb EV6 High Impedance Fuel Injector for Ford in der großen Auswahl bei eBay. We are a big fan of the High Impedance Siemens units with our ECU's. 6-Denso High Impedance Female Fuel Injector Connector Electrical Plug Pigtail Standard Motor Products S2328 Fuel Injector Cn CENTAURUS 8pcs Fuel Injector Adapter Connector Kit Replacement for EV1 to USCAR EV6 & EV14 LS1 LS2 LS3. Fast 30397-8 - Fuel Injector, Precision Flow, 39 lb/hr, High Impedance, EV6 / USCAR Connector, LS3 / LS7 Length, GM LS-Series, Set of 8. 4] - Bosch's newest generation injectors are now available in a 2200cc high impedance …. EFI Connection 24x Throttle Body Assemblies. This listing is for ONE INJECTOR only. Browse our selection of Toyota Prius C Fuel Injectors from BuyAutoTruckAccessories. A fuel injector is nothing more than a high-speed valve for gasoline. Related products Fuel Injector Connection Siemens Deka 220 LB Low Impedance Injectors. Siemens Deka EV6 High Impedance Fuel Injectors; 80 lb. 37 in stock Add to cart ID: 1493 Injector filter $3. The SARD High Capacity Injectors are specifically for tuned engines. The EV6 fuel injectors replaced them in the next line of fuel injector evolution. 80 LB/HR Siemens High Impedance Fuel Injector USCAR/EV6 $ 336. I understand that the low impedance …. Edelbrock 3574 - Fuel Injector, 19 …. These injectors provide excellent linearity with no discernible “bounce” at low pulse widths as commonly found in other injectors…. 5 PSI -- EV6 SHORT Part Brand: BOSCHBOSCH Number: 0280158843EAN Number: 4047024439795Remark: These injectors …. We only sell Genuine OEM fuel injectors …. Associated Comments: Flow rated at 58 PSI. ALL ACCESSORIES ARE INCLUDED WITH EACH SET OF INJECTORS…. Be the first to leave a review. 32lb FIC / Ford Motorsports EV6 High Impedance Flow Matched Fuel Injector for Ford Manifolds. Extreme PSI Plug and Play PNP Injector Harness, to EV1 to USCAR/EV6 …. All of our injectors are designed from Bosch Gen 3 Core . Siemens Deka 220 lb/hr Fuel Injectors Part # 110333 or FI114212 Low Impedance with EV1 Plug. ICT Billet Wire Harness Adapter for Jetronic EV1 to USCAR EV6 Fuel Injector WAINJ31 Fuel Injectors Assembled with OEM tooling, OEM (connector, lock, …. They come in sets that are matched within 1% static (I. With older generation injectors the low impedance design was implemented to help improve response or latency. Fuel Injector Clinic offers high performance fuel injector Data Matching for both High impedance and Low impedance injectors. I would contact AEM and see if they offer a low imp inj driver to add to you AEM controller or if that model is capable of driving the low imp injs. The injector is a 6-hole, high-impedance Ford Performance fuel. In order to make your MegaSquirt ® work on a vehicle, you will need the following additional fuel system items to suit your installation: injectors and bungs/manifold, throttle body, high …. Specifications: Coil Resistance: 12 Ohms (This high-impedance injector will work with all factory ECM/PCM injector drivers) Spray Pattern: Spray Cone, (6 hole …. Using Injectors with Low impedance with ECU use High impedance. Aeromotive 11106 A750 fuel pump. 0 ABA and Mk2 / Mk3 VR6 12v engines. Featuring a EV6 style body with a USCAR electrical connector these high-impedance Siemens Deka fuel injectors flows at a rate of 60 lb/hr (630 cc/min) and are specifically engineered for high performance applications, custom tuning is required for operation. Thought I would put these on special. China fuel injector auto friend technology Siemens Deka 80 LB High Impedance 8 Fuel Injectors109991 FI114991 EV6 US. Designed to MEET or EXCEED standards of original factory Fuel Injector Connector Pigtail Wire. Above that, the low Impedence type (Peak and hold) were easier to control, (especially at idle pulse width ie. 6-Denso High Impedance Female Fuel Injector Connector Electrical Plug Pigtail. FI114357 (60mm) Genuine Siemens DEKA High Impedance Injectors SET OF 8. Accel 151153 Ev6 High Impedance Fuel Injector View $67. Team JDM is proud to carry Ford Racing's full line of injectors including the 47lb injector set designed for the 2011+ Mustang application. 4x 1000cc 95LB high Impedance fuel injectors, fit Siemens Deka Use for super street or racing applications: Domestic and Import Ford, Chrysler, GM, BMW, …. 3L K23A1 turbo motor DENSO 079800-9031 Honda 37830-RWC-A01 other part numbers …. Despite the high flow rate, they are linear and controllable at low pulse widths and have been used in ULEV applications!. Will fit either E30 or E36 models. Gen III DBW (24x) EV6 Injectors (Flex Fuel/Gen 4) Drive by Wire Vortec 4. Current Stock: 0; SKU: FIC60DEKAEV6GM . High quality 42 pound per hour High Impedance EV1 style fuel injector. 0L LQ4 Vortec 6000ACDelco 17113698Delphi FJ10062…. The injectors are batch fired three times per cam revolution. 602-776-6885 or 855-776-6885 602-776 …. Stock injectors are high impedance. I have confirmed with Brucato that the ECU will run either style injector. These injectors flow 52 lbs/hr at 43. Holley EFI Fuel Injectors feature a precision lapped disc valve, high-quality brass windings, and high-temp O-rings. Re: High and Low Impedance Injectors. 120 PPH Fuel Injectors 8pk High Impedance. These are Bosch High Impedance Injectors found commonly on many LSx and Ford platforms, as well as many other manufacturers. Output: 650cc - Color: Yellow - Type: Top Feed - Impedance: High …. IN STOCK Ford Performance EV6 47lb High Impedance Fuel Injector Set DM your DNA rep to order! #teamDNA ————————————————— #. Ev1 Vs Bosch Injectors Ev6. Low Impedance performance characteristics with High Impedance Compatibility. Matched within +/- 1% static flow and +/-1. Designed to provide enhanced fuel flow and maximum power and performance, Grams Performance $725. No harm comes from by passing the resistor pack for swapping your CA to high Z injectors. Pay in 4 interest-free installments of $62. The photo is an example of a similar set. Low pricing and fast free shipping on orders over $100. Low Impedance performance characteristics with High Impedance …. TFX fuel injectors are 100% duty cycle tested to ensure reliability and performance. Sir yes Sir I want to Fly like an Eagle No joke FAST has a Great system My 68 Charger luv's it. Check out more ev6 injectors items in ! And don't miss out on limited deals on ev6 injectors!. Hi All, I've got a VP 304 Calais running a 1227165 ECM with OSE$12P code, CAI, headers, twin cats, full twin 2. This type of driver is normally used with injectors having low resistance coils (typically around 2 ohm). Modified Bosch/Ford 72 lb/hr injectors. Fuel Injectors - 62 lb/hr - EV1 Minitimer - High Impedance - 74620L. For this injector to work on 1986-95 5. Smart Fire Injectors specializes only in high performance fuel injectors …. The injectors are fired by the ecu grounding each injector. 95 Qty: Add to Cart See Details 534-112 Holley EFI DELPHI INJ …. Terminator X High Impedance Fuel Injectors feature a precision lapped disc valve, high-quality brass windings, and high-temp o-rings. Siemens Deka 75lb EV6 High Impedance Fuel Injectors (Set of 8) Need more fuel than what the upgraded 47lb injectors can flow for your high powered Coyote 5. Early Hondas used low impedance injectors …. 9 wideband O2 sensors for accurate readings and precise tuning control. Siemens DEKA 46lb/hr High Impedance EV6 Injectors. 6] The ID1700 was designed to be an all fuel compatible injector, capable of very high …. Jay Racing Injector Dynamics ID2000 Suzuki Hayabusa 2200cc High Impedance [2000. Siemens Deka Mustang EV6 High Impedance Injectors Americanmuscle. 5 psi of fuel pressure based upon a BSFC of. 25 with Learn more Size Add to Cart E85 COMPATABLE At HPI We carry various top shelf High Impedance injectors made in Germany. Availability Date: FIC 1650 CC ALL FUEL PERFORMANCE INJECTOR EV6 PLUG $189. 1000cc Bosch 95lb Injectors LS2/L92/LQ4. 6-Denso High Impedance Female Fuel Injector Connector Electrical Plug Pigtail 4. Are the High Impedance injectors …. 80 LB/HR Siemens High Impedance Fuel Injector Minitimer. The FAST Precision-Flow Fuel Injectors are the highest flowing injectors available for GM Gen IV engines and are uniquely designed for direct installation into LS3, L99, L76, and LS7-style engines. It is compatible with pump gasoline, E85, …. The most common injector plug is the EV1 / Bosch style plug which is found on most Bosch, Siemens, Denso, Delphi, Lucas injectors from 1985 through 2005. Dual cone spray pattern will work with all gas engines. There are many videos on youtube of diy decapped …. They are high impediance, but they also have low impedance injectors that are …. Welcome to the Injector Home Page. Cheap Fuel Injector, Buy Quality Automobiles & Motorcycles Directly from China Suppliers:MOSTPLUS New performanc high impedance 60lb 60# 650cc EV1 Style Fuel Injectors …. Specifications: Coil Resistance: 12 Ohms (This high-impedance injector will work with all factory ECM/PCM injector drivers) Spray Pattern: Wide Split Cone, (6 orifice) OR SINGLE TIP. Nov 09, 2021 · Throttle Body; Fuel Injectors If you are unsure the overall size of your wheels, there are a few things to consider when attempting to measure the dimensions Jun 24, 2021 · A new high …. BOSCH 210LB EV1 HIGH IMPEDANCE FUEL INJECTOR SET FOR 6 CYLINDER APPLICATION. 95 Flow Matched! Siemens 80lb High Impedence Injectors, Full Length with USCAR (EV6) plug Part Number: View full product details. Out of stock SKU: FIC-603BLS3 Categories: Fuel Injectors , Fuel Injectors , Fuel Injectors , Fuel Injectors , Fuel Injectors …. Bosch EV14 Universal 48mm standard matched set of 4 injectors 95lb/hr. 0l 0280158117 For Ford Mustang Ready to Ship $22. Please click the red injectors link above to see what injector you will need to fit your vehicle or CLICK HERE 440CC/42LB through 850CC/80LB are all high impedance. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. and accessories for all types of cars, trucks, ATV, UTV and motorcycles. I wanted to make sure that they performed exactly as expected for both high and low impedance injectors…. An injector operating on a saturated circuit driver (High …. Mitsubishi DSM Injector Set: 4 x 1150cc Custom Peak & Hold / Low Impedance Ball & Seat Injectors. They will allow you to connect newer USCAR/EV6/EV14 injectors …. This matching process provides great cylinder to cylinder consistency. Flow rate: 450ccm at 3 bar Type: EV6 / thin Ohm value: not specified (high-impedance) Manufacturer: BOSCH. Quick Shop 80 LB Siemens Deka EV6 Tall High Impedance Injector. Denso 2000cc Injector - High Impedance. Included: 1 Genuine Siemens EV6 injectors part number 108191 or FI114191. Static Flow Rate @ 58 PSI ( 400kPa ) w/Gas: 2550 cc/min. Set of 8 high impedance injectors. Pay in 4 interest-free installments of $22. For all injector purchases - After you click "Add To Cart", add the quantity and the pounds you need from the drop down menus. Set of 6 high impedance 1000cc injectors for Toyota Supra TT 93-98. Genuine Siemens Deka 80 LB High Impedance Fuel Injectors EV6 USCAR Set (4) FI114991. Holley Terminator X 42 lb/hr EV6 Fuel Injector Single 522-421X Terminator X High Impedance Fuel Injectors feature a precision lapped disc valve, high-quality brass windings, and high-temp o-rings. Fuel Injector Connection 60LB Siemens Deka EV6 High. High Impedance Low Impedance performance characteristics with High Impedance Compatibility. LS3/7 FIC Bosch 60lb EV6 Short High Impedance Injector Set of 8 quantity. The resistance of high impedance, or saturated, injectors is 12-16 ohms, while low impedance, or peak & hold, injectors …. 00 Holley Fuel Injectors 24# EV1 Bosch/EV1 Style, High Impedance Our Price: $387. So, I basically google it then I found, my fuel injector is low impedance fuel injector. EV14 injectors are for Whipple supercharged 2005-2010 Mustang GT, GT Supercar, and other applications that require a high impedance 48mm body injector. Ford Performance- 47lb EV6 Injector Set of 8 $307. SEP - "Long/Deka" LS1/LS6 Style - EV1 (Jetronic) plug -1500cc/min, 142lb/[email protected] Injectors. Why buy reconditioned fuel injectors …. Our default injector length is 48mm for use with our Pallnet fuel rails. Are EV14 injectors high impedance? Our injector is a Bosch EV14 / EV6 based High Impedance fuel injector, utilizing the . 60lb/h Siemens Deka High Impedance (Long Style) with EV6. Description 46lb/h Siemens Deka High Impedance (Mid Length) with EV6 / USCAR Connector – FI11354 (48mm) Genuine Siemens DEKA High Impedance Injectors These injectors …. Impedance: High Rated To: 575 hp Part Number: 522368 Price: $343. Typically 72# injectors are low impedance injectors. The impedance effect will increase the effective resistance across the coil for a very short time when it is opening but the effect is to increase …. 5 PSI ( 3 BAR ) and are fully compatible with alternate fuels and alcohol! These new injectors from Bosch represent the next generation of high …. GENUINE 108191 Siemens Deka 60lb High Impedance Fuel Injectors Set (8) EV6 USCAR Brand New C $433. High impedence injectors are also called "saturation" injectors. These injectors fit in AEB engine code factory intake manifolds and will only fit in late audi or vw 20v manifolds if you shave down the injector cup top. Set of 8 FST-30857-8 Rating: Not Rated Yet Price: Sales price: $433. Precision Turbo and Engine has announced the addition of new 160 lb/hr high-impedance fuel injectors to its line of fuel system components. Our line of Signal Injectors …. Bosch EV14 ZR1 52lb/hour with EV6 / USCAR Connector - Direct fit for LS9 Genuine Bosch High Impedance EV14 Injectors These injectors flow 52 lbs/hr at 58 PSI ( 4 BAR ) and more at higher PSI. SD part number , SD serial numbers and SD logo stamped on the injectors. Injector specs: Hi-Resistance: 9. 5500 Free Shipping on all orders over $200 to lower 48 states Account My Account Login View Cart ….