edcor single ended output transformers. It really shows off the big, thick sound of the 6SL7GT. 5K Ohms push-pull tube output transformer. Description: Impedance Matching Transformer • Frequency Range: 30Hz to 500kHz • Output Power: 75 Watts • Maximum Current: 6. Universal Single Ended Tube Output. If you have a pentium tube, you can create an ultra linear (lower distortion) circuit by connecting the screen grid to the UL tab of an out put transformer. I spent a good bit of time experimenting with the SE84UFO2 amp driving my Living Voice IBX-R3 speakers; here, the digital source was a Crane Song Solaris DAC driving the amp directly. Mathematically designed to produce exact plate and screen voltages. 2021 Debut / 6BM8 Single Ended Tube Integrated Amplifier. 6 Push-Pull loadline in class AB; 4. CXSE5-7K - 5W, 7K Ohms single ended tube output transformer. Browse all Hardware Ads; Browse categories; Software. (This updated edition uses USA-made EdCor output transformers, not Transcendar as used in previous models. XPWR004 - [email protected] CT w/55V bias, 6. Payment method: Cash, Interac/EMT. Hammond makes two different series of single ended output transformers to fit most budgets. And I will need the special transformer, which I think Edcor will wind. PAIR of AUDIO NOTE Single 300B Output Transformers TRANS-300/03-D SILVER Top Of The Line in AN Single 300B Output. Primary (Input) The input is designed for a 3. Wide bandwidth output transformers for Single Ended and Push-Pull vacuum tube applications. This was a 5687 triode input stage with 6SN7 SRPP-style driver for 300B Single Ended output of 7-8 Watts. The on-chip reference and control amplifier are configured for IC Package Type: SOIC, TSSOP; Interface Type: Parallel. I wanted to try a single ended 6L6 amplifier design using shunt (otherwise known as Schade) feedback. All the circuits are Class A, Common Drain, and without feedback loops. I definitely wasn't advocating a $20 OPT over the James stuff, but I do find a 120ma gap rating on a single ended 300B transformer peculiar. ) This DIY kit includes all components (resistors, capacitors, transformers, tubes, etc. Hãy là người đầu tiên nhận xét "EDCOR CXSE25-8-3K. Here is the Edcor 25W single ended tube audio output transformer. 0: GXSE10-16-5K 10W, single ended tube output transformer for 5K Ohms to 16 Ohms. I've used two of their single-ended output transformers (CXSE and XSE series). How do you choose? First let me state the requirements: The Tubelab SSE is a single ended amplifier. that is a stacked pair of tube similar to transistor topology. That would give me about 350*1. They are wound on 1" laminations with a 1-1/4" stack and are designed with "old school" open or channel mounting. Supplier: EDCOR Electronics Corporation Description: "Jonokuchi". Changed the circuit to use a 12SN7 as input instead of the 12sl7 and it sounds amazing (much better in my opinion). The output transformers had too high a turn ratio rendering the output level too low so I ordered some Edcor 15K / 600 line transformers. Only a few amplifier brands were well made to achieve the highest technical performance. CXSE25-150 - 25W, 150 Ohms single ended tube output transformer. The circuit is very simple: RCA jacks on the back feed a 100K dual-pot, then on to a 6SL7 (one half per channel) and then to a single 6L6 per channel. All I had were either suitable for a pair of. It features a CineMag input transformer, an Edcor output transformer, a Hi-Z input, phantom power, pad, and phase. All units are wound with the finest virgin copper magnet wire. Hammond power transformer and choke. Edcor seems to have a good line of single ended output transformers. 2 Watts per channel and the frequency response is consistent with the advertised performance of the Edcor audio output transformer (40Hz to 18kHz). Any SE amps I build in the future will use Edcor. 1 pair of Edcor Single Ended Output Transformer GXSE15-8-3. Found 200 records in Search of Tube DIY Asylum. OPT Single End; Trở kháng vào 2. CXSE5-5K - 5W, 5K Ohms single ended tube output transformer. A simple single-ended directly-heated triode power amplifier. MS-30W50 30W Single Ended Output Transformer. 8 This baby is LOUD! I have a Jensen C12N 50W 98. To get more single-ended power you have a few options: 1) More powerful tube. Tamura Single Ended output transformers. I went to the Edcor website tonight. 6K output transformer single ended output transformer. Biasing a single ended output stage I recently found some edcor transformer locally, the power transformer is a 275-0-275v (200ma) with a 5v and a 6. Reality has it fluctuate a bit, but even then, with good design, it can get pretty close. Low frequency response is spec'd to 70Hz, but this is also at full power. These are expensive and because of changing prices we can only give prices by quotes. These transformers are precision gapped to adjust for unbalanced DC current. This provides for higher inductance with fewer windings than more conventional designs and achieves an extremely wide range of output frequencies. 1 Single Ended vacuum tube amplifier; 4. This one got started with the goal of making a design that was. Most linestages have way too much gain nowadays. 5dB ! A1 for Hifi! Upgrade for Tweed Champ, Blackface Champ and Tweed €69. With the help of a couple members, I have my Parallel Single Ended 6V6 amp sounding pretty good. If I use 4 ohm speakers, then the ratio is closer to the one. It's actually a single ended class A amp. My question is, rather than two 6V6's in parallel, can I use one 6L6 (or EL34 for that matter) in one socket and leave the other socket emply? The output transformer is an. What marketing strategies does Edcor use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Edcor. None of the current mic pre chips can approach those specs. a 330-0-330 would be 330) times either 1. Inside the cabinet are a very large EDCOR power transformer, two paper-wrapped output transformers, a choke, and a whole bunch of filter caps. The Hallicrafters SX-100 is a 14 tube Double Conversion receiver that was made from 1955-1962. I did not want the cap in the 189: What about a transformer? (4. It seems pretty straight forward. (this is valid for both single ended and push pull) The % value is the % of the total. A fun rainy weekend project that proved these old TV tubes do audio really well. The B12A Quad is a 4-channel version of the legendary single-channel B12A Mk2. I just took delivery of a Modulation Transformer still being made. The EAR 868 is a fully balanced, transformer-coupled design, offering balanced and single-ended. Edcor is one of the best bang for the buck transformers. The 6T9 is part of the GE compactron vacuum tube family and is a high-Mu triode and power pentode in one bottle. 4 dB and it has a huge bottom end and overall fullness to the output. The clean tone with the reverb is a great combination. 10 watts of power and 2 inputs for mic or line. I do have a question about the output transformers. 00: ON Dec 30, 2020: Canuck Audio Mart is FREE! Forum. Its brushed-metal front panel is finished in a fetching shade of blue and carries the control complement common to many modern mic preamps: power, gain, phantom power and polarity-invert buttons, an output-level. Meet the Black Lion Audio B12A mkIII — the most portable 312A American-sound around! The B12A mkIII uses the same Cinemag input and output transformers as our B12A Quad for a whopping 70dB of gain. In the case of photocells, light on / dark on is used. transformer output voltage is 240/31. used 100 watt 5000 ohm Edcor hifi tube amplifier output transformers Output Transformer H-40-10S 40W Single 10K/16,8,4 for 845. Make sure you get a single-ended transformer rated at least 8 watts. Deluxe Output Transformer TF110-48/UL 6600CT 4/8 ohm They also make one that mounts in the same holes but uses a size or two larger EI lams, paper bobbin and an additional 16 ohm tap. Edcor GXSE10-16-5K SE Output Transformer: Price: $20. There are not a lot of choices in inexpensive SE output transformers. I'm using an Edcor XPWR005 for the power transformer and a Hot Rod Deluxe replacement output transformer. A transformer built with sufficient insulation to handle voltages in the kilovolt range may do a good job passing over 100 watts at 1 KHz, but may only pass 15 watts or so at 20Hz. L オネ) オネ ユニセックス BONDI 1122572 HOKA SUEDE L ONE. Trout wrote: Just got around to finishing up a BF Champ with the edcor XSE15-8-5k OT. Hawk has better inventory, generally great prices, and once they ship, it is fast. Post by: W2WDX on March 06, 2012, 07:41:53 PM. 5K 15 watt open framed single-ended output transformer, 3,500 Ohms to 8 Ohms. The power transformer is another Edcor product, the XPWR-007. Vintage Output Transformer for sale. • Edcor Output Transformer • 80dB Gain • D. wall mounted with size of 12 CB ELCB/3 phase 3phase/30mA/400V/40A wires 100 meter from each main color phase/ nutrel /earth and direct(the dircet only 1. 30W SE Output Transformer USA HiFi MonoBlocks 300B 2A3 6B4G Universal Single Ended Ultralinear MADE IN USA. You can use a PP transformer for a single ended output stage; just leave the lead for one plate disconnected and well insulated from everything else. The nice thing about Edcor power supply transformers - in addition to their very reasonable prices - is that once they design a power transformer it becomes a standard product, so other people (like you!) can go buy one - just order an XPWR139. With these 6F4P amps I'm always trying to get big amp, pentode power tube overdrive sound at volume levels that are more like triode (12AU7, ECC99) output levels. This is another low watt amp, probably about 4 watts, using 6F4P (Russian ECL84, 6DX8 equivalent) power tubes. Mainly because it can directly coupled in . MY NEW SINGLE END STEREO AMPLIFIER WITH 1625. These all have slightly different levels of bias requiring different level of drive to reach full power. 5K Plate voltage = ~425V) At 450V a KT120 SE UL amp is supposed to do no more than 15W. After running my 864 clone for a couple of hours in a mix session today, I did not notice any issues. -- 70098584 [23-23-230-8 from Emerson SolaHD] from Allied Electronics, Inc. Aiming for 30hz-15khz as he believed the larger OPTs lose something tangible that the smaller ones have. At zero input voltage, the output tube will be operating at the DC bias point determined by the B+ voltage, the bias resistor, the transformer dc primary resistance, and the plate characteristics of the output tube. OT8SE STD Single Ended Tube Output Transformer 5K/7K: 4/8/16 Ohm 8VA 45mADC. It also features an output transformer, a Hi-Z input, phantom power, pad, phase, and is housed in a 1U, 1/2 rack chassis. THAT PRICE MAKES THE OFF THE SHELF OPTION VERY ATTRACTIVE! Now this transformer does differ from the original. It looks like what makes this set draw more B+ current compared to six-tube Philco domestic sets are the two 7B5 tubes connected in push-pull. Primary (Input) The input is designed for a 5K Ohms impedance source. Meet the Black Lion Audio B173 mkII — the most portable 1073 British-sound around! The B173 mkII uses the same Cinemag input and output transformers as our B173 Quad for a whopping 70dB of gain, a revamped gain stage, and a lower noise floor for cleaner, lower distortion sound. However, for the power transformer, I went with Edcor, but bought plain steel bell covers to match the rest of the metallic look I was going for. 300B SE Stereo Tube Singled Ended Amplifier Edcor Trans. ISO Output Transformers SE; ISO Output Transformers PP; ISO Power and Choke Transformer; ISO Interstage/ Line Transformers; Biến Áp Amgis , Talema. Regular tape can come off - the adhesive oozes. "Harmless" project progress: - Breadboard, monaural "test bed" version was in use for months using various output transformers and tone. The last one I had to run 520V on the plates to get my 50Watts out of a pair of EL34 tubes. This listing is for a single ended 6CB5A amplifier. Articles — Component Testing — Output Transformers. A Hammond power transformer was used along with Edcor audio output transformers. As well as a white/blue for the screen and a white/brown for the screen. at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products!. It's rated for 120 or 240 vac on the primary while delivering 200 milliamps (mA) of B+ current at 550 vac. 10W, single ended tube output transformer for 5K Ohms to 6 Ohms. Parafeed: Use it for an output transformer in. 300B Stereo Tube SE Amplifier Edcor Trans, Jensen Coupling. 00: Days/Views: 266 / 199 (Posted 2021-03-20) Condition: transformers Made using as many first world components as possible Mills/Dale resistors Canadian Made Hammond power transformer, chokes, and chassis US made Edcor output transformers Unit is cathode resistor bias (no adjustments needed. Due to the thick 1/4" plate I used for construction, the power tube sockets couldn't be undermounted, and KT88 tubes looked silly sitting up on top of the sockets. Tubelab SSE [Expired] This is a DIY amp built from the Tubelab SSE board. So I was cruising about and came across the Edcor transformer site, Not to mention the larger tube amp SE and PP output transformers. My take on a Single Ended amp. For $80/each I think you get your money's worth. Channel 1 is a single high-mu gain stage with a tweed tone control. (Output Transformer CXSE25-5K Edcor 21 25W, SE OPT - 5K with 43% . To get that you need a 6 watt, 8k single ended transformer. Premium guitar amplifier power transformers, output transformers and chokes. If you want transformer distortion in output then look at 1/2 to maybe 2/3 of actual output power capability. What could be an acceptable, readily available replacement transformer with the same specs (if I don't worry about quality just want to start tinkering)?. , plus shipping Edcor GXSE10-8-2. Data of inductors and transformers; L1 = 5 turns, 5mm diam. Resistors are random as well; now that I have confirmed that the piece works well, I will probably replace the carbon-comp resistors in the B+ chain with some quieter modern resistors. This is a pretty generic value for single ended amps and in many cases we wouldn't even bother to calculate it. It is a single channel preamp with input and output transformers, stepped gain, an output attenuator, phantom power, and switchable phase. Nichicon KZ Muse Series 220uF 100V. In contrast, an autoformer is much more like a push-pull output transformer, as it cannot sustain DC current flow and it holds no air-gap. Pictures on the main page have lots of tubes shown, tube amps, and so forth. Bugera PS1 Passive 100-watt Power Attenuator. Our integrated 45 SE amp will accept your CD, tuner or phono stage. I have installed the Edcor CXPP25-8-5K output transformers and they have added a great deal. 145 € High end tube power amplifier monoblock. Built in volume control and can be used with or without a preamp. The output is rated at 10 watts. For push-pull output use, see our 125 series. I'm using a Weber WSE15 for the OT and the PT is a Edcor XPWR021 which has a 290v output and gets me around 355vdc rectified at the first node. Assuming that all the idle current can be delivered to the transformer's primary, the power output would equal 12 watts. DIY tube amp for planar headphones. The rest was from the spare parts bins and leftover parts. Edcor XSE10-8K Weber W022905M Edcor is the cheapest (and probably the best made), but a long lead time and they don't sell anything else I'd need so I can't combine shipping with other parts. I have a transformer that is rated at 350V (175-0-175) at 60mA center tapped. Edcor lists this transformer as having a frequency range of 70Hz to 18kHz (<1dB). The amp is a 4 ohm amp and I was running it into an 8ohm cab but it was only on 4 and apparently this only works the power tubes. By the 1960s valve technology began to leap forward, but too late. Open style with minimum 12" long primary & secondary leads. To pick the best transformer, pick one that gives you the closest match from 7000 ohms to 3. I see Sakuma has a parallel, single stage 211. Will the signal degrade with a transformer? If so, probably not worth going balanced with the DAC only to convert it back to single-ended. 6550/KT88 power tube in Single Ended method. FOR SALE: Nissyo SDX-1100U Step-Down Transformers 110/120v to 100v; FOR SALE: Monitor Audio Bronze 5; User Galleries. Price: 30W Single Ended Output Transformer For 6300B KT88 6550 KT120 6C33C Power Output. 5K transformer witch is great for the el34 and cheap but it is an. 00 The mercury example is at their top tier of pricing which will not apply to the guitarist looking to upgrade or replace a single trafo but for a manufacturer the price difference on a buck fifty is pretty. The output of the switch feeds a volume control, which in turn feeds a transformer-loaded single ended output stage. Black Lion Audio 500 Series B173: The Black Lion Audio 500 Series B173 Preamplifier features the Cinemag input and Edcor output transformers. Combak Harmonix Reimyo PAT-777 Single Ended Triode Tube 300B Stereo The 2A3 Tube Amplifier - A Tribute to Simplicity and Warm. 6BM8 STC - Super Triode Connection. Incidentally, Decware always used Edcor output transformers up to the UFO. In the case of the Edcor transformers mentioned, 8K to 4 ohms will likely work well. 3) Compact headphone amp -- SOLD * Edcor transformers. The Lexan cased amp shown above cost me just over $600 and $100 of that was for the Lexan. The connection arrangements are shown below. Single ended tube amplifier using 808 and. Shown below is the top panel to which the circuit. Switchable between UL and Triode mode, switchable between SS or tube rectification, also switchable between 6L6, EL34 and KT88 output tubes. Coil Finish Wrapping Polyester Film Electrical Insulating Tape. Sold-state (transistor) technology arrived and manufacturers competed to be first to make the change. Phyllis Weston, the owner of Edcor Electronics, emailed me today and informed me that they will soon post the maximum allowable bias current for their single ended output trannys. net DA: 19 PA: 16 MOZ Rank: 47 #1 I've built several amplifiers with Magnetic Components transformers. You also need a larger transformer and single-ended transformers need a lot of Iron and can get prohibitively expensive. Supplied with EH 6L6 tubes, this versatile amplifier is able to handle just about any octal. I purchased Edcor, Electra Print and Hammond power and output transformers. CXSE25-10K - 25W, 10K Ohms single ended tube output transformer. 5W = 2K primary impedance 5W = 1K primary impedance. Post subject: Re: Edcor Single Ended Output Transformer Bias Current. 5 SE output transformers and choke for 2A3, 45 - $803. Mark Houston in Australia has put together a compact 6T9 single-ended tube amplifier. Boss Waza-Air Wireless Guitar Headphone Amp. Edcor does not manufacture multi-taped outputs. Almost all electronics sold in the past ten years can run on 100 to 240 volts and 50 to 60. After I performed the testing outlined above, I heard about the Edcor . Designed for general purpose or replacement use (not Hi-Fi), in single ended, tube output circuits. There is a non-volume dependant hum that is noticeable from a distance when there is nothing bring played that I have not investigated. F-900 series: Product information new F-900 series (pdf 538Kb) Type. Blair Chapman Single Ended 6CB5A Amplifier. There is not a single manufacturer who declares their 300B SE amplifier will output more than 10W output power. This page describes the Tubelab SSE (simple single-ended) amplifier, and outlines its origins. I use the larger core Edcor output transformers for the following reasons. No overall negative feedback is applied to the amplifier. The Black Lion Audio (BLA) B173 is the company's take on the preamp section of the Neve 1073, and comes in a 1U half-rack form. 5K output transformers, pair of 8K SE and pair of 15K SE output transformers asking for $160. This is a custom made single-ended amplifier using the vintage 1625 (12V version of the famed 807) output tube. Tibeliusgatan 7, 761 50 Norrtälje. * AC Power cord and RCA interconnect cables are not. 79 PC Stereo to Mono Coupler Series - 1/4W PC mounted stereo to mono coupling matching transformers. The output transformer is built for continuous 20hz. Read Free Pre Test Edcor Therapy Single Ended Tube Amplifier Build 2017 - Part 16 - The Final Chapter Bird Unit Study Review Kaplan Test Prep. Edcor (USA) output transformers. A smaller OT can be used but expect the bass and treble to suffer. The output transformer MUST be designed to work in a single ended amplifier. 15W Tube Amplifier Output Transformer Single-ended Z11 Annealed Silicon Steel 0-4-8ohm for Tubes 6P3P,6P6P,KT88,EL34 Audio HIFI - buy at a price. For bias adjustment I used a 25W 1 k-ohm rheostat bypassed with a 200 uF capacitor which allowed me to set the bias at each operating point. I probably should have called Phil at Heyboer too but Chris spelled it out. New & NOS tubes from Tung-Sol, Electro-Harmonix. 25K Ohms single ended tube output transformer. The acceptable power tubes are: 6V6, 7408, 6L6, 5881, 6F6, and 6W6. I have made 3 audio amps , all single ended, with their outputs and they are just excellent. 6K Ohms push-pull tube output transformer. But this is always relative to the signal at the plate, where the current should be constant. Secondary (Output) This transformer has multiple voltage windings, 500V (250-0-250) at 175mA center tapped, 6. I thought I had settled on the Edcor CXSE25-5K for my output transformers on my "I have no idea what I'm doing" SSE build. The Tubelab SSE is a single ended amplifier. * Chassis is anodized black Modushop CNC milled by front panel express. My next project will be a Circlotron, which I always wanted to try for guitar amps. Chris108 wrote: SE means single-ended, at its simplest, a single output tube; PP means push-pull or at least two output tubes. The difference in the dc resistance between the Edcor and Hammond is only 50 ohms which is insignificant. The output transformer plays a very large role, but is not everything in shaping an amp's tone. Due to a wiring error, the B+ rail was higher. I love EDCOR'S GXSE single ended output transformers. The B173 is a "Class A," fully discrete preamp with a single-ended microphone amplifier and a balanced output amplifier. The same situation exists with the budget Edcor transformers. I used Edcor XSM 600Ω:10kΩ input transformers, which also splits the single ended input into a +/-differential signal for the amp to process. 76) Posted by grhughes on 2012-02-24, 08:48:09 (69. pdf: Edcor gives a lot less info about their output transformers it seems, this is their website. But it is not so much a quality depended project so the output transformer must be cheap. NEW Matt presents bias and operation data for the 6V6 tube in SE operation - 6V6 Single-Ended (SE) Ultra Linear (UL) Bias Optimization. The B12A MKII is a single-channel microphone preamp in the style of an API® 312A, and features an upgraded input transformer, higher gain, and lower noise than the original B12A. Edcor XPWR106; Triode Electronics 40-18021 (Magnetic Components) - high B+ (tube rectification only) Mercury Magnetics have a choice of 37 different Tweed Deluxe power transformers ; Output Transformers: Any Tweed Deluxe OT will do; OT20PP (Musical Power Supplies) - this is included in the above parts list. Making a single ended headphone balanced with an adapter would just be turning the 1/4" plug into XLRs, not making them balanced. The two output trannys are rotated 90deg to the power mains tranny to avoid picking up induced hum from the mains tranny external magnetic field. Wonderful tone and great appearance made this tube the most attractive choice for powerful bass amps and high-end audio. Secondary (Output) The output impedance depends on model. No fireworks, no smell, no apparent symptoms. In the bass case, size matters. F-900 series: Product information new F-900 series (pdf 538Kb). He is knowledgable and the transformers are good (saturation issue aside). * Enterprise Single Sign-On - Azure Active Directory supports. The two DN2625 drains are connected to a center-tap RF pulse transformer. The design features transformer balanced XLR (mic) and 1/4" (unbalanced line) inputs, transformer coupled balanced outputs, a 12dB pad and 48V phantom power on the mic circuit. If we used NOS tubes from the 6L6 family or a popular pentode family that could bring the cost down significantly. Looking at the PCB and guessing at a couple of traces, the only difference between balanced and single-ended output might be a relay (and of course signal from the other channel for balanced-ed-ness). Description: designed to drive two very low-threshold, high-voltage depletion N-MOSFETs, such as DN2625s, as source drivers. 70W, push-pull tube output transformer for 3. Electra-Print transformers are made. A single chassis amplifier would weigh in excess of 50 pounds. Most single-ended amplifiers use Cathode or self-bias. Edcor pushes M6, stacked for the least amount of air gap for all audio applications, including guitar amps. You would need to take the voltage beyond 500V for 20W. Jul 11, 2011 And I've had output transformers "blow" by simply popping a winding open. E88CC / 6922 tube for the line preamplifier. The VJr needs a 5k primary winding impedance, and the secondary winding should have at least an 8 ohm tap, if not 4, 8, and 16 ohm taps available. This, unlike the single-ended 6B4G amp, is not a simple affair. But the lead time is outrageous, and I'd read elsewhere about successful SSE builds using Electra-Print transformers. 6V6 SE UL Test Circuit Schematic. Electra-Print makes custom output transformers for use in home high fidelity tube audio components. Edcor's distributor in Europe (don-audio) does not stock the full range of Edcor transformers and. Solid state rectification is used to give lower bass distortion. OPTIONS We can supply 43% screen taps (or any other percentage) for Single-Ended types on request. Across the resistor is about 80V DC. The B12A MkII 500 is a single-channel, 500 series microphone preamp in the style of an API® 312A. They can be swapped in about 5 minutes with only a screwdriver. The 6V6 is a better tube, use your 6V6 output transformer and that big Edcor power transformer I mentioned (in your other post) for enough current. The 6J5 is the single triode version and electrical equivalent of the venerable 6SN7. Although I haven't tried it yet, it might do well as a bass amp with some 6550s and a solid-state rectifier. Alternatively, 600 ohm to 8 ohm output transformers do exist. One edcor model gxse10-8-5k single ended output transformer made in the usa power rating: 15 watts input imedance: 5k ohms impedance: 8 measures: x mounting holes: Our standard service is us postal 1st class. The output transformers in the SLI-100 are the most important component in the amplifier and have been specifically designed by Cary Audio for use in the SLI-100. You can drop a 50 watt output transformer into the amp, but that doesn't mean you will get 50 watts out of it. Global Moderator; Level 3; Posts: 1047; Re: Mini-AC30 based on Vox AC4. The output transformer in a single-ended tube amplifier is the device which matches the high-output impedance of the tube to the low input impedance of the speaker load (4, 8 or 16 Ohm). Requires an existing Edcor subscription. This is a basic model, unbalanced and without a triode/UL switch (which switches the output stage between modes). Other end winding to C4S to ground. I have tried this with speech, and it sounds sort of. The transformer is terminated with an 8Ω resistive load. I used a Hammond 369JX power transformer and Edcor XSE15-8-5K for the output transformers (OT). Tubes: 2-300B, 2-6SN7 and 1-5U4 One pair of inputs (back) Input Impedance: 100K ohms Load Impedance: 8 Ohms Circuit Type: Single-Ended Class A All tube signal path, no feedback. 2k Impedance Primary Ohms 4, 8, 16 Impedance Secondary Ohms - Audio Transformer 20Hz ~ 20kHz Chassis Mount from Hammond Manufacturing. This is different than our $300 XLR balanced upgrade for the standard PH 9. 13 * Output Transformers: Very Rare Vintage 'Altec Lansing Corporation' TMA-102 Single-Ended Audio Output Transformers. This design promises 35 watts from a pair of cathode-biased EL34s. I am not sure about the UFO itself, but prior to the UFO, output transformers were Edcor for sure. For bias adjustment I used a 25W 1kΩ rheostat bypassed with a 200μf capacitor which allowed me to set the bias at each operating point. Speced Hammond 125DSE, 10W, 70ma max DC bias, 2. I want to build one of the projects described in the book, a 6V6SE monoblock amp. Gapped single ended output transformers for tube amplifiers. Plate voltage can be estimated from: HT winding voltage (i. XSE-15-MS-5K is the model number, costs $19. The John Chan model allows you to do that. Gapped single ended output transformers for tube amplifiers; CXSE25-1. The ideal primary impedance for this design is 5K ohms. My goal was to construct a single-ended transformer coupled preamp. This circuit uses an Edcor GXSE10-8-5K UL transformer as the load for the power tube. So if I understand correctly the stock amp is wired in pentode mode as there are no screen taps on the op trafos. UMM Series - 1/2W balanced or unbalanced line matching transformers. In the middle, if you don't mind a little DIY, use a pair of CineMag CMOB-4 line output transformers. The Edcor OTs are very reasonably priced and also have a ultra-linear (UL) tap so you can run the amp in true UL mode. The GXSE series was designed originally for guitar tube amplifiers. Transformer, Constant Voltage;3000VA;60Hz;CVS Series;18. All windings use heavy insulated wire to provide excellent manufacturing yield, lower customer cost and superior life. With the 270 cathode resistor and B+ of 305 you will have the 6V6 around 14 watts plate dissipation, 297*. This is my current favorite and latest build. Edcor power and output transformers: Deviations to the BoM (bill of materials) include the. This type of feedback circuit really needs the high plate impedance and high gain. Path: Home > Transformer Index: WELCOME Hammond Mfg. The datasheet then states a max plate current of 35mA. I would think this is the "fusing current" of the wire, as the cores will have long saturated before that. Quantity: 2 pieces Shipping and other cost: Free shipping! Method of payment: PayPal Note: Will ship US order by e-Express. The single triode is perfect for a monoblock design where only one stage of amplification is desired. ) Outputs Mfg Mfg Mfg CALL FOR BSW PRICE Model M-1000 EDCOR Model GLA-10 Mono Amplifier The perfect utility amplifier! Single channel with 25V and 70V transformer output. Pricing and Availability on millions of electronic components from Digi-Key Electronics. The output is designed for a 8 Ohms speaker impedance. Spring Cloud Function is a new project with the following high-level goals:. GXSE10-16-5K 10W, single ended tube output transformer for 5K Ohms to 16 Ohms. To operate transistor in active region Q-point need to be fixed at the center of DC load line. You also need to specify the tube type and single-ended or push-pull. 95 UMM Series - 1/2W unbalanced multi tapped line matching transformers. Specs at 1 watt: frequency response is 11. On the right is the output transformer. Beginner friendly except the power amps use high amperage and would be dangerous if safety measures aren't followed carefully. Details about Pair used 100 watt 5000 ohm Edcor hifi tube amplifier output transformers HiFi EL34 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Class A Single-ended Stereo Audio Amp DIY Kit. 5 watts, 2A3-based single-ended amplifiers, but comparatively grim considering that the output stage must dissipate 60 watts at idle. I built this amp several years ago with quality parts, including Edcor power and output transformers, Hammond power supply choke, and ClarityCap MR coupling capacitors. This amp is available as either a 40W (4 x 6V6), 50W (2 x 6L6) head or 100W (4 x6L6) head. Search of Bottlehead Forum. More than just another 312A clone, the B12A Quad combines vintage-inspired sonics and modern features in a rugged 1RU chassis with a smart feature set that will satisfy the most demanding audio engineers. Classified: FOR SALE - Edcor single ended output transformers & power transformer asking for $250. C-cores and EI laminations are offered. The output transformer is the Edcor CXPP50-8-3. AES - Cary - AE-25 Super Amp - Push Pull KT88 Amplifier Review 5 Rules (and One Secret Weapon) for Page 6/33. Some line transformers can be very good low power push pull transformers, though. I think they work, simply because there is a bit of an air gap anyway with most EI constructions. The tone of the amplifier with the 050JM-SL installed was brighter in the upper mids as well as the highs. Part 1 - Single-Ended Common Drain Mode by Nelson Pass Introduction a Jfet buffer drives an Edcor transformer to create the X5 voltage gain. Pair of EDCOR GXSE5-15K - 5W, 15K Ohms single ended tube output transformers. The output transformer used is the Edcor XSE10-8-5K single ended open frame model. * 4/8/off speaker output toggle. ? Also, if Edcors are great for these amps what would be the correct model for their power transformer?. The Edcor is a good unit, and at $20 it's a great deal as long as you use an 8 ohm speaker--- i've used Edcors. A single ended amp probably will sound really bad because of the DC. Class X Transformers -- CXSE25-8-2. The voltage across the OD3 tube ( KD25) is also just 130V DC RMS while I expected it to be 150VDC. I want to use a single OD3 tubes and about 20-60 INS-1 nixies. Single Ended KT88 2018 v4. If you want, you can play around with the ratio of the two resistors. Cathode bias on the first stage uses LEDs. OPT 25W, single ended tube output transformer for 3K Ohms to a specified output. Mark's BOM and videos refer to the screen tap as 43%, but the specs on Edcor's web page for the referenced transformer show it is 40%. Note the reverse connection of the output transformer secondaries. 12 Tube amp ideas | tube, valve amplifier, amp AUDIO OUTPUT TRANSFORMER for Single-ended Tube amp! EL84 / 6L6 / 6V6 Construa o seu amplificadoe. These plots show peak RMS power output at each point, the plate current, and the screen current levels. (shipping to Japan, the usual problem) I found a source for Edcor trannies, and hear they are nice, but don't fully comprehend what I need for this build. eBay Украина - покупка и доставка товаров из США. So, maybe all 300B SE amplifiers measured poorly distortion wise, but they don't lie about their power output capabilities. Output transformer size and therefore performance was kept to minimum. by HotGlass » Tue Apr 13, 2021 4:48 pm. The pre-amp out uses the 6922 as a driver pushing the 6080 power output tube. Balancing Act -> Balanced (not differential) input via input transformer, single-ended gain stage, single-ended output stage. I do wonder with as good as the Hammond and Edcor stuff sounds just how much better the high end stuff would be. Figure 6 shows my new modified RIAA network. Pete Millett's DIY project amplifiers ( pmillett. Extremely tight regulation is accomplished by Sola/Hevi-Duty 's. I've used it in 2 radio projects -- with an 8 ohm speaker for restoration of a 1928 Sparton with an RCA Type 50 output tube, and with a 4 ohm speaker in a 6CU5-based output stage for AES's 2-tube regenerative radio kit. One tube can hit between 10 and 20 watt output. My measurement equipment is limited and crude by modern standards. Solid Silver single secondary and Solid Silver multiple tap secondary transformers are available, price will be quoted for each upon request. While most uses the 6BM8 tube Edcor USA Output Transformers ( Choice of 6 or 8 ohms output - depending your speakers) Edcor USA Power Transformer (It's actually better made than the Hammonds make, for the standard F168 MK2). In transformers, Power is conserved so: 6 watts into 8 ohms needs 6. To do this I simply took the design point for a single ended class A stage directly off the 6V6 data sheet. His version is called the Clementine. It was built from a PC board circuit, a toroid power transformer, Edcor SE output transformers and a Hammond chassis and cage. Fisher, Moussa Clarke 5 Single-Ended Output Transformer - $40 plus shipping Obviously, if both are purchased by the same person, I will combine shipping Transformers are available at Mouser Electronics from industry leading manufacturers Gemerkt von: EDCOR Electronics Corporation Yet this results in a turn ratio, when idealised: * Transformers. It is built on a 17″ x 10″ hammertone-painted steel chassis, and features Transcendar output transformers and an Edcor power transformer. Secondary impedance range from 4 to 32 Ohms. These have been the best choice in low cost transformers. Magnetic Components closed the doors. Amplification factor is 8, which makes it perfect for usage in a linestage. 5 watts single ended at 12% distortion while in push-pull 12 watts at 2. Trying a different transformer instead. Great to see new options for headphone output transformers!. 8 Replies 1680 Views Last post by Danny Thu May 20, 2021 3:02 pm; ↳ Single Ended KT88 Discussion Forum ↳ Single Ended 807 Discussion Forum; Blueglow Topics ↳ Meetups @ Blueglow's Audio Barn ↳ No date has been set yet!. Supplier's Site Email Supplier. Superior voltage regulation of ±1 % sets the CVS Series apart from other power conditioning technologies on the market. 22! Even though this edcor is unshielded, there is zero hum following the volume pot. The idea that Edcor has nothing suitable for a single ended 6BM8 is wrong. It may not tell you quite what it does in practice. I spoke with him years ago before his email was shut off and he told me that he uses output transformers that are specifically rounded off on bass and highs. Entdecken Sie Ot20pp vc87 Output Transformer 25va & 8k/6k6 an 4/8/16 Ohm in der großen Auswahl bei eBay. ) Insulated flexible leads 8" min. I'm not here to knock Jack or Electra-Print. Hammond OT's suitable for the VJr are as follows:. In the same way, a transformer on the input of an amplifier can split or sum the phases of a signal for differential or single-ended amplification, respectively. Even his custom spec Edcor outputs on my Spud amp were like this. It's true that an output transformer with 32 or 300 ohm taps would cover the majority of headphones, but I haven't seen many available with an air gap. 237) Paul, Interesting idea the 211 spud. The transformers would be fine for a pair of 6005s, but too high in impedance for a push-pull parallel set up (4 tubes per trannie). The Sowters don't make this easy, unfortunately. Hi i am planning to build an el34 10w single ended amplifier. Notice the transformer weighs 8 pounds. A line transformer won't have any specific gap in the magnetic circuit to allow it to cope with DC current that flows when used in a single ended circuit. , plus shipping Add to basket In stock! Shipping time: 1 - 2 workdays 25W, single ended tube output transformer for 2. Edcor makes the WSM, XSM 10k:150 (center tapped primaries and secondaries) that would be about right for a single ended tube with approximately 1000ohms Zout (12B4A, 6AH4, 6CK4, 6C45P). Combining Line Level and Phono. Can use these for SE single ended amps also (i. Since 1958 Lundahl Transformers has been a world leading manufacturer of high performance transformers for audio applications. Single secondary SE output transformers available with primary and secondary impedances of your choice (within reasonable working High voltage designs. Custom Single Ended EL84 Amplifier: Price: $675. Most of the Sowters are gapped for normal series-feed single-ended power. But before we get right into it, a special thanks to. I also used an Edcor power transformer and choke rated for 250ma and 200ma respectively. On a side note, I see Lundahl also now has a LL2774 3k primary headphone output transformer (16, 64, 300 ohm secondary taps). The cheapest way would be the little Edcor boxes, though get the 600:600 not the 10k:600. (4ohm or less) sounds better with the 4 ohm tap single ended and sounds better with the 8 ohm tap with my push pull amp. Output Transformer Tube Amplifier Audio Single-Ended Z11 Oxygen-Free Copper. Getting solid bass out of a single ended amp at the 10 watt power range needs a 3 to 5 pound transformer minimum. This gives me the purple load line attached. Moving on! The plan is to use a pair of Edcor XSM 600Ω:10kΩ transformers to split the phase from my incoming signal, which will be single ended for the time being. line to 250V (125-0-125) center tapped at 125mA and. The next set of plots show how the circuit behaves at these bias points. All of these have very low distortion and excellent bandwidth. 40-18113 ClassicTone # 40-18113, Fender Style, 100W, 2K to 4 / 8 Ohm. DIY Audio Projects Forum: FAQ: Last visit was: 19 Mar 2022 3:12 pm: The output transformers from Edcor are the CXPP25-8-5K. Get Set Go Power Schematic from DIYTube. Jack (Electra-Print) can be a. Single Ended Output; Push-Pull Output; Chokes/Inductors. They were Classictone Transformers. The output transformers from Edcor are the CXPP25-8-5K. Transcendar Transformers High Quality Audio Output Transformers For High Fidelity Tube Amplifiers. High Voltage RF Transformer. This is the first directly-heated. At 285 volts, the 6V6 needs -19 volts bias, so the cathode resistor would be around 275 ohms. MP-100W50 100W Output Transformer. Hello, I'm a novice at electronics starting out with a kt88 build following the youtube video series. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 300B SE Stereo Tube Singled Ended Amplifier Edcor Trans 5U4 6SN7 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. It was purchased for a different design, so it's not optimal, but the mismatch is small and the result is acceptable. Depending upon what will fit into the chassis, a power transformer will cost somewhere between $50-$100, another $45 for new tubes. This is different than our $300 XLR balanced upgrade, which simply adds a pair of 1:1 Edcor transformers to the existing circuit, to provide a balanced output. 2 Impedance of an output transformer; 4. パフォーマンスシューズ構造に鮮やかなカラーアッパーを採用したスエードパック。 ロードシューズラインナップで最もクッション性の高いホカ™のクラシックモデル「BONDI 5 . Output trannys contribute most of the distortion in a valve amp and have a. Es importante que el cambio lo haga un tecnico, dado que las valvulas deben ser calibradas, lo ideal es comprar. A Matched Pair Hashimoto Single-Ended Output Transformers H-20-7U for 45. 1627-1642 Series ¶Tube Audio Output - Push-Pull. 50 US At Mercury I can buy a 100W 4 Ohm output transformer for a twin for $85. Single-Ended output transformers. The +24V rail needed to power the B173 500 is converted from the +/- 16V rails of a 500 series rack using a custom DC-DC converter circuit specially designed to keep any unwanted noise or modulations out of the signal path. Single Ended output transformers. MP-60W66 60W Output Transformer. In summary, the amp uses 6T10 tubes, which contain dual-control pentode and power beam tube sections. The output transformer converts the single-ended signal back to balanced. If we put 100 ohms on the secondary, the tube would see 400 ohms (100. 5687 Drived Inter Stage Transformer Single Ended Amplifier Compatible Amplifier 45 Compatible Amplifier 2A3 View of this Amplifier. If you had a multi secondary trannie (one of the MS ones) then you could do it if you used the 8 ohm tap for 4 and the 16 for 8. The big BUT with them is they don't make units ahead of time. Low Voltage; Tube Power; Multi Voltage Tapped; Amps/Kits. Popular transformers in this range are the Edcor XSE15-8-5K and the Hammond 125CSE. I recently set up a test system with a Western Electric 111C transformer, driven from a device capable of pretty much the highest line level output found in a studio, +28dBu. Today Edcor provides this service, "EDCOR charges a $40. The 7C5 is the Loctal socket version of 6V6, so let's say there are only two tubes we know are suitable. Amplifier design example takes you through the steps of designing a single ended ten watt amplifier with volume and tone controls. Breadcrumb: Edcor CXSE25-600-5K Single ended tube output transformer. This design uses both triodes of a 12AU7 as a driver for each channel feeding a single triode in the 6336. This makes it well suited for other type of single ended tube amplifiers. Only the balanced signal goes through the transformers in this case. Frequency response: 7 Hz-25 kHz +/-0. 5W output depending of your output transformer efficiency. Can be used as output transformer for preamplifier (parafeed) or in headphone output amplifier. The Edcor XSE audio output transformers are rated from 70Hz to 18kHz. I then chose an Edcor output transformer that had a UL tap, calculated a resistor for cathode bias, and my preliminary output stage design was done. Honestly these look awful small for decent frequency response at 10w single ended. DIY Audio Projects Forum: FAQ: Last visit was: 05 May 2022 1:32 am: It is currently 05 May 2022 1:32 am: Board index » DIY Forums » Vacuum Tubes / Thermionic Valves. Lionel made it from 1948 to 1954. For this amplifier, I chose a custom-made, “E” shaped, high-quality single-ended output transformer (see Photo 3). 5W Output transformer (Mullard 3-3) PWSE3. Replacement Edcor output transformers work perfectly on a Fisher 400! Power Amplifier. different values (10A/16A/20A/25A) 15 from each type single phase ELCB/single phase single phase/30mA/220v/40A distribution board. 5/32) = 125ma, is that right? What do you think about quiescent operating point affect the sound quality beside power dissipation and power output? i. For sale: Edcor 1347 600 ohm to 600ohm Transformer. Amplifier is in exceptional physical condition and is 100% functional. (an air gap is a cut in single ended transformers to give a softer sound). It has an Ultralinear tap which is not used. The power supply uses a Edcor 180-0-180 transformer with a full wave bridge across the full winding. Having had the fortunate opportunity to work with lots of tube amps and solid state amps, I had a chance to spend a few days with the Alan Eaton 45 integrated tube amp at 1. It comes in an impressively thick, powder-coated steel chassis that measures 8" H (with tubes) × 6. Here is a plot of the frequency response measured into an 8Ω load. The AE1 uses a dual-triode 12AT7 as the driver stage, which is a medium-gain tube. 5K Ohms single ended tube output transformer. From there, you can use your tube data or bias calculator equations to estimate idle current. In stock! Shipping time: 1 - 2 workdays. Our good friend Shannon Parks over at DIYTube has designed another great tube-based amplifier, this one using a pair of EL84 power tubes and a single 12AX7 driver tube. a schematic for a Jensen direct out box at one point that used a small Jensen transformer and then bought a similar Edcor interstage transformer to make. Edcor is said to be quite good. at full rated power (+/- 1 db max. Also Edcor USA makes a couple great lines of SE transformers , Excellent quality & price. Output Transformer: Edcor GXSE15 (5K/10W) - $53. He also has some great power supply, volume and switcher PCBs. 4 Push-Pull vacuum tube amplifier; 4. That said, the output transformers are not the place to skimp on a tube amp build. Item #649302837Info: Pair of Edcor CXSE25-5K (8ohm) Output transformers. Amplifier pumps out a whopping 3/4 watt per channel into an 8 ohm load so efficient speakers are. 0K and 8K primary, and put 22-47 ohm in series with plate to give it an air gap type sound). If there are more things wrong with the amp, you could maybe add another $100. It seems it would work well for a transmitter with a 30w-40w P-P modulator like a Pair of 6L6's. 5K / 4Ω 8Ω Amplifier Single-ended Output Transformer, Z11 Iron Core EI66 * 30 / 40mm from Vendor Electrical Accessories Confluence Store with affordable price and best guarantee on Cicig. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Edcor Transformer End Bells -- Unpainted-6 pieces sold as 1 lot.