differential probe for oscilloscope. Tektronix P6046 100 MHz Differential Probe TESTED! WORKING! for any oscilloscope. Differential scope probes are a form of specialised active probe that are commonly used to measure differential signals, such as; low level audio and disk drive signals. Its working frequency is up to 50MHz (RP1050D) and it is rather suitable for large electricity test and R&D. Shop differential oscilloscope probe with free shipping and free return. Andy Bardagjy » LeCroy AP031 Differential Probe. The heart of the circuit is the DC-DC converter type IH0512S from XP Power. Buy Teledyne LeCroy HVD3106 Oscilloscope Probe, Probe Type: Differential 120MHz ±1500 (dc + pk ac)V 50x/500x or other Oscilloscope Probes online from RS for next day delivery on your order plus great service and a great price from the largest electronics components. 2x coupled to the oscilloscope at DC 50 Ω. An oscilloscope probe is a device used to connect a signal source, often a test point in a circuit, to an oscilloscope; a physical connection making the electrical connection. DC performance in simulation looks good. It is possible to measure and observe the waveforms of three phase supplies. Daniel Kramnik built an active differential probe and looks like he is seeing about 400MHz usable bandwidth. This kind of device let you to perform oscilloscope's measurements in power supply's hot area, or to apply direct oscilloscope measurement connection on main lines. 100MHz Oscilloscope Differential Probe, US $ 1060 - 1080 / Piece, Taiwan, China, TECPEL, HP-100. For example, a differential input A/D card will have one HI (+) and one LOW (-) pin for each input. Typical values of differential probe common-mode rejection ratios are good at low frequencies and deteriorate with an increase in frequency. Oscilloscope Probes for high Frequency, high Voltage and low Current Analysis. 4215 - Test Probe 1000V CAT III, 30A Fits 4200 Series Differential Leads Total length 4. Refer to the oscilloscope and differential probe specification tables to select the correct probe for your application. The probe attenuation is a nominal 1. 10V Real Deviation In V/div 5V 2V 1V 0. Differential probes are optimized to acquire only the differential signal between two test points. Oscilloscope Probe Schematic & Anatomy. Variable attenuation finishes the package. It drives a single-terminated 50-Ω cable to transmit its output to one oscilloscope channel. The differential probe extends the functionality of standard single-ended input oscilloscopes to allow a safe and accurate method of making high-voltage differential measurements. Robust income distribution which is exempt and find everything again!. KL7AJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page. Description Shipping Reviews (0) Description. Newark offers fast quotes, same day shipping, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & technical support. High Voltage Differential Oscilloscope Probe 5600V 50MHz 100X 1000X Float Test. Micsig DP10007 Oscilloscope High Voltage Differential Probe 100MHz+70V Oscilloscope Probe Kit 63 reviews COD. Given the cost of proper differential probes, i've decided to make my own. Active Probe Setup (via xellers) Back when I worked for an Oscilloscope company, we were pretty proud of our differential probes. Nothing fancy, and great to work with all the typical circuits, like low speed electronics, voltages around 5V that microcontrollers work. Differential probes are especially popular for measuring high-frequency signals or signals of very low amplitude (i. PDF AP034 Active Differential Probe Operator's Manual Rev A. Additional pins facilitate digital control between the probe electronics and the scope. VM1 and VM2 show the signals after the first stage. Pencil surface probes are equipped with an adjustable collar that helps to achieve the optimal angle for inspection and ensures greater stability. 3mm Pitch Leads: Allows you to attached the clip to a lead on the smallest of surface mount IC's for testing the input and/or output of the IC. Open the parameter bar of channel 1 and check the probe information,. Differential Oscilloscope Measurements. Oscilloscope Differential Probe USB Power Supply. Used Tektronix P7506 6 GHz Trimode Differential. Differential signal measurement in practice To measure a differential signal, we have two options, one is using a differential probe and second is using a two channels oscilloscope. The Fluke U1500S 1,500V DC Voltage Sensor allows you to safely connect to DC bus bars at up to 1. Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KL7AJ, Nov 12, 2019. For example, if you had a 50Mhz sine wave with a 25Mhz probe, it would probably be so attenuated you wouldn't be able to tell it's there. DIY active differential probe characterization. 50 MHz 70 V differential oscilloscope probe 10:1The TA058 is a 50 MHz bandwidth active suitable for high common-mode voltage measurement applications up to -700 V (DC peak AC). inputs), such as the Tektronix TPS2000 and THS3000 Series oscilloscopes. I have an idea for the next offering from AlasKitan AFFORDABLE differential oscilloscope probe. As the name suggests, it's a two-input differencing amplifier that lets you probe signals from microvolts to volts. SPECIFICATIONS Differential Voltage DC. The only products with 3rd Party Safety Certification (UL, CSA, ETL) High and medium voltage products to support varying dynamic range and measurement resolution requirements. Find popular oscilloscope differential probe and buy best selling oscilloscope differential probe from banggood. The TA041 is an active differential probe suitable for high common-mode voltage measurement applications up to ±700 V (DC + peak AC). FPGA or ARM depending on speed. Because of the differential input, it is not possible to create a short circuit to ground through the. A 100MHz Differential Probe from HackADay with Keysight. Specifically designed for use and direct connection to oscilloscopes with the TekVPI™ probe interface, the TDP1500, TDP3500 and TDP4000 Differential probes achieve high-speed signal acquisition and measurement fidelity by solving three traditional problems: DUT loading effects - Are reduced by lower input capacitance and high input resistance. 0 out of 5 stars 1 2 offers from €238. The importance of probe selection can significantly affect your measurement and accuracy. The HVD310x probes are available in a range of bandwidths from 25 to 120 MHz with standard 2 meter cable (6 meter cable model available). The probe permits the measurement of signals which are not referenced to earth using a conventional earthed oscilloscope. Market Survey from AlasKitan AFFORDABLE differential oscilloscope probe. Oscilloscope Probes and Probe Accessories Downloaded from Arrow. Inside the case, two shielded areas are apparent. Oscilloscope Probes Hello, Sign in. It can be used to measure differential and single-ended signals with better common mode rejection. Using it can make highly accurate measurements, without the intrusion of unwanted common mode signals. Differential probes are oscilloscope probes designed to measure the difference between two signals. Oscilloscope Probe, High-Voltage Differential Probe, 100 MHz, 1. TA044 Pico Technology | Pico Technology Oscilloscope Probe, Probe Type: Active, Differential 70MHz 5kV 1:100, 1:1000 | 898-6750 | RS Components. TA058 Active Differential Probe 70V, 50MHz, x10, CAT I. Standard accessories included: High voltage alligator clip (Red, Black) *1 To ground. Janne Ahonen constructed a quick and dirty low impedance Z0 probe, Wideband 1:21 1k DIY Oscilloscope Probe and measured its performance; Paolo Renato constructs and gives Praise for the Lo-Z Probe, with one measurement; active probes: Daniel Kramnik constructed an active probe, 1GHz Active Differential Probe. The DP-50 coverts the high differential voltage (<=7000 peak) into a low voltage (<=7. How do you use a differential voltage probe? Use multiple Differential Voltage Probes to explore series and parallel. ADP1025 Acute High Voltage Differential Probe, 10x/100x, 25MHz, 700V $ 400. Koop TMDP0200 - Tektronix - Oscilloscope Probe, High-Voltage Differential Probe, 200 MHz, 750 V, 25:1, 250:1. 4 kV, 100:1, 1000:1, Oscilloscopes. Convert your ATS scope to a differential scope and measures up to 1400v. Differential active probes for oscilloscopes allow measurement of small differential voltages while rejecting common-mode. I built one of them immediately and found it particularly suitable for measurements in the audio range, for example. The DP-100 coverts the high differential voltage (<=7000 peak) into a low voltage (<=7. I have just ordered the parts as samples (free) from them (via my account). Introduction! Please note, documentation is still in progress ! This project was an ultra high input impedance (0. DIFFERENTIAL PROBE 700V ATTENUATION RATIO 1/10, 1/100 OUT ±7V MAX IN 2KΩ TESTED. Caution -This is a PCB Only with a lot of surface mount soldering of fine pitch parts. fully integrated With the ProBus interface, the ZD200 becomes an integral part of the oscilloscope. The PicoScope 4444 displaces traditional connectors with four, robust 9-pin D-type connectors, highlighting distinctive differences under its skin. It can be built for about $30 in parts, plus the cost of etching or sending out a PCB and (optionally) 3D. 1 deliver in 5-6 business days from our SG warehouse. Check out this selection of probes with varying bandwidths and voltage levels. The 10x Probe The name is very misleading. The R&S®RTA4000 features a customized Rohde & Schwarz designed 10-bit A/D converter and is a four-fold improvement over conventional 8-bit A/D converters. Part 1, covered high-impedance passive probes. Two 15MEG 10kV input resistors, +/-12V power, gain /100 or /1000. Customize and improve an oscilloscope differential probe. The Micsig DP10007 comes from the recent series of cost effective differential probes of Micsig. 25 MHz 700 V differential oscilloscope probe 10:1/100:1 The TA041 is an active differential probe suitable for high common-mode voltage measurement applications up to ±700 V (DC + peak AC). In addition, they have differential inputs, which are galvanically isolated from the oscilloscope ground. Thoughts ? I came across this neat little circuit for a differential scope probe. The probe is a fully differential active device. In his article published in the July & August 2016 issue, Elektor author Alfred Rosenkränzer presented a wonderfully simple differential probe for oscilloscopes, based around the AD8479 precision differential amplifier. This differential probe extends the functionality of standard single-ended input oscilloscopes. • Low Skew Differential TDR - Time Domain Reflectometry • Low cost TDR in a portable USB or battery powered package • Precise, 10. Free delivery on eligible orders. The 700924 differential probe lets you make wide-band (100 MHz) differential input measurements by just connecting the probe to the input of a single-end input digital oscilloscope. TA057 Pico Technology | Pico Technology Oscilloscope Probe, Probe Type: Active, Differential 25MHz 1kV 1:20, 1:200 | 898-6766 | RS Components. The relative attenuation will double when the input impedance of the oscilloscope is 50Ω. A differential amplifier extracts the signal from the noise All Measurements Are Two-Point Voltage is always measured between two points in a cir- cuit. Free Next Day Delivery available. USB Full Speed Isolator (>400 mA) USB2ISO: USB Full Speed Isolator (>800 mA). The probe head allows you to hold the probe while you connect the. Use for oscilloscope isolation, any oscilloscope type. RS PRO Oscilloscope Probe, Probe Type: Differential 30MHz. The main components of the probe are the discrete operational amplifiers that make it work. Europe market was valued at US$ XX. Other accessories, ect In 1995, we got our first OEM probe order, until now, we have become many oscilloscope companies′ sole supplier. The N2791A differential probe allows conventional earth-grounded Keysight oscilloscopes to be used for floating signal measurements of up to 700 V of differential voltage and common mode voltage. A 70Mhz scope with a 25Mhz probe will only be able to 'see' signals at 25Mhz. Differential Oscilloscope Probe, 10:1/100:1, 250MHz. Orbital space junk surrounding earth. Just you need to connect oscilloscope’s Channel. It is appropriate when the frequency of the signal under investigation is less than 600 MHz. The bandwidth of high-voltage differential oscilloscope probes are limited to a few hundred megahertz. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. This probe complies with IEC-1010. Information on about Scopes and other Differential Probes Go to our Probe Cross Reference. To begin with, no high voltage signal is connected to our scope, since it is attenuated by a factor of 100, 200 or even 400. The ZS1000 is ideal for 200-600 MHz oscilloscopes. The DP-100 is designed to operate with the 1M Ohm impedance oscilloscope. The DP-100 Differential probe provides a safety means for measuring differential voltage to all models of oscilloscope. Used TEKTRONIX P5100A Oscilloscope Probe, High-Voltage Passive Probe, 500 MHz, 2. Newark offers fast quotes, same day shipping, fast delivery, . To view Lesson 1 - Effects of Oscilloscope Probe Loading View Course. 123-6478, RS PRO, RS PRO Oscilloscope Probe, Probe Type: Differential, High Voltage 50MHz 1. The probe has a high input resistance of 10-mega-ohm. For example, you can't connect AC mains voltages to a 10:1 probe without damaging your oscilloscope. The TA057 active differential oscilloscope probe lets you use a standard earthed oscilloscope to measure signals that are not referenced to ground. RIGOL Accessories including current probes for oscilloscopes up to 100 MHz or 100 Amps, high voltage oscilloscope probes, differential probes, attenuators, . Passive Probes High-Frequency Differential Active Probes < 10 GHz High-Frequency Differential Active Probes ≥ 10 GHz. An almost-GHz active differential oscilloscope probe – [ Link ] Mike is the founder and editor of Electronics-Lab. To avoid electric shock, do not apply any potential that exceeds the maximum rating of the probe and/or the probe accessory, whichever is less. At this point, it's enough to say that an oscilloscope probe is some sort of device or network that connects the signal source to the input of the oscilloscope. Best Sellers Mobiles Customer Service Today's Deals Fashion Electronics Prime Home & Kitchen New Releases Amazon Pay. Active differential probe suitable for high common-mode voltage measurement applications up to ±7000V (DC + peak AC). Requirements: Build a 50 Ω probe for a >1GHz oscilloscope to examine the power signals of a 110 VAC to 220 VAC, 300 W power-factor-correction circuit. The probe is a single input device that can divert the electrical signal to the scope. Keysight N2791A Differential Probe,25MHz. Do oscilloscope differential probes provide galvanic isolation? If so, how? By using an RF coupling transformer? equipment. To avoid this problem, the best solution for measuring the voltage dropped across the shunt resistor is to use two scope probes and set the scope up for differential voltage measurement: Question 17 An oscilloscope is connected to a battery of unknown voltage. 1 available for 5 - 6 business days delivery. Differential probes use a differential amplifier to convert the difference between two signals into a voltage that can be sent to a typical single-ended scope input. An oscilloscope is only as good as its probes. A differential probe displays the difference between two voltage inputs. 3k 8 8 gold badges 87 87 silver badges 149 149 bronze badges. ±1400 V (DC + peak AC) or 1400 V RMS (1/20 and 1/200) Bandwidth. N1015B Differential Oscilloscope Probe. Keep checking back to see our newly added Oscilloscope Probes and Oscilloscope Accessories for sale. Oscilloscope Probe, Differential, 25 MHz, 700 V, 10:1, 100:1, All Makes & Models of Oscilloscopes. With ultra-low input capacitance and versa-tile device under test connection capa-bilities, the TDP1500 and TDP3500 Differential-Ended Active probes. Be sure to remove reference leads from. Differential probe Oscilloscope Probe. Differential Oscilloscope Probe - 8 images - tektronix dpo2002b 70 mhz 2 channel 1 gs s digital phosphor oscilloscope at the test,. incorporating a 1:1 or 10:1 switch. ly/Scopes_Sub Questions/comments? Ask me on Twit. Cal Test CT2593-1 Active Differential Probe 25 MHz 10x/200x or 20x/200x ±700 V/±1,400 V, Brown. Using a built-in differential amplifier, the Differential probe SI-9002 scales and converts the high voltage differential input to . Sorry, we have detected unusual traffic from your network. The P5200A can be used with any oscilloscope and enables users to safely make measurements of floating circuits with their oscilloscope grounded. This differential probe extends measurement capability of oscilloscopes to electronic power converters, inverters, motor speed controls, switch mode power supplies and many other applications. Best complement for any oscilloscope! If you ever thought you needed an oscilloscope, you must think you need a differential probe too. Each Available until stock is exhausted 1+ $1,798. Buy Testec TT-SI 9001 Oscilloscope Probe, Probe Type: Active, Differential 25MHz 700V 1:10, 1:100 15101 or other Oscilloscope Probes online from RS for next day delivery on your order plus great service and a great price from the largest electronics components. IC1 is a dual operational amplifier (op-amp), which can be TL072, TL082, TL062, or a similar one. Pico TA041 25 MHz 700 V Differential Oscilloscope Probe 10:1/100:1The TA041 is an active differential probe suitable for high common-mode voltage measurement applications up to +-700 V (DC + peak AC). What we measure is the output signal with a common mode drive. Micsig Dp10007 Oscilloscope High Voltage Differential Probe 100Mhz+70V Oscilloscope Probe Kit in the Oscilloscopes category for sale in Outside South Africa (ID:555352932). Test Probe Leads (with 19-mm tips and 4-mm tips) Learn More. 4 Revision History, simple differential amplifier. The diff amp output is the difference between the + and – inputs. 5 kV, 100:1 The P5100 probe is designed to be used in a high voltage environment. In this design, a first stage of two AD8417 (U3, U4) buffers the signal. These are not suitable to be used with a differential input. The TiePie engineering Handyprobe HP3 is the world's first PC based 100 MS/s differential USB oscilloscope. The probe is compatible with any oscilloscope with 1 MR BNC input. By far the most used oscilloscope probes are the passive 10:1 attenuation probe. Such probes are quite expensive, when it might be possible to measure what you want using 2 probes and the difference function of the scope. Supplied with input cables and probes. Oscilloscopes are used to accurately display waveforms of signals. High-voltage Differential Probe requires an oscilloscope or other measurement instrument with grounded inputs. As the name "passive" suggest, it is made from passive components resistor, capacitor & wires. A good solution with the following advantages: True differential measurements; High CMRR; One scope channel per measurement; But there are downsides: Depending on the specification, two probes can cost more than the oscilloscope they are used with. P6247 - Tektronix - Oscilloscope Probe, Differential, 1 GHz. PINTECH-Professional Oscilloscope Probe &other measurement and instrument products' Manufacturer PINTECH--The top brand of oscilloscope probe in the world, oscilloscope probe technique standard advocator, is the founder of two point floating voltage measurement, and PINTECH is the OEM for many known oscilloscope supplier in the world on probes and related accessories. In Oscilloscopes for Busy People, I'll be using the passive probes that came with my oscilloscope. This differential probe extends the functionality of standard single-ended input oscilloscopes to al. Calibration with 17025 accreditation. POWER SOURCE! Power consumption of the probe are 35mA, thus it not suit for. Oscilloscope Probes 6 kV CAT safety rated Widest differential voltage range available Exceptional common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) across a broad . While working with high voltages is one reason, the other is a bit more subtle. The P5200A Active Differential Probe converts floating signals to low-voltage ground-referenced signals that can be displayed. With those screws removed, using a hard nylon spudger, the case was unsnapped. A high voltage differential probe is used for measuring the voltage difference between two test points where neither test point is at ground. 81) Restricted Item Minimum order of 1 items. TPI Differential Probe - ADF25 - ADF25 Differential Probe by Test Products International Selecting the correct oscilloscope probe ensures accuracy and can . Current probes allows exploring both AC (in the given frequency band) and DC circuits. MSO5000 series digital oscilloscope is a high-performance oscilloscope model designed based on RIGOL UltraVision II technology. Micsig DP10007 Oscilloscope High Voltage Differential Probe 100MHz+70V Oscilloscope Probe Kit 63 reviews COD DANIU P1013 BNC Q9 Male Plug To BNC Q9 Male Plug Oscilloscope Test Probe Cable Lead 100CM 159 reviews COD. - GitHub - lemcu/DiffProbe: Easy to construct differential probe for oscilloscope. It is built around two popular integrated circuits—IC1 and IC2. COCO OSRAM Opto Semiconductors,COCO Datasheet. For probing differential signals, it is possible to use a pair of probes, one for each signal wire, and then utilise the scope's math difference function to show the signal. Hello All, I am using a CW501 Differential Probe with a PicoScope 2206B but the waveform seems strange. A test probe is often supplied as a test lead, which includes the probe, cable and terminating. Select the Right Oscilloscope Probe for Your Application. 3 Mechanical construction details; 1. QuickDiff is a compact 100MHz active differential probe compatible with most oscilloscopes. Practically all modern oscilloscopes have a USB port on the front panel for data output it makes sense to use this socket to power the probe. Output Lead The BNC output connector and an auxiliary grounding terminal are connected to the oscilloscope. The only feature this doesn't use is a ground ring close to the tip. N1015B Differential Oscilloscope Probe 100 MHz, 1500 V, 1%, 4 MΩ, 50:1 / 500:1 specification Bandwidth: 100 MHz Max input voltage: ±1500 Vp-p or 1000 V RMS Attenuation ratio: 50:1 / 500:1 Accuracy: ±1% BNC Output voltage: ±7 V Output Impedance: 50 Ω Input inpedance: 4 MΩ || 2 pF Power requirement: 6 V DC (4xAA cells, or 6 V DC adaptor) Built-in zero reset button Overload Protection LED. Learn the differences between Oscilloscope Passive Probes Vs. PDF AP031 Differential Probe Operator's Manual. This item has been restricted for purchase by your company's administrator. DP-15K is a 100mV high sensitivity and able to measure 15KVp-p high voltage and high dynamic range model. Basics of active and differential oscilloscope probes. Pushing the probe menu button will launch the probe control. A test probe is a physical device used to connect electronic test equipment to a device under test (DUT). Both are referenced to but float above the electrical system ground potential. All probes have industry best CMRR for best noise-immunity, are guaranteed to 1% gain accuracy, and have the industry's widest differential voltage range in a 1 kV rated high voltage differential probe. Differential Measurements With Digital Oscilloscope Using. load in parallel with a few pF of capacitance which is more suitable for. ALL ABOUT OSCILLOSCOPE CRO PROBES. Supports selectable 1x, 100x and 1000x gain. Instead of measuring a test point in relation to a ground point (like single-ended active probes), differential probes measure the difference in voltage of a test point in relation to another test point. It allows to make measurements using standard attenuating probes and protects the scope when a short circuit to ground is created. DPB1300 Differential High-Voltage Probe $ 489. The TA058 is a 50 MHz bandwidth active differential probe suitable for ±70 V (DC + peak AC) differential measurements in the presence of common-mode voltages up to ±700 V (DC + peak AC). Calibration including pre and post calibration data. ZD1000 LeCroy Oscilloscope Probes. Equipment repair to manufacturers specifications. Overview of Oscilloscope Probes Introduction Oscilloscope probes provide a physical and electrical connection between a signal source and an oscilloscope. 5ns Rise Time 50X / 500X Attenuation Rate. > Differential High Voltage Probes > DPB1300 Differential High-Voltage Probe. You can just use A-B mode to see the difference signal (differential mode). But, I have a question maybe our instrumentation gurus could help with. Its extremely low input capacitance, flat frequency response and the patented resistor probe tip technology. 119 5 5 bronze badges \$\endgroup\$ 1. High Voltage Differential Probe Keysight Technologies Compare 3500 MHz — 4 GHz, 3. All three of these probes leverage the PP0004A Hi-Z+ Adapter to interface with our current generation oscilloscopes with AutoProbe 1 interfaces. The TekFlex connector has a pinch-to-open design that when open requires minimal force to attach an accessory tip. What I really wanted was an active differential probe which should be able t…. These series of probes are perfect for. Belonging to the family of detachable stainless-steel shaft surface probes, these pencil probes feature small coils and a small-diameter housing built for higher frequencies. The sensitivity is 2 times of DP-14K. Oscilloscope probes are specifically designed to limit interference or loading in order to avoid influencing your measurement (as much as possible, that is). TDP0500 & TDP1000 High Voltage Differential Probes Technical Reference. High Voltage Differential Probe is a good example: * Micsig DP20003 High Voltage Differential Probe 5600V 100MHz 3. It should have JFET inputs and low noise. Differential measurements cannot take place on a grounded, bench-type oscilloscope by simply touching the probe tip to one line and the ground reference lead to the other line. U heeft dit product eerder gekocht. Using these on a differential input will have a negative effect on the CMRR and will introduce measurement errors. A differential probe measures the voltage difference at the probe tip, eliminating common-mode signals from the measurement. The circuit diagram of a high impedance differential probe for oscilloscopes and multimeters is shown in Fig. Standard oscilloscope probes and attenuators only attenuate one side of the signal path. +1 (815) 578-1703 Sterling is boss. A differential probe eliminates this problem by providing two scope probe inputs which can be floating relative to the scope's ground. 9 pF) to reduce circuit loading across the entire probe/oscilloscope bandwidth. There are passive probes and active probes, high voltage differential probes and high speed differential probes. The industry-leading bandwidth and signal fidelity found in a Tektronix low voltage differential oscilloscope probe ensures that you see every possible detail. Oscilloscope Probe, High-Voltage Differential Probe, 50 MHz, 1 kV, 50:1, 500:1. DANIU P1013 BNC Q9 Male Plug To BNC Q9 Male Plug Oscilloscope Test Probe Cable Lead 100CM 159 reviews COD. This differential probe extends the functionality of standard single-ended input oscilloscopes to allow a safe and accurate method of making high-voltage differential measurements. 701977, 701978 High Voltage Differential Probe (468 KB). Than doing Ch1-Ch2 math on the scope. Oscilloscope for High Voltage Differential Probe High Voltage Probe 1 Set Oscilloscope Probe DP10013 1300V 100M High Voltage Differential Probe Kit 5. 5V AUTO POWER OFF SEPARATING DESIGN, CONVENIENT, DURABLE MEET IEC1010, UL3111, TUV GS, CAT III 6500V. 35in (a little bigger than the width of a normal probe). This is true whether using a voltmeter or an oscil- loscope. Differential Voltage: ±12 V (DC + ACpeak), Probe Power: probe power supply, works with 50 Ω input system oscilloscope. Editor's Note: This article on current measurement and current probes is the third of a three-part series on probes and their proper use. Buy the LeCroy ZD1000 Oscilloscope Probe, Probe Type: Active, Differential 1200MHz ±10V. When both leads of the oscilloscope probe are not connected to the circuit ground, such a probe is called a differential probe. Differential probes are popular for measuring high-frequency signals or signals of very low amplitude. Differential Probes With signals becoming faster, and power supply voltages going lower, these active differential probes will allow floating measurements from 100uVolts to as high as 7000 volts. Arrives by Fri, Apr 15 Buy Higoodz USB DC 5V High Voltage Differential Probe, Portable Oscilloscope Probe, For Motor Drive Design Floating Measurements at Walmart. The TA057 from Pico technology is a 25MHz differential probe. Also shop for tools at best prices on AliExpress!. Made in USA- Probe Master Bandwidth (-3dB) - 100 MHz Attenuation into 1 megohm - 10X +/- MSRP: Now: $239. An Introduction to Oscilloscope Probes. Most scope probes are made with thin, low capacitance per foot cable ( using. Buy Fydun High Voltage Differential Oscilloscope Probe DP10013 1300V 100MHz Oscilloscope Probe Kit-3. Oscilloscope probes are the key link between your oscilloscope and your device under test. Pick up the oscilloscope probes you need at Grainger. Oscilloscope Accessories Active Differential Probes € New Technology Differential Probes Introducing two active Differential Probes with improved bandwidth and CMRR. 2 x Test Leads with insulated 4mm Banana Plugs (red & black) 2 x Grabbers (red & black) 2 x Pincer (red & black) 2 x Alligator Clips (red & black) 1 x Insulated BNC Cable - 100cm 1 x Mains Adapter 220V EU Version. This combined with a low price makes the probe unparalleled in the. Pintek DP-15K 35MHz, 15kV differential probe input stage uses two THS4631 with another op-amp and DC servo. We would need to subtract the differential probe gain from that to get the CMRR. TPI offers a wide range of high quality oscilloscope probes designed to meet the most demanding applications. Configuration and Functions Offset voltage adjustment screw Overload. Transforms the ATS scope for Hybrid and EV High voltage diagnostics. RP1000D series high voltage differential probe is applicable to general purpose oscilloscope and its output label is the relative attenuation when the input impedance of the oscilloscope is 1MΩ. Differential Probes, Oscilloscope Probes, Probes. Micsig DP20003 Differential High Voltage Probe, Oscilloscope Probe, 200X/2000X Attenuation Rate, 5600V 100MHz 3. ADP5025 Acute High Voltage Differential Probe, 50x/500x. Signal conditioning, scaling and offsets can be easy on a differential probe at hardware level. The FPGA is configured to talk to an ADC08D1020 dual 1GSPS ADC, designed originally by National Semiconductor but now sold as TI. GW INSTEK GDP-100 | Probe: for oscilloscope; active,differential; 6. The scope is a 50 MHz Rigol DS1052E, with 1MΩ 15pF inputs. Oscilloscope Differential Probe Usb Power Supply. Tech specs: Class: CATIII Attenuation ratio: 1:20 or 1:200 Accuracy: +/-2% Impedance: 4MOhm BNC cable length: 950mm Input leads length: 450mm More…. Solutions - LTC6268-10 Oscilloscope Differential Probe They appear to be attenuating the input signal by 100x, then bumping it back up by 100x (each stage is 10x, the chips are voltage gain >10 stable, decompensated op-amps). 2pcs p6040 Oscilloscope 40MHz PKCATI BNC Clip Probes Clip Cable 11 reviews COD. AP034 Active Differential Probe 2 922261-00 Rev A Do not overload. A bandwidth of 100 MHz and a measurement range up to 1300 V. Features Oscilloscopes with detail information about each type of Oscilloscope, test and measurement equipments. Extra push button activate switch with momentary snap action sealed Switch. Tektronix P7506 6 GHz Trimode Differential Oscilloscope Probe. 5kV 1:50, 1:500 or other Oscilloscope Probes online from RS for next day delivery on your order plus great service and a great price from the largest electronics components. An almost-GHz active differential oscilloscope probe - [ Link ] Mike is the founder and editor of Electronics-Lab. X million in 2029, and register a CAGR of X. For a gene appearing in multiple probe-sets, the most significant differential expressed probe-sets are assigned to this gene. A week later the PCBs arrived in the mail. Akozon High Voltage Differential Probe DP10013 Oscilloscope 1300V 100MHz Oscillo. If the circuit under test is not (and cannot) be referenced to the scope chassis - then the only option might be to use a differential probe (or given the cost, buy a class II scope). The DP120 differential voltage probe is designed to make measurements on signals with floating reference. Do oscilloscope differential probes provide galvanic isolation? If so, how?. This will be used as the probes gnd. As a sanity check use the 1KHz probe comp output with one probe tip on the output and the other on the Gnd terminal and then use Maths A-B. Any signal going to the oscilloscope will first pass through the probe. It allows you to safely measure floating voltages up to 1, 300V and has a bandwidth up to 100 MHz. Use the lowest available probe attenuation and limit bandwidth on the probe or the oscilloscope to reduce measurement system noise. SKU TESTEC TT-SI-9010 Category Oscilloscope Probe, Differential, 70 MHz, 7 kV Manufacturers TESTEC. Then press Autoset to display a stable square wave. This probe is designed for carrying out. Differential input The Handyprobe HP3 is equipped with a differential input with a maximum input range of 800 Volt DC (566 Volt RMS). Should you need additional assistance, or have any. To begin, connect the differential probe to one of the analog channel inputs and turn that channel on. The Pico TA057 Differential Probe is an active probe, it can be used with standard grounded oscilloscopes to measure signals that are not referenced to ground. Send data either real-time but slow to Android or buffer and send bursts for faster. X million in 2018 and is projected to reach US$ XX. The Tektronix P7513A 13 GHz TriMode Differential Probe for TekConnect Interface Oscilloscopes has one-probe setup, which makes differential, single ended, and common mode measurements accurately and definitively. Product overview: Fluke U1500s High Voltage Differential Probe. The differential capability allows measurements to be made between two points in a circuit without reference to ground. Oscilloscope Compatibility for High-Frequency Differential Active Probes ≥ 10 GHz; Probe-to-scope Interface Compatible Oscilloscopes; AutoProbe1: Infiniium MXR, EXR, S-Series, 9000, and 90000A Series. The Automotive Test Scope ATS5004D is a four channel automotive oscilloscope with differential inputs. OWON Active High Voltage Differential Probe Fujian Lilliput Optoelectronics Technology Co. The P5205A is a Differential Probe from Tektronix. 5pF||30MΩ or better) high bandwidth differential oscilloscope probe designed, built, and revised over the course of two weekends for the 2014 MakeMIT hardware hackathon. It is an "active" probe, requiring power to run its circuitry, and is capable of scaling down high voltages to inputs safe for an oscilloscope as well as being truly differential (i. Use the Y-lead adapter to connect to the probe compensation terminals, a square-wave source on the oscilloscope front panel that is used also for compensating passive probes. High Voltage Differential Probes - p. The probe’s output voltage--difference voltage--allows it to drive the ground-referenced inputs of the oscilloscopes. Analog front end: 50ohm input to use a standard oscilloscope probe. A differential amplifier helps to achieve common-mode noise rejection, which means the issue of common-mode signals in the two input voltages of the probes reaching the oscilloscope channels is eliminated. WARNING: For safe operation, do not use the P5200 High-voltage Differential Probe with oscilloscopes that have floating inputs (isolated inputs), . RS Pro by Allied Passive Oscilloscope Probe 150MHz 600V Cat I 1:10 BNC Connector 2. High Voltage Differential Oscilloscope Probe DP6150A(1500V/100MHz), US $ 540 - 700 / Piece, Guangdong, China, Graigar, dp6150a. DP-15K is an upgraded model of DP-14K. Upgrade deals Micsig DP10007 Oscilloscope High Voltage Differential Probe 100MHz+70V Oscilloscope Probe Kit 63 reviews COD. Differential Probes TDP1500 • TDP3500 Data Sheet Features &Benefits Outstanding ElectricalPerformance Easy Access to Probe Comp Box Controls or Oscilloscope Probe Menu Display for Probe Status, Setup Control, and Diagnostic Information Integrated Scope/ProbeSystem. Tektronix is a known leader when it comes to signal fidelity and signal acquisition. With the differential probe on factor x 10, the oscilloscope on 0. Depending on the signal source and the measurement to make, a probe can be as simple as a wire (e. Oscilloscope Probes can conduct signals up to 2. 2 Cable: For +5 volt power from laptop and audio-plug input to laptop; 1. Probes are tipically offered in many ranges, from 24 to 2500 V. Buy Unitedheart Micsig Oscilloscope 1300V 100Mhz High Voltage Differential Probe Kit 3,5Ns Rise Time 50X/500X Attenuation Rate Dp10013 Tent(with Assembly Accessories): Oscilloscope Probes - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases,Authentic Merchandise,Free Delivery on all items,most Best Price,FREE SHIPPING ON ALL OUR PRODUCTS!. With the specs that this probe offers it allows for a broad usage. Bandwidth is able to reach 35MHz. Applications include making safe measurements in power circuit applications and acquisition of low-speed balanced. They offer fixed attenuation of 10X or 100X or switchable attenuation between 1X and 10X. divider and a real time oscilloscope can be used to make these measurements. ly/ProbeTrainingKit Click to subscribe: http://bit. In the first four screenshots the yellow trace is the output of the DIY differential probe, multiplied by 10 by the scope, as connected in the diagram. To measure a differential signal, we have two options, one is using a differential probe and second is using a two channels oscilloscope. 9: Principle differential probe. A differential probe can be used to make single-ended measurements by. In my last post I described how I had simulated and designed an active scope probe and sent off the design to a PCB manufacturing house. Many oscilloscope users will decide their need (single-ended or differential), their voltage, and their bandwidth, and then pick a probe. With signals becoming faster, and power supply voltages going lower, these active differential probes will allow floating measurements from 100uVolts to as . 5 GHz, 300 V, or 500 Arms, even in extreme environments. Each click of that knob adjusts the oscilloscope's. using its negative input as a ground reference contact and there are several. Normal oscilloscope lead tips are too large and the probe handle is too heavy. RP7000 uses plug-on socket probe head and supports 4 types of interchangeable probe heads to optimize the performance and usability. 5GHz Fast Edge Generation • Compatible with 50Ω probes - Works with the Picotest P2105A, and P2104A-1X probes. Differential oscilloscope probes. Buy High-Voltage Differential Probe Oscilloscope Test Probes - Voltage / Frequency. 5ns Rise Time 200X/2000X Attenuation Rate 4. The GE8100 is an oscilloscope Differential Probe ideal for measurements of circuits not referenced to ground, for example, single or three phase supplies used on motor control units, thyristors or power MOSFET's. DP10007 Oscilloscope HighVoltage Differential Probe USB DC5V Output 1. This differential probe extends the measurement capability of oscilloscopes to electronic power converters, inverters, motor speed controls, switch mode power supplies and many other applications. Its small precision tapered tips, variable articulation of the probe tip, and quick-adjusting variable tip spacing provides the needed flexibility for adapting to vias and other test points of differing sizes from 30 mils to 180 mils. 26 November 2020 - Yokogawa launched a new range of high frequency, high voltage differential oscilloscope probes, combining proven features of its existing probes with new capabilities. Posted by u/[deleted] 5 years ago. An oscilloscope (informally a scope) is a type of electronic test instrument that graphically displays varying electrical voltages as a two-dimensional plot of one or more signals as a function of time. Newer multimode oscilloscope probes offer multiple modes that can measure single-ended, differential, and common-mode characteristics of a differential signal with a single connection (Fig. I know that I can buy differential probes to my scope but the price a differential probe may avoid problems arising from oscilloscope . Figure 5: A conceptual diagram of a differential probe and a device under test modelled as a differential source with a common-mode element. whoaru99 Epic Member Subscriber. The maximum differential test voltage, 1300V. The shielded region closest to the signal input is the analog section. This enables mains voltages to be tested. The interface to the ADC is a pair of 8-bit differential DDR busses, operating at up to 500MHz, which is demultiplexed. I found "MSO_ConfigureAnalogChannel", I can use "mso/1:2". SAP2500D Differential Probe User Manual 7 function. USB DC 5V Output, more portable while oscilloscope have USB interface. There are several sources from which. The TA043 is a 700V Active Differential Probe. Your primer on the how to measure differential signals with an oscilloscopeClick to subscribe! http://bit. Therefore, these probes can also beused to perform measurements on 230VAC mains voltage circuits without causing short circuits or damage to the oscilloscope. 2 To prevent damage to the insulation on the AC285-FL alligator clips, do not use in high A/m magnetic fields at high frequencies, which can cause induction heating of the jaws. Oscilloscope Probes and Probe Accessories. Teledyne LeCroy has a wide variety of world class probes and amplifiers to complement its product line. 5 V/div, the real vertical deviation is 10 x 0. 25 MHz, 1400 V Differential oscilloscope probe x20/x200 (TA057) quantity. Oscilloscope Probe, High-Voltage Differential Probe, 200 MHz, 750 V, 25:1, 250:1. This is only I know, Can anybody advice how to prepare for measring the Differential meas. Micsig DP10013 High Voltage Differential Probe. TriMode Probing, Connectivity, and Performance. Single ended to differential converter. Buy RS PRO Oscilloscope Probe, Probe Type: Differential 30MHz ±33V dc 10x, 1x, 2x. The novel connectors enable a family of smart, differential probes to be attached. The attenuation ratio can be switched between 50:1 and 500:1 2. Market Survey from AlasKitan AFFORDABLE differential. The maximum measuring voltage is 1KV higher than DP-25 (1300Vp-p). Differential measurements do not require use of the probe reference lead (Gnd lead) when the second probe is in fact the reference for the signal. Differential signal measurement in practice. After connecting to Tektronix DPO7104 scope probe was correctly recognized and detected. Differential Oscilloscope Probes Published Date November 21, 2021 Author Ilya Garbouz. 5 GHz BW Type, 140 ps Tr, 5X ATTEN) #3Opens in a new window or tab in Burnsville, MN, USA Contact the seller for additional photos and information. The 700924 differential probe lets you make wide-band (100 MHz) differential input measurements. Impedance matching from the probe tip to channel input port is critical. Input Voltage to Earth (VDC + peak AC); CAT II / 600 Vrms; Only connect to a grounded oscilloscope!. 5ns Rise Time-50X/500X Attenuation-Overroad alarm at Amazon UK. More stock available week commencing 16/05/22. 1 PC board manual-construction details; 1. 701927 Differential Probe 1400V / 150 MHz. 5ns Rise Time 10X/100X Attenuation Rate Oscilloscope Probe Kit Accessory DP10007. It is possible to measure and observe the waveforms of three. Model 701978 Differential Probe is a differential input active probe that supports high voltage up to 1. It achieves this by adding a 9 Meg Ohm resistor in series with the tip and assuming the scope will be set for 1 Meg input. Probe Power: Probe power supply. On top the waveform on the shunt with the PicoScope single-ended probe: On the bottom the waveform with the differential probe: Is that the normal behavior of the CW501 Differential Probe? Would that be the PicoScope's probe capacitance? I apologize in advance for not being an expert in. Besides the normal features of a professional USB oscilloscope, the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004D has some specific features like Sure Connect connection test and resistance measurement that make it an ideal instrument for automotive measurements. DP10007 is the newest product of DP series, it allows conventional earth-grounded oscilloscopes to be used for floating signal measurements of up to 700 V of differential voltage and common mode voltage. USB Hi-Res Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 1GS/s, 200MHz BW, 64M/channel From: $ 1,400. This probe has a remarkable price-performance ratio, unlike any other one that we sell. Depending on model, supplied with battery and psu. To view all 3 pairs of windings at the same time on a 3-phase, you need 3 differential probes and a scope with 3 or more channels, such as the Pico 4423, 4425,4425a. Diagnostics and initial checks. There will also be a LLGND (LOW LEVEL GROUND) pin which may be used if a ground connection is required. DC to 25 MHz (–3 dB) Input impedance. With use of such a high voltage differential probe can be measured on voltages connected to the power grid without danger and the scope can remain grounded. Oscilloscope Probe Schematic & Anatomy. So you are limited by the probe. Our integrated circuits and reference designs help you create active oscilloscope probes. With a 9-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, the MSO5000 series integrates 7 independent instruments into one, delivering super sample bandwidth ratio, extremely high memory depth, and other excellent specifications. p-p, 60 Hz common-mode noise, using a conventional oscilloscope probe (upper). Discussion in 'DIY' started by whoaru99, May 14, 2021. Applications include making safe measurements in power. The specs are: True differential inputs. There are several different types of oscilloscope probes: Passive, active, differential, and current. A system of differential equations describing these signals is derived from a phenomenological analysis of oscilloscope traces of the signals from a magnetic probe. Probe had no physical damage from outside, did not have any accessory bundled with sale. Connectivity options The TMDP and THDP Series probes are equipped with the TekVPI® interface which allows smart communication between the oscilloscope and probe. Most probes consist of a probe head, a meter or two of flexible cable, and a connector which fits on the oscilloscope input. Also, keep in mind that the probe's capacitance and resistance will be in parallel. Farnell heeft snelle offertes, verzending op dezelfde dag, snelle levering, brede voorraad, datasheets & technische ondersteuning. It has two probes with shrouded banana probe tips (one red, one black) and shielded cable for improved noise immunity. Tektronix P6046 Differential Probe. The output voltage of the probe is the difference between the voltages on the two input terminals, allowing it to drive the ground-referenced input of an oscilloscope. Using two/four channels oscilloscope is the cheapest method which handles acceptable results. Max voltage between each input terminal and ground: 10KV RMS Do not use the probe in damp environment or where there is risk of explosion. DP10007 High Voltage Differential Probe Kit Accessory 100MHz 700V Oscilloscope. A mismatch gives rise to reflections, collisions and. Teledyne LeCroy HVD3106 Oscilloscope Probe, Probe Type. 5 GHz) Differential active probes are like two probes in one. It allows for the measurement of a signal that might exceed the limits of the oscilloscope. It seems like the generally agreed best practice is to solder a coax lead as close to the load as possible, taking care not to probe directly across backside decoupling caps to avoid underestimating HF noise. Differential probes address all of these problems before we connect anything to our scope. Search Products & Suppliers Product Directory. 300 MHz 100:1 Both probes allow conventional earth-grounded Keysight oscilloscopes to be used for safe floating signal measurements. China Eta5026 100MHz 2600V Floating Measurement Isolation High Voltage Differential Active Oscilloscope Probe, Find details about China Oscilloscope Probe, High Voltage Probe from Eta5026 100MHz 2600V Floating Measurement Isolation High Voltage Differential Active Oscilloscope Probe - Aiyong Instruments (Suzhou) Co. In some instances it may be necessary to measure differential signals. There is a reason, differential probes are better than having 2 single-ended probes and doing a Ch1-Ch2 etc. RS PRO RSDPB5150 Oscilloscope Probe, Probe Type. The probe outputs a low-voltage, ground-referenced signal for display on instruments with the TEKPROBE interface (or any oscilloscope or other measurement instrument when used with the Tektronix 1103 TekProbe. The differential probe displays the difference between the two voltage inputs, and they appear as floating relative to the scope’s ground. Low level audio, disk drive signals . The writeup is below the circuit in the link, they say the attenuation is "to allow wide common mode swings". Whatever oscilloscope differential probe styles you want, can be easily bought here. Handheld and fixtured probing needs are met using the optional Precision Differential Probing Module (P75PDPM). Oscilloscope Probe, High-Voltage Differential Probe, 70 MHz, 7 kV, 100:1, 1000:1 - Pico Technology - TA044 구매 element14는 특별 가격, 당일 발송, . However, using a differential probe on low-level signals requires some attention to noise reduction in the measurement system. Introduction to Oscilloscope Probes Lab Experiment Overview of Oscilloscope Probes Introduction Oscilloscope probes provide a physical and electrical connection between a signal source and an oscilloscope. 25 MHz, 700 V Differential oscilloscope probe x10/x100 (TA041) The TA041 is an active differential oscilloscope probe. A standard USB cable is used to connect the probe power supply to the USB outlet on the oscilloscope; the type is unimportant, as even a charging cable is adequate. The answer, of course, is to use a Differential Probe as the front-end to an ordinary, ground or rather, an earth connected scope. X% during the forecast period, according to a new Market. So we start at a CMRR of around 80dB below 20MHz, deteriorating to ca. Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes 25MHz High Voltage Differential Probe. The PicoScope 4444 differential input oscilloscope however provides four true differential inputs and a full feature set including: High resolution Deep memory Serial bus decoders Wide range of probes and accessories Probe recognition Probe power (e. Even differential probes, which (within certain limits) enable voltages to be measured without reference to ground, often cost the private user more than a complete scope does. ADF25A TPI Differential Oscilloscope Probe TPI ADF25A Differential Oscilloscope Probe - Selecting the correct oscilloscope probe ensures accuracy and can improve the performance of your test instrument. Differential amplifiers are placed between oscilloscopes and differential probes as a signal conditioning preamplifier. 0v, with reference to the earth) and display on the oscilloscopes. For a differential input, both sides of the input need to be attenuated. The slimline design P and SP series probes are available in fixed or switchable attenuation. Tektronix High Voltage Differential Probe solutions offer: Best-in-class bandwidth and probe loading. Oscilloscope Probes are a conducting wire which is used to establish a connection between the circuit under test and the measuring instrument. The requirements are: DC to 50 MHz 3db bandwidth; A few selectable . The solution with the ISO202+isolated power module and a few other parts could make a nice special purpose probe for a fraction of the cost of a commercial multi-capability differential probe. Differential Probes TDP1500 • TDP3500 Differential Probes-A Better Measurement Tool Differential active probes provide truer signal reproduction and fidelity for high-frequency measurements. probing sensitive circuit locations. Asin: B09PD31CB1 | Ean: 0696952594324. My trusty 100MHz oscilloscope was no use, it was too slow to see anything and unfortunately I couldn’t quite justify buying a $3k differential probe for my faster scope just for this. With a 50Ω load on the input of the oscilloscope the deviation becomes 10 V/div. The main purposes are to display repetitive or single waveforms on the screen that would otherwise occur too briefly to be perceived by the human eye. 5 GHz bandwidth models - accurate measurements for serial and digital applications Differential Probe Tektronix Compare. The circuitry inside your probe, mainly the attenuator, is designed to counteract this interference. Read more: An almost-GHz active differential oscilloscope probe. RP1025D High Voltage Differential Probe. Probes provide excellent high-speed electrical and mechanical performance required for today's digital system designs. Operating Input Voltage: 5000 Vrms and 7000 Vpeak or less. This keeps additive noise to a minimum, and makes it exceptionally useful with High Definition oscilloscopes for lowest noise at highest sensitivity gain settings. It is ideal for many applications such as motor speed controls, power supply designs, and electronic high-power converters. Differential probe for isolation. If it is simply a situation where your amp is grounded and your amp output is bridged: If you use a dual trace scope, connect a probe to each output. 5kV, connects to the instrument voltage input. Differential probes allow for a safe means to measure high voltage signals and signals that do not have a reference to ground. Input Leads The input leads of the differential probe connect. The manual provided with your oscilloscope will give you more specific information about how to use the oscilloscope in your work. Higher bandwidth InfiniiMax probe model 1131B, 1132B, and 1134B are also supported by 3000 X-, 4000 X-, 6000 X-, 5000, 6000 300 MHz to 1 GHz models and, 7000 Series. I\\'ve been doing some power rail noise/ripple measurements lately. The 10:1 position giving a 10 megohm. With this probe, you can use your conventional earth-grounded oscilloscope to measure floating signals of up to 700 V of differential and common-mode voltage in 100:1 mode. I'm looking into getting a differential probe for oscilloscope for reasons not really related to audio. Oscilloscope Probe, Differential, 25 MHz, 1. Differential probes aren't just for differential signals!Probe Training Kit Download http://bit. Oscilloscope Passive & Active Probes Explained. High-Voltage High-Precision Active Differential Oscilloscope Probe N1000A (40MHz, 1400V) DC/AC Current Probe PT-710 (100kHz, 50mA~100A) 3. Differential signaling used in high speed serial standards requires very accurate characterization. 25MHz High Voltage Differential Isolating Oscilloscope Probe 2600V 100X 1000X. PDF Oscilloscope Probes and Probe Accessories Catalog. our products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions and more than 500 colleges and Universities around. It can be used with signal speeds of up to 25 MHz.