aquarium snail poop. The average size of a Bladder Snail is half an inch. Angelfish and some peaceful community fish are ideal tank mates, including bigger fishes like barbs and gourami, which are not the aggressive. Are Pond Snails Bad for Your Aquarium? Almost all tanks have a couple of pond snails, and they are, in fact, good for your aquarium. We identified it from well-behaved source. 9 Of The Best Bottom Feeder Fish For Your Aquarium. cleaning snail poop from sand : Aquariums. While I was skeptical about keeping snails, I soon found out my uncle was right. However, that shouldn’t frighten you if you are planning to keep them as pets. The process is a bit bizarre by our standards, because the anus opens into the mantle cavity, which also houses the lung! So the poop itself is shed through the breathing pore. As a general rule, You can remove most mystery snail feces by simply cleaning up the tank with a gravel siphon by punching the vacuum into the substrate. 5 Best Fish Tank Ideas for a 40-Gallon Breeder Aquarium Author - Irene Bearly May 2, 2022 • 5 min read The 40-gallon breeder aquarium has a great footprint for keeping a larger solo specimen or community of fish. The smaller, egg-laying species such as pond snails and ramshorn snails may take over a tank. Secondly, if you have a graveled bottom, You need a vacuum you can plunge into the. Snails and shrimp will ignore most fish poop in favor of algae and any uneaten food they can find. If I had my pick, I would most certainly prefer a few snail feces rather than see my plants blanketed with a coating of algae and bacteria. First off, Haveing a good filter is paramount to cleaning up after these guys. The Nassarius Snail likes to burrow in the sand, usually with its long, tube-like siphon protruding from the substrate. Just a quick reminder that common Pond Snails in your Tropical Fish Tank will increase your Tank's bio-load. But since snails tend to poop near the edge of the aquarium, you may try spot-cleaning the area to remove it. It seems that they are eating fish poop. Mystery snails love to eat blanched green vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, and kale. If you are a newcomer in the aquarium field, it is wise to start with a. Use 1 cup of salt per gallon of water. But the color can actually vary depending on what the snails eat. However, on the other hand, snail poop can also be beneficial to your aquarium. How to Breed Mystery Snails (5 Simple Steps) 1. They are usually available in yellow, and are quite easy to care for, as long as some basic criteria are met. These are the fish that you add to your aquarium that will scout around for uneaten food, plant rest, and sadly sometimes even deceased fish. Gravity will continue pulling the water through the tube, and into the bucket, this is a siphon. Afterward, remove the gravel or pebble layer and wash it with soap or detergent, followed by proper rinsing with sufficient water. Best Shrimp For A Reef Tank Clean-Up Crew. The empty snail shells in your tank are a good source of providing calcium and other minerals for your aquarium animals, particularly the other snails. 25 (taken with a refractometer) Nitrites 0. The parameters of your seawater, such as the pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite and SG, all need to be totally acceptable. There is a popular belief that these fish will normally kill each other when kept together, despite …. Nerite Snail Care: Types, Breeding, Eggs. Calcium powder, cuttlebone, shells from dead snails, natural limestone, bone meal, and wood ash are all good sources of calcium for snails. A single snail can lay and hatch its eggs. The other thing i want to point out that may be misleading in the comments above is that yes snails will eat decaying plant matter and leftover food, however not rotting food. When choosing your plants, ask the shop clerk to throw in a few tiny snails. Mystery snails come under the "apple snail" species of gastropods, and they are not picky eaters at all. The lfs was running a special on turbos, I had ALOT of snail poop. In other words, your tank will be a whole lot cleaner with a couple of pond snails on the job, at first. Mystery snails are also readily available on the market. Snails really are one of the best non-fish and non-plant based organisms you can add for good aquarium health. So, it's important to make sure that the bacteria in your tank are thriving. Hobbyists often add a bunch of snails to a tank as an “aquarium cleaning crew”. Nerite Snails do best water with Nitrites less than 20 ppm. If you suspect that the snail has died, you need to remove it from the water carefully to inspect it. Perhaps the antennae look like worms. The yellow and dark brown stripes on their shells make them stand out in an aquarium and in the wild, though they make beautiful additions to the schools of fish they may live among while in captivity. The amount of snails you can have in your aquarium completely depends on how many fish you're going to keep them with. Sometimes the snail is not dead when they are floating at the top of the aquarium, monitor the snail over a period of a day to make sure that they have actually died. Shrimp and snails are very light on a stocking level. These small worms can cause extreme irritation to the skin, gills, and eyes in fish. A couple of common types of waste include: Poop; Uneaten food; Decaying plant matter; Fish breathing; Any other type of waste; All this waste is collectively referred to as bioload. They prefer shallow, warm waters and eat larvae, mollusks, crustaceans, and snails. What do Snails Eat in a Fish Tank and What to Feed Aquarium Snails. How does an Apple Snail help with water?. A snail's poop is thread-like and has a sticky texture. Can there be too many snails in the aquarium with shrimp? I have a 20 gallon with some plan, around 10-12 cherry shrimp, 4 amano shrimp, 2 rabbit snails, and 8 mystery snails(1/2"-2"). I returned 10 of the turbos several weeks. Put your head down by the bucket and start sucking the water down the tube. Do Aquarium Snails Eat Fish Poop? You should dispel the myth of the ghost. On occasion, they are known to leave the water and look for food on land as well. Land snails in a terrarium (a glass or plastic container with a tight lid) mostly eat the foods above. Flagfish are one of the few clean-up crew members that can live in unheated aquariums. It is a phenomenally excellent food for them. While it doesn’t have as large of a bioload as other fish or snails, it’s certainly enough to cause problems. Snails poop just like every other animal in your. But if I just fed my lps, let them poop, would it be just as good? Or if I just let algae grow and buy a ton of snails to eat it, they poop everywhere, how well would that work? I guess the general question is. Snail poop tends to break up into very small floating particles, which makes filter floss perfect for catching it all. I have only one nerite snail and there is poop everywhere. One of the larger problems with snail poop is it tends to break up into smaller pieces which makes it really hard to net out manually. by pooping in gravel snails introduce some fertilization (poop) to sand, . But if you're asking about the common nuisance or 'pest' species, then, it depends. Then hold your thumbs over both ends of the tubing as you move one end to the snail container and the other end to your bucket. The snail's poop gets darker in color and even smaller when it dries off completely. At some point, it produces larva that migrates to the feces of the rat. Unique and beautiful snail in the planted aquarium market. One or two snails would be suitable when setting up a 10 gallon tank. Order by 9am for delivery between 12pm-3pm, by 1pm for delivery between 3pm-6pm, & by 3pm for delivery between 6pm-8pm. They're basically taking algae and other organic material and producing it into snail poop, which is easily filtered out or siphoned out with a gravel vacuum. A dead snail would merely fall off the glass and lay upside down on the substrate. Yoyo loaches, on the other hand, need a bigger tank with a savvy aquarist. Get it Thu, May 5 - Tue, May 10. While clean-up crew fishes keep a tank visibly clean, there will still be dirt under the gravel that calls for manual cleaning. Therefore, these snails are providing clean up and eventually natural food. They like a planted aquarium so they can hide and roam around. Is it possible that she pooped it out?? cdad Posts: 12,701, Reputation: 1438. It is the decaying plant material, poop, extra food, or other such waste material with nitrogen. remove the sand and clean it in a 5 gallon bucket, i have a 75g with sugar sized aragonite sand and this is the only why i can think to clean it. Fish will usually excrete poop once every 48 hours. Coral Morphologic @ Aspen Ideas: Climate. They will eat a few of their eggs here and there but not the snails. Can snails reproduce asexually?. Typically, snails are very picky about what they eat because they need to consume a lot of calcium to keep their shells healthy. They won't bother each other, and your tank will become cleaner than ever. How To Clean Up Mystery Snail Poop? If the snail poop is floating near the surface, we’d suggest using a net to siphon off the water. Add 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt for every 1 gallon of water. Snails do poop, and sometimes a lot. Only 3 different snail species at the moment. Despite being bottom dwellers, cherry shrimp will only eat nutritious food sources, and fish poop is hardly nutritious. They are large snails that are quite unique from other snails due to their different breathing technique. Smooth and round pebbles both big and small. Some reef aquarists prefer to keep the Turbo Snail in. Sometimes the snails float to the surface of the water due to the air in their lungs. Apple Snails are the most commonly kept freshwater snail in aquariums. bettas cherry-shrimps plants shrimps snails #2 Orchidilia 5 years ago yes that looks like snail poop. They are all in the center of my tank. A large number of snails means a large amount of poop every day. Mystery snails, just like Nerite snails, are a very popular breed of snails among aquarium keepers. Aquarium snails eat algae, dead plant matter, bits of fish food, bloodworms, brine shrimps, fruits, blanched vegetables like lettuce, kale, zucchini, and many other foods. Did you know that their poop has bacteria that is good for the digestive system of the . The aquarium hobby is a wonderful one, but for beginners, there are a lot of problems that you can run into. Secondly, if you have a graveled bottom, You need a vacuum you can plunge into the substrate to get all the nasty sinking bits. Trumpet Snails – These snails have conical shells and they are great at feeding on detritus in the home aquarium. These bacteria are beneficial for shrimp's digestive tract. Again, the agent unfortunately has a negative effect on snail species living in the aquarium, only red-rimmed melania, great ramshorns and bubble snails seem to survive a treatment. Keep the water level in the aquarium ½ inch below the top of your aquarium to allow snails to breathe. Keep Some Snails for Cleaning Snails keep the sand clean by eating the leftover food and even the fish poop. Aquariums and terrariums are easy to wipe down and wash when necessary, keep the bedding contained, and help hold in moisture. Ghost shrimp, like may other shrimp, are feeders of opportunity. 68-82 Degrees Fahrenheit - do not need heated water. Answer (1 of 4): Some snails are very useful and/or ornamental and people spend money to buy them, to keep them. The other reasons include: No feed at all Overfeeding of calcium supplements (like Cuttlebone). I picked up 2 turbo snails after a bunch of different types of snails crabs. Mystery snails are one of the most common types of apple snails, and they are often confused with channel apple snails and island apple snails. All About Pest Snails in the Planted Aquarium — Buce Plant. Most of the tall plants with stalks of plants will grow right out of the water if they are not pruned regularly. +1, they are effective but they are mini-buldozers. The most basic of the worms are monogenean and digenean trematodes. Even worse, they will produce more fish poop! Snails, shrimp, plecos, and corydoras are all part of the clean-up crew to a lot of people (myself included). Most of these snails are species in the family Planorbidae which is the largest family of aquatic pulmonate gastropods. Can Nerite Snails Live Out Of Water. Make Hiding Spots - Another trap is to find a flat object than can provide a dark, cool, moist. The poop will not disappear from your aquarium as the snail also poops. For example, a 6-week-old fish is going to have very different stools than one that is middle-aged. Nitrobacter bacteria then consumes the Nitrite and creates Nitrate. But it would be difficult to confuse mystery snail eggs. Insects - Did they stumble upon a dead insect that drowned? That's food for them too. They can singlehandedly cause a massive increase in an aquarium's bioload, which will cause rapid deterioration. Here's a situation where snails have been helpful. To take care of an aquatic snail, provide adequate food every day or every few days, depending on the species. A good filter also helps, even if you are vacuuming it up. Simply fill a shallow pan with beer and leave it out overnight. Rinse leaves and stems of your plants (not roots!) in the mixture for 20 seconds and then do the same in fresh water before putting them back to your tank. Do snails urinate? There is a lot of confusion about snails urinating. Nerite snails are one of our favorite aquarium critters out there. Get snail-eating fish or Assassin Snails. Although they thrive in both freshwater and saltwater, they need saltwater to reproduce. Planted aquariums are spectacular. Since they eat a lot of feed and there are a lot of leftovers, it'd be wise to give not less than 2-2,5 gallons of tank volume for each snail. You put one end of the tubing in the water down by the poo, then the other end of the tubing near a bucket that is located near . They will mostly just consume wasted fish food and other impurities in your tank. They are great at eating algae off glass and (smooth) rocks and wood though. The rat lung worm is a parasite that can get into snails if they come in contact with rat feces (poop). So let's get started learning all about the best types of bottom-feeder fish for your aquarium and how to care for them. Here are a number of highest rated Aquarium Siphon pictures on internet. Do snails eat fish poop? Snails will sometimes eat fish poop and digest the nutrients the fish could not absorb. Ramshorn snails: they are among the best bottom cleaners on the list. By paying attention to fish poop, you will be able to determine its age, diet, and overall health. Nitrate is then used up (eaten) in a couple of ways: 1. Answer (1 of 4): Snails surely poop. As peaceful scavengers, they use their barbels (or whiskers) to search for scraps. Q: Will snails take over my aquarium or pond? A: It depends on the species in question, the size of the aquarium or pond, and a whole host of other factors. Mystery Snail Poop: Are They Eggs or Just Poop?. These peaceful snails live 3 to 4 years, grow to a little over 1½ inch in diameter and are valued for their bright colors and algae eating ability. Hey, just wanted to show you my snails aquarium. I mean, some days I wake up, turn on the light, and it begins raining baby snails. Snails poop inside their shell and slowly release it closer to their face, making it look like they are pooping from their head. This is the reason why you need a lid on top of your tank with a mystery snail ready to lay eggs. A Gold Inca Snail color is deep yellow and gold with a creamy white body, head and foot. If a snail has pooped in a place that accommodates dirt or dust, it will go unnoticed. Keep aquatic snails in a 1-gallon aquarium and don't house more than 20 snails at a time in that space. A repetition of the cure is also necessary with Panacur after 14 days to destroy newly hatched planaria. They are loved by many aquarists because they are considered to be non-aggressive, fast, active, and very active algae eaters. Although fish poop is a natural product, it is not a food source for many other species. One resourceful YouTube creator placed her super-aggressive female betta in a breeder box for a few days while the mystery snail was introduced to her tank. Obviously, this freaked me out a little as I don't want to feed these to my chams if these are. Take a look at the information table below to learn more about these species and why they might be mistakenly thought to eat other fish's poop:. Living creatures - The topic of shrimp eating poop is bad enough, and now we're talking about worms. First, nerite snail care is a piece of cake. In its adult phase, it burrows around in the lung of a rat. Bodies are usually black or pinkish-orange with neon orange spots around the head area. They will not eat waste material from fish. The shell is narrow, tall and almost flat, with the spiral not pointing into any direction, but to the inside of the shell. Good luck! tokiodreamy May 31, 2016 #5 I'm looking for the best way to go about cleaning up a ton of snail droppings. What aquarium snails consume highly depends on their species, natural habitat, size, age, and individual nutritional needs. what you will find on Aquarium Guides. Advantages of planted aquariums The first and most obvious advantage of aquarium plants in a discus fish tank is the aesthetic value displayed by the unmatched beauty of the two. The Nassarius Snail is a small scavenger with an oval, spiral shell that resembles an olive pit. Use Anti-snail medication in the aquarium. The danger of aquarium NITRITES to fish (and how to get. Goldfish, barbs, redtail sharks, and catfish will all feed along the bottom. If the shell smells rotten or foul, the snail has died. But they don't eat poop as a major part of their diet. However, some snail species affect the aquarium's aquatic life by eating plants and clogging the filter intake tubes, which causes a burden on biological filtration. Ivory Snails are becoming more popular, and are often readily available in pet stores . Adding too many fish to a new aquarium. Do aquarium snails eat live aquarium plants? Some species of snails simply do fancy a clean aquatic leaf. Apple snails poop a lot, so increasing your tank's capacity to handle more bioload will certainly help in keeping the water cleaner. Snails must have an abundant supply of calcium to build and repair their shells. 2+ examples for when do snails come out In France edible snails are escargot a word that also. Have the fish swim in the solution for 15 to 30 minutes. Leave them in the salt water as long as you can - I leave mine about an hour. Like I said, I know nothing about ADF's. We (s)nail polished a bunch of snails – like, 640 of them – last week, and you can bask in the adorableness that is painted snails while you . Pitting in the snail's shell may point to a dietary problem, or a point where a disease-bearing organism may have gotten under the shell. However, excess of everything is bad. ) are a type of apple snail and are among the most popular in the aquarium hobby. Mystery snails are mainly kept for keeping the aquarium glass clean. If they are not fed so well, they may poop like 1-2 times a day. 68-82 Degrees Fahrenheit – do not need heated water. In other words, if you have pest snails in your fish tank, it means you either have too much algae in the tank or are overfeeding your fish. In fact, if you have a small aquarium (like a 10-gallon tank) with just a few mystery snails, you may have to clean the . In aquariums, there are many types of worms that should be noted, from very basic flatworms to prickly bristle worms. They help break down so much waste in an aquarium it will blow your mind. Even on land, they prefer to feed on plants. The Turbo Snail is native to the Gulf of California off the coast of Mexico. The Crayfish is not a traditional fish, like you'd expect. Mystery snails have longer antennae than many other types of freshwater snails available in the aquarium hobby. But, just because that natural process takes places, doesn't mean you should ignore an excessive build up of fish poop and other detritus in your aquarium's gravel or substrate. You can tell that the snail is dead if they have not moved for a long time and they are also hanging out of their shell slightly. I've noticed that the snails in my aquarium have been breeding like crazy and the amount of poop has increased too. You may also need to regulate the water temperature with a heater, depending on the species you have. The herbivorous snails devour a wide variety of live plant parts: leaves, stems, plant crops, bark, and fruits. Preferable temperature: 24°-29. As they grow, they'll also eat algae, dead and living plants, worms (even decaying worms), fish, snails and even other dead shrimps. They're cute and busy little guys that bring a handful of benefits to your freshwater tank. Apple snails are available in a variety of colors and they can grow as large as 6 inches, though that is fairly uncommon in the home aquarium. That poop, however, is definitely not going to be eaten by your snails unless ingested by accident. This article is about plants for discus aquarium that can be planted inside a discus fish tank. Buying fish on the same day as the aquarium. Repeat this process until the aquarium is fully stocked. They tend to lay eggs above the waterline, often on a glass siding. What color is nerite snail poop? They produce small speckled white to grayish brown feces that look like salt or sand grains and float on top of the water surface. These fish are omnivorous, which is one reason why people often think they will eat poop. Use 1-3 tablespoons per gallon of warm water. Nano Banquet Food Blocks provide supplemental calcium to help your mystery shells. The most common, fish-safe chemical used to kill snails is copper sulfate. If your aquarium glasses are green with algae, just keep a couple of mystery snails. The snail’s poop gets darker in color and even smaller when it dries off completely. Some people believe that snails do not urinate, but only poop, while others claim that they pee and poop simultaneously, which is why their poop is liquid-ish. Most aquarists report that these snails often poop every few minutes, all day long. Most types of aquarium fish do not eat poop. IMO they are the best clean up crew you could ask for. Aquatic Arts Algae Wafers (8 Ounce) Sinking Food for Live Aquarium Shrimp, Fish (Pleco/Tetra), Snails, and Bottom Feeders | High Protein Spirulina Blend Fish Food for Fish Tank Aquariums. Snails don't eat poop, but they do consume floating aquarium materials. Undoubtedly, it will seem like a constant job since snails poop a lot, but there are several ways to effectively clean the snail poop. No fish poop! How do you take care of snails in a fish tank? How to Care for Snails in an Aquarium. Free Same-Day Delivery offer valid on select merchandise purchased at petsmart. Malaysian trumpet are commonly thought of as pest snails because their population does get quite high in most tanks. The turbo snail poop is part of detritus. To give your fish an Epsom salt bath, pour half of the tank's water into a clean container. And if they can’t find any leftovers or algae, then they are likely to starve. However, if there is a snail in your aquarium, they are more likely to poop on its walls. For example, these are only some of the. The process is a bit bizarre by our standards, because the anus opens into the mantle cavity, which also houses the lung!. They are not the most “engaging” creatures to put in your tank but they . In captivity, the fish will eat much of the same thing, making them a great choice for getting rid of snails in your aquarium. Simply so, do snails eat fish poop? Snails will eat left over fish food, dead animal and plant material. Such as choosing a fish (or invertebrate), deciding tank size for different species, selecting substrate, selecting aquarium decoration, and much more. If snails eat well enough, they can poop about 3-4 times in a day, or even more. The anus of the snails is inside their shell, opening up into a cavity right beside their mantle. Ghost shrimps can and will eat almost anything that falls near their home, which is typically the bottom part of your aquarium. Snails do multiply very rapidly, especially because they don't need a mate to reproduce. But unlike most aquarium animals, snails won't eat your fish poop. No, clean-up crew fishes do not eat poop; they only produce poop. My Nerite's poop is darker, but exactly the same size and shape. Never mind the rocks, the amount of poop my snail managed to produce in the few hours it spent in the plastic container while I cleaned the aquarium was baffling. Generally, after enjoying a few hours of rest, the snail will start moving around the tank again. Fish poop can be cleared by simply scooping them out of the fish tank. Couldn't find more in local fish stores. I used to have quite a few aquariums. Useful aquarium guide should include every aspect of building an aquarium. Nerite snails can be a beginner's best friends - they are very good for people who are new to aquarium business because they are easy to care for. Some snails can be a smaller, but most will be about a the size of a quarter. Reproduction time is similar, so keep an eye on them. Snails, though, do not eat fish poop. In this page, Aquariawise introduces you to the art of tank setups, and every bit that revolves around the topic. Mystery snails will grow to around 2 inches in diameter, which is not small, and they can come in many colors including blue, purple, gold and white, black, and brown. Freshwater snails are omnivores and can also be kept as pets. If you feed your fish regularly then they should not eat the snails. Iikes to spend his time gets covered in brown poop bits. At least 50% with a bit of gravel vacuum too. When adding a Gold Ina Snail to an aquarium, tank size, water conditions and the tank’s limitations are some of the first things to consider. So I had high TDS coming out of my RODI unit and was getting green hair, diatom, and coralline all at the same time. The ideal tank temperature for hermit crabs is between 72 and 78°F with a pH range between 8. Pumpkinseed Sunfish (Lepomis gibbosus) Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons. Internet Research Expert : Feb 4, 2013, 07:28 PM. To keep the snails happy, keep the pH in the aquarium above 7. Control the algae, fish food waste, and any decompose materials such as the dead body of fish, snail or dead plants. :rofl: :rofl: Don't know why, but it cracked me up! Yes, I'm simple. I purchased 4 Gold Mystery Snails some months ago as I heard that they help keep your aquarium clean, well that theory is still up in the air what I have noticed in my aquarium is alot of eggs and so far not one of the eggs have hatched the snails place them up only to have them fall in the water and decay. Likewise, people ask, can aquarium snails reproduce asexually? There are about 5,000 different species of freshwater snails, but their life cycles are very similar. Same-day delivery is available in most areas. What Eats Fish Poop in Freshwater Aquariums?. Loaches are known to feast on snails. And if they can't find any leftovers or algae, then they are likely to starve. Moreover, since they are primarily in water, aquatic vegetation is what they feed on, like algae. 5"-1" (1-2cm) Diet: Algae, decaying plants, some fresh vegetation, dead fish or shrimp. Temperature: 70-85°F (21-29°C) Size:. is there any difference? Or is it all. The specific gravity of the tank should be between 1. Friendly snails, safe for plants, fish, snail, and other aquarium's inhabitants. Nerite snails can be a beginner’s best friends – they are very good for people who are new to aquarium business because they are easy to care for. They will eat algae and leftovers, so in that respect, they can be. So weekly water change and gravel vacuuming is a must. Additionally, snails require a lot of calcium, so they are known to eat chalk from. For example, if the snail feeds on carrots or pumpkins, its poop color will be a shade of orange. If there is enough algae, and dead plant matter to keep them busy, they will keep to themselves. Fortunately my only issue was the heat, although still super concerning. How to Care for a Pet Snail. Set out traps - A common snail trap is the beer pan. Quick Answer: Can I Use Snails To Cycle My Tank. Why You Don’t Want an Excessive Snail Population. 34 with Subscribe & Save discount. For more insight, please read on. People sometimes keep water snails in their fish tanks because they help clean up the tank. There are numerous clans of the “clean-up crew” that can help maintain and clean your freshwater fish tank. In most case, snails with planispiral shells (similar to a ram's horn) are called Ramshorn. You are probably overfeeding a little too. 2 and hardness above 150ppm with plenty of calcium available in the water for building shells. #3 Bella 1 year ago Yes, that is snail poop. Aquarium snail poop isn't really toxic, which means it doesn't pose any danger to your plants or even your animals. Snails and shrimp consuming algae and decaying matter helps get rid of impurities, keep the tank clean, slow down the water hardening process, and reduce ammonia in your freshwater aquarium. suitable even for 5-gallon freshwater fish tanks, always keep in mind to not overstock your fish tank with snails. After 2-3 days in this solution, all snails and eggs should be gone. As a rough indication you can include around 1 snail per 5 gallons. This article will explain both the advantages and disadvantages to help you make your decision. Since Nerite snails are voracious eaters that eat all day long, they do poop all day long. Being such a small tank, the "snail poop" will show up faster. Snails naturally feed on decaying vegetation and other forms of detritus so, to a certain extent, they can actually be beneficial for your tank. Keep in an appropriate size aquarium (5+ gallons), without too many snails per gallon of water to prevent overcrowding and ensure there is adequate food (no more than 1-2 snails per 5 gallons habitat). How To Clean The Snail Poop. In fact, snail poop is good for ghost shrimps. This popular misconception can be attributed to the way snails move inside an aquarium. Snails eat, poop and when they die, their bodies rot. Some of the species such as the Golden mystery snail also like to eat fish food such as shrimp pellets. Snails of this species eat just about anything that is around them, although vegetation is mainly preferred.